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  1. Invaders must die- The Prodigy
  2. Totally agree. I think it's time for Sasha to have a good boyfriend (not that I didn't like Xavier or Casey, but Casey has hurt her too much!) and I think Kyle is the right option Really, Kyle? Another Braxton? Too similar to Casey. My thoughts exactly. Sasha needs someone with less issues!
  3. Have Sasha and Kyle had any scenes together? If so i'm surprised, considering how involved she is with Casey. Although I like Casey and Sasha together, I think its inevitable that he will end up with Tamara.. Btw how old is Kyle? If he is older than Casey who is already older than Sasha, could it be weird?
  4. I agree with you Saybah, Home and Away needs to sort itself out!
  5. It is extremly dissapointing because this has been going on all year. Besides Sasha has stuck by him this whole time, where's Tamara been??? I can see Sasha getting on with her life finding a new boyfriend and then Casey realises he is in love with her. Personally if Casey dumps Sasha for Tamara i hope that Sasha just stays friends with him even if he later regrets his decision. Sasha so deserves better than Casey. I am a Sasha/Casey fan but if he dumps her for Tamara thats it. I totally agree!
  6. To be honest, even though I would like Casey and Sasha to be a couple, I would rather them be good friends then this mess...
  7. The colours are beautiful Barbara! Congrats on being here for 5 years
  8. Loved Ric and Mattie, wouldn't mnd if Casey and Sasha followed a similar path.
  9. I agree, I couldn't deal with another love triangle..
  10. Yes, I agree. And I agree with saybah. I think once he doesn't have her there for him every second of the day he's gonna realize what he let go and I would like to see some jealousy and some wooing, shall we say, on his part to win her over. I still believe. But it will DEFINITELY be sometime next year. I agree, if they do get together at some, I want him to make the first move.
  11. We already know. I cried a little not gonna lie. Yeah, it sucks. Could be a short term thing.... Maybe.. Not getting my hopes up though
  12. Yeah same. Id rather it take a long time for them to get together properly than them getting together quickly and breaking up. We'll see..
  13. Love their scenes together the Walkers are my favourite family.
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