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I Shouldn't Love You...But I Do (by Phoebe) - comments


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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY enjoyed ALL of that, especially …..

 “What a nerve on that guy!” Indi was talking about Heath Braxton’s performance earlier.

“He’s a Braxton!” Indi nods agreeing that all of the Braxton’s are hard work.

“Still could of said thanks!”

 "Whats wrong with you?"Indi turned to find Sasha stareing at her like she was some Zoo animal no one had ever seen before.

"Heath Braxton!I had to serve him today!" Indi was a nice girl,why was Heath such a jerk.

"Who peed in her cereal?" Indi rolled her eyes. Sometimes Dex says the most stupidest things.

"Nobody!" Indi was annoyed now.Why can't people just leave her alone!"Leave me alone!" As Indi stormed out she started to cry.

 "You're a jerk!"With that Indi slapped him around the face.

"What was that for?" Indi smiled slightly at the fact that he was hurt.

"I told you I would slap you!" Indi walked off with her head held high.

 "I'm laying down!" Indi rolled her eyes.

"Why are laying down next to me?" Heath made a face that made Indi giggle.

"Because it's a good spot to lay!"

"What do you want?" Indi waited for some smart alec reply.

"Nothing!Just a pretty blond girl to stop hating me!" Indi was confused. Did he mean her?

"Are you talking about me?"

"Yeah!" Heath Braxton thought she was pretty!

"You think I'm pretty?"

"Your not ugly!" Indi was shocked.

"I don't hate you!"Indi leaned over and kissed him,then walked off.

 Heath hugged Indi.She felt so small in his arms.

 "Why were you talking to him?" Indi looked up at Romeo in disgust.It wasn't any of his business.

"Because I can!" There was a long silence.

 Indi looked over at her boyfriend and pointed to the window and mouthed ‘please’ Heath put his top on and looked at her annoyed then left.

 “Five seconds ago! Now whats that?” Casey rolled his eyes. Probably thinking the same thing I did when he asked me question Heath thought to himself.

“Indi’s birthday present, if it’s alright with you?” Far out! Indi didn’t tell him that it was her birthday!

“Ok! I’ve gotta go!” Heath walked out of the door thinking of what to get his new girlfriend.

 Indi woke up to find a bunch of flowers and note sitting on her bedside table,her first thought was that Heath sent them.The note didn't say who it was from,when Indi read a text message she knew who had sent them: Do you like the flowers? Romeo Indi chucked her phone on the bed and started to get ready for when her phone stated to ring.

 "Nothing...Just why do I have the most beautiful girl as my girlfriend?" Indi laughed and kiss Heath on lips.

 "She was being technical,she proberley saw a secret boyfriend or something" Sid shook his head while Dex laughed. Indi would never do that!

 "I thought you drank wine?" Indi shook her head.

"I can't!" Indi sipped her drink hoping for no more questions.

"Why?" Indi sighed did she really have to tell him.

"I'm pregnant..." Heath gulped.



 "Indi and I have been Dating for six days now and well...She's pregnant..." Everybody's jaws dropped.

"Lets get this straight first you start dating my daughter then you get her pregnant,well I can see where this is going!" Indi frowned and picked up a pillow and through it at Sid. You could tell Heath was trying not to laugh.

"Dad let me ask you a question... How come Sasha's here again?" This time Heath raised his eyebrows in shock at what Indi said.

"Thats different..."Sid said quietly.

"No it's not! You cheated on mum that chick got pregnant and you had nothing to do with poor Sasha!" Sasha's face turned red in anger.

"To start off with! My mother! Is not some chick! Second of all! Dad didn't know about me! Third of all! Here I am now!" Sasha yelled with every word she says her escalating even louder.

"Sorry Sash! Didn't mean to upset you..." Sasha nodded.

"It's Ok!" Sid still wasn't happy.

"Indi...You can't live here! You better hope he'll let you live with him!" Sid was now pointing at Heath who grabbed Indi's hand left.

 "FYI dad your never seeing this baby!" Indi walked into her old bedroom finding bags and stuffing them with clothes and things she needed right away.

"Indi..." Indi stopped to see Dex standing there looking upset.

"What Dex?" Dex walked in.

"Can I see my niece or nephew?" Indi thought about this long and hard.

"If you promise not to show dad pictures or talk about them when he's around...Tell Sash that too please?" Dex walked out with a slight smile on his face.

 "Dad I overreacted yesterday...You can see the baby...Thats if you want to..."

"Indi...Even though right now I think that the baby is a mistake...I will always want to see it!" Indi nods.

 "Indi has been crying nonstop for two days!" Sid shrugged.

"And..." Heath started seeing red.

"IT'S YOUR FAULT!" Heath was pretty sure Indi could hear him at the diner.


"Sorry..."Sid nodded.

"I'm sorry too...Indi's upset because of me? Why?"Heath took a deep.

"First you kicked her out,then you packed up all her things and now you wont reply to her messages!"

"Righto...Can you please leave?"

"Unbelievable!" Heath leaves the walker household.

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