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I Shouldn't Love You...But I Do (by Phoebe) - comments


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Ten REALLY ACE updates ~!!! There’s ALWAYS something unexpected going on in this fic, which I’m MUCHLY MUCHLY enjoying !!!!!

LOOOVED that, especially …..

 "Yes...I'm his fiancee... Who are you?" Indi watched as the girl bit her lip. Thankfully Roxi was sleeping.

"Melody...I'm Heaths child... Tegan didn't tell Heath about me...." Indi couldn't believe it!

 ."Whens your bedtime?" Melody shrugged.

"Mum was never home so I went to bed when I wanted to.

"8.30 from now on...Ok?" Melody nodded.

"I'm going to bed! Night!"

 "Well...Mum kinda kicked me out..." Indi was shocked! She looked over at her beautiful daughter laying down on a blanket and thought I could never do that to my child!

"Why?" Indi watched as tears welled up in the girls eyes.

"She said I was annoying! Then she threw all my stuff onto the lawn while I was at school and told me where Heath lived!" Indi felt sorry for Melody! Heath walked up and gave her a hug.

 "When I lived with mum I had to do bad things to get attention..." Indi put a arm around the girl and gave her a comforting squeeze.

"You don't have to do that here!"

 "Do you get along with Indi?" Melody smiled. Indi was a better mother then Tegan could ever be!

"She's more of a mother too me then Tegan was!" Nicole nodded. She and Melody had the same past. Nicole's dad Romans girlfriend Charlie is more of a mother to her then her actual mother was.

"Same with Charlie!"

 Nicole was jealous of her BFF! She has Heath Braxton for a dad, nobody will ever mess with her! Plus she's going out with Geoff Campbell! In maths class Melody passed her a note it read

Ric Dalby wants to go out with you!

"Miss Franklin would you like to read that note?" Woops! She got caught!

"No Mrs Fletcher..."

"No more notes!"

"Yes Mrs Fletcher!"

 "DEX!" A annoyed looking Dex stomped into the lounge room.

"What?" Dex turned and looked at Heath."Hi!"

"I need to ask you something!" Dex sighed."Will you be in mine and Indi's wedding?" All the teenagers eyes widened! Heath forgot that Indi hadn't told them yet!

"You and Indi are getting married?" Heath nodded."Ok! I'll be in the wedding!" Heath noticed that Sasha looked upset.

"Whats wrong?"

"Am I going to be in the wedding?" Heath really didn't know! Indi hadn't told him who she was choosing for her maid of honor or her bridesmaids.

"I'm don;t know who Indi has chosen but I reckon you will be!" Sasha nodded."Well...I've got to get back to work! So I'll see you later!"

 "Sash...This is positive!" Sasha started to cry. She was only sixteen!" Sash everything will be Ok!"

 "I told Casey that Bianca is still acting funny,so he suggested I move in with you,but I said I need to be there for Bianca"The girl takes a deep breath!"Then he called her crazy and it just snowballed from there!" Indi nodded.

 Bianca picked up the the tall glass that was full of vodka. She had already had three glasses of vodka already,but who cares!

 "Are you now!" Melody nods."Do I have to bash him?" Melody laughs."I take that as a...No!" Casey walks out of the room.

 "You kicked her out!" Tegan shakes her head.

"She ran away! I went out one night and came back she had left me a note saying she was leaving!"

"I don't believe you!" Tegan rolls her eyes and hands Heath a piece of paper with scribbled writing on it.

"This doesn't look like her handwriting!" Heath walks over and picks up Melody's notebook off the dinner table."See!" Heath looks at the two pieces of writing and realizes Tegans right."Actually your right!"

"I know I'm right! So go get my daughter!"

 "I can't! She hits me! Her boyfriends hit me! I can't go back!"

"Thats not true!"

"Heath why do you think I wear long sleeves?" Melody pulls up the sleeves of her top to revel a long line of bruises."See!" Just then the principal walked up again.

"Miss Callahan you will need to wait up at the office for the police to arrive!" The principal walked away with Tegan walking next to her. Heath gave Melody a hug.

 "I have some news too! Leah she's pregnant as well!" Brax and Leah had been dating for two years now.

"Congrats to you too!"

"Two new Braxton babies!" Indi walked up behind Heath and kissed him on the cheek.

"I need to be honest...I'm about ten weeks in...I've been to an ultra sound...Heath make it three new Braxton babies!"

 "Read a book!" Melody put up her hand again."Yes Melody!"

"I don't have a book!" Melody was lying! She had the twits in her bag.

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Two ACE !!!!! updates !!!!! Enjoyed that, especially …..

 Roxi slowly walks over to Indi and gives her a hug and a kiss.

"Wheres mine?" Roxi let out a cute little giggle and walks over to Heath and gives him a hug and a kiss.

 "Look what I made you!" Melody was clever when making things out of wood for some reason!

 "Are you really pregnant again?" Indi rolled her eyes and nodded."Congrats!"

"Thanks! Please don't tell anyone!" Leah laughed.

"Colleen heard!" Indi laughed. she picked up the order and took it over to the boys.

"I s Heath with you guys?" They all laugh.

"Nah! He's out surfing!"

"Whats so funny about that?"

"Lets just say he didn't want to get in!" Indi's eyes widened. She chucked her apron on the bench and ran down to the beach.

"Heath!" Indi was looking around everywhere until she found him on some rocks. She ran over to him."Heath!Baby are you Ok?" Heath didn't answer. Indi pulled out her phone and rang the hospital."Heath please stay with me!"

 "STOP!I want ten minutes alone with my fiancee...so get out!" All of the doctors and nurses shrug and leave.

 "You have to dump her mate! She's not one of us!"


"So! She's a lame goody two-shoes!" Heath punched P-Wee straight in the face!

"Right!" P-Wee pushes Heath into the water and Heath hits his head on a rock.

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