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I want them back together

as the rumours of Tam/Casey/Kyle

are making me dislike Tam, but if that does happen then maybe in the future.

Sash and Casey are great as friends but speaking of a relationship, it was just the wrong time. I do not believe Casey liked her. he just needed someone, and his best friend was the best option. Casey just didn't know it was a different kind of love.

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Whilst my sympathies are mainly with Sasha, I do sort of acknowledge that there were faults on both sides.You can say that Sasha slept with someone she knew didn't like her but then you could turn it around and say Casey slept with someone he didn't like, so arguably neither of them were really in the relationship for the right reasons.If Tamara hadn't come along...I don't know.Part of me thinks it was inevitable, that Casey's feelings weren't strong enough for him to stay in the relationship long-term, part of me thinks that if they'd stayed together his feelings might have changed.I do think he got together with her the second time because he felt bad about the way things turned out when they slept together and was almost dating her because it was what she wanted when he'd have been happy just being friends, almost a kind of friends-with-benefits relationship.

As for Sasha saying she didn't like who she was around Casey...I guess it's kind of a double-edged sword.She was caring and supportive towards him but she could also be jealous and possessive if Ruby or Tamara was on the scene(understandably in the latter case, in my opinion, although I'm not entirely happy with her actions).But I guess the main problem is that being around Casey made her compromise herself a bit too much and be prepared to accept whatever crumbs she could get in a somewhat uneven relationship, which isn't necessarily a good way of going about things.

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Hate the idea of

A Casey/Tamara/Kyle love Triangle

thats not whats making me dislike Tamara it's her attitude.

I think she wanted to believe Casey liked her.

Tamara had a lot of potential but i think they have ruined her by sticking her in love triangles and her attitude is different to when in the desert she comes across as bitchy.

I don't think Sasha should get back with Casey because he used her and walked all over her.

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