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I Shouldn't Love You...But I Do (by Phoebe) - comments


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Six WAAAAAAAAAAY ACE updates !!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOVED that, especially …..

 Indi was by herself in the waiting room at the maternity ward. Heath had to work.

"Indigo Walker!" Indi winced. She wished Heath was here. She walked in and layed down.

"Do you know who the father is?" Indi took a deep breath and counted to ten.

"Yes...He had to work..." The nurse nodded.

 Heath was angry at Brax because he didn't let him go to the ultrasound.

"I will never forgive you!" Brax shakes his head.

"Sorry! You need to work so you can buy a crib!" Heath watched as Indi ran up and gave him a hug.

"Is everything alright with the baby?" Indi didn't answer for a while.

"Yes... They asked me if I knew who the father was! I felt embarrassed!" Heath glared at Brax who came over.

"Sorry Indi..."

"This time Brax it's not Ok!" Indi stormed out of Angelos without saying another word.

 "It was the most embarrassing moment of my life! I could've punched the girls face in after she said it!" Brax knew Indi was stubborn.

"You need the money for a crib and clothes and stuff! I thought I was helping!" Indi nods.

"I know you were trying to help...I'm over it!" Brax was confused. Did she just she doesn't care anymore?

 After work Indi was down at the beach relaxing when Mink showed up again.

"You've got a bit of a belly now!" Indi frowned.

"Thanks!" Mink shakes her head.

"Why did you brake up with Romeo?"

"Because he's a cheater!"

"So what!" Indi gets up and leaves not wanting to talk to Mink anymore.

 "Whats all this?" Indi came out wearing black dress. Her bump now showing a tiny bit.

 "You had left me when I told you I was pregnant..." Heath frowned.

"I would never ever do that! To anybody! Especially the girl I love!" Indi's eyes widened.

"You said that you love me!" Heath nodded.

 "I didn't know that!" Indi sighed.

"Because it has nothing to do with you! But...If you must know! I'm dating Heath!" Casey faked cough urging Indi to tell the rest of the story."And I'm pregnant,lets just say Doctor Walker wasn't happy!" April walks over and gives Indi a hug.


"Thank you April! I made some cookies do you want some?" Casey and April grab two cookies each and walk off to Casey's room

 Casey come and help me in the kitchen!"

"Do I-" Indi cut him off.

"NOW!" Indi and Casey walked into the kitchen."I don't know if you noticed but things are going great! DON'T! Stuff it up! You hear me?" Casey nodded"Good! No more comments!" They walk back outside to continue the night.

 Indi was taking a walk along the beach when she overheard a conversation between Heath and his friends.

"How's the Mrs"

"Annoying!" Indi wished that it wasn't Heath.

"How come your with her then?"

"Because she's pregnant!" Indi couldn't help herself she ran out in front of Heath.

"Wanna tell me what you just said?" Heaths face dropped.

"Indi!" Indi had tears in her eyes.

"Heath don't worry about me being annoying, because you wont see me!" Indi ran away with Heath going after her.

 "I...guess I didn't want to sound to the boys..." right then Indi thought poor excuse but anyway.

"Am I really that annoying?" Heath shakes his head."Look me in the eye and tell me that I'm not annoying!" Heath looked her in the eyes.

"Your not annoying at all! Your amazing! Smart! Beautiful and kind! I'm just and Idiot that was lucky enough to have but was stupid enough to lose you..." Indi was flattered and angry at the same time!

"I forgive you...But I'm not living with you just yet..." Heath smiled slightly.

 She's giving birth! How do you think she is?" Sasha started to cry"Sorry Sash!" Brax gives the teenager a hug.

 Indi was buggered she rolled over to look at her beautiful daughter.Roxi had angel like features.Stunning blue eyes,a little bit bit of wispy blond hair.

 Indi was leaving the hospital with Roxi she decided that she needed to live with Heath...for Roxi's sake of course!

"You ready to go?" Indi nodded.

"Can't wait to get out of here!" Heath laughed. Roxi was asleep in Indi's arms."Could you put her in the car seat please?" Heath takes the sleeping Roxi out of Indi's arms.

"Yep!" Heath puts Roxi in the car seat and turns to Indi."I'm sorry about what I said,can you forgive me?" Indi bit her lip. Heath said some pretty nasty things about her.

"Look,I guess I'll have to,but lets get one thing clear! You do not talk about me to the boys!" Heath nodded.Indi smiled."Oh! and another thing,your sleeping on the couch for a week!" Heath sighed

 "Bianca! I know you're jealous of Indi! But that was just stupid!" April watched as Bianca stuffed her face with ice-cream."Stop eating for once!" Bianca looked up.

"I'm depressed my little sister has a Braxton for a boyfriend! While mine is in rehab!" April really didn't see her point.

 Since Indi had forgiven Heath for what he said everything was going great! Indi and Heath were on a movie date when one the ads came on it read

'Indi Walker will you marry me?' everyone in the cinema was looking around trying to fin out who Indi walker was.

"Yes! yes I will!" Indi leaned over and kissed Heath. everybody clapped and cheered.

 "Since your marrying Heath can bake some cookies please?"Indi laughed. She obviously said yes thought Casey.

"Righto! Smarties or chocolate?" Casey looked at Heath.

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