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Nothing Lasts Forever

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Thanks everyone. I hope you like this next one, I'm not liking it all that much... :unsure:

Chapter 51

Ruby looked around the room, her eyes were hazing over and she could feel herself going light headed. “What’s wrong with her” Hammer asked as he looked from Ruby to Casey.

“She’s got diabetes” Casey answered “You need to give her some sugar”

“Sugar” Hammer laughed.

“I’m being serious” Casey yelled “Hammer she could die if she doesn’t get this. She needs something sugary”

“I can’t leave now” Hammer shook his head “You’re brothers will be here soon”

“Please, Hammer just let her go. You have me, isn’t that enough” Casey pleaded with him.

“Nah nah she’s staying” Hammer said.

“Then you have to get her something” Casey yelled.

“I need...I need....” Ruby tried to talk but was unable to say much. “Please” Ruby said before dropped her head down. She was sweating and pale and she could feel her heart beating faster and faster.

“Please, look at her” Casey yelled.

“Okay” Hammer nodded “What do I need to get her?” Hammer asked, but it was all too late. Ruby had fallen back and seemed to be unconscious.

“Ruby” Casey yelled as he looked down at her. “Ruby, talk to me” Casey yelled again but he got no response.

“What the hell do we do” Hammer asked.

“She needs to go to the hospital” Casey said.

“Well you’re brothers will be here soon and then she go” Hammer said.

“What, no now Hammer” Casey yelled.

“I can’t” Hammer shook his head “We have to wait. I need this money”

“Hammer she could die” Casey shouted. “Please” Casey said as he felt himself welling up with tears.

“I’ll keep her warm” Hammer said as he put his jacket over her “It’s all I can do. I need to do this with your brothers”

“Seriously Hammer she needs -”

“Just shut up” Hammer yelled “Just shut up. She’s not going anywhere and neither are you. Now we’ll sit here and wait for your brothers” Hammer said before he looked down to Ruby and couldn’t help but feel worried.


“Hello” Bianca said before she walked into the house to find Charlie sitting on the couch, once again, with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Charlie, this is probably a stupid question, but how are you feeling today?” Charlie sniffed back more tears as she looked up at her friend.

“Not good” Charlie said “I still don’t have Jacob back with me and now Ruby’s been kidnapped I -”

“Ruby’s what?” Bianca gasped.

“Some guy that Brax was doing a deal with or something” Charlie said “He has her and Casey and he wants $50,000 in exchange for them”

“Oh my God. Have you told the police?” Bianca asked and Charlie shook her head.

“I wanted to but Brax and Morag....I think we just need to let them do this” Charlie said.

“God. You think that’s wise?” Bianca asked.

“I don’t know” Charlie shook her head “I just want Ruby back safely so maybe I just need to trust Brax on this one”

“Well whatever you think is right” Bianca said. She knew there was no point in arguing with Charlie, so she didn’t even bother trying.

“I don’t know” Charlie cried “There’s so much happening right now, I just I want it to stop”

“Everything will sort its self out, Charlie” Bianca said “I’m sure Ruby will be fine and as for Jacob, there’s no reason for you to not get him back”

“Well I hope your right” Charlie sniffed back more tears. “If anything happened to her I would never forgive myself”

“Hey, Charlie this isn’t your fault” Bianca said “This guy would have probably ended up taking Ruby no matter what”

“What?” Xavier said and Bianca and Charlie turned around to find Xavier had walked into the house. “Charlie, you said she was at Reefton Lakes for a few days”

“Xav....I....” Charlie said before she looked away.

“Where is she really? What guy?” Xavier asked.

“She’s been kidnapped” Charlie said slowly “But Xavier...”

“What?” Xavier yelled “You’ve told the police, right?” Xavier asked and Charlie shook her head.

“No, Brax said we need to -”

“I don’t care what the Braxton’s say” Xavier spat “Charlie, your daughter is missing. You need to go to the police”

“Xavier, please” Charlie said and Xavier shook his head.

“Fine, if you don’t I will” Xavier said before he ran off out of the house.


Angelo followed Heath’s car out to Rayman’s industrial estate. He wasn’t quite sure what he was doing going out there, but felt in a way that he owed it to Charlie. He’d taken her son away from her, so if he could help in bringing her daughter back to her, he would. Although he knew that Charlie having Ruby back wouldn’t make her feel any differently about not having Jacob, he still thought that it may mean something to her that he did that for her. Angelo stepped out of the car and slowly walked up behind Heath. “Angelo” Heath said as he looked around at him. “What the hell are you doing here” Heath asked.

“Look, I know what’s going on. I want to help” Angelo said.

“Don’t be stupid” Heath said “Go on back to Nic and the kids, let us men do the deals eh”

“Look the way I see it, you’ve got two choices. You either let me help or I go straight to the police” Angelo said and Heath sighed lightly and he shook his head.

“Just shut up and stay behind us” Heath said just as Brax rolled his car up and got out.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Brax asked as he walked over to Heath and Angelo.

“Just ignore him” Heath said “You got the money”

“Yeah” Brax said as he lifted the bag in his hand higher up for Heath to see.

“Ready then?” Heath asked as he looked to Brax.

“Not quiet” Brax said as he took a step forward and punched Angelo hard in the face, causing Angelo to fall to the ground.

“What the hell” Angelo asked as he stood up, rubbing his cheek.

“That’s from Charlie. I’m pretty sure you know what for eh” Brax said.

“Jeez” Angelo said “It would never have happened if you weren’t a drug dealing thug”

“Charlie broke up with me, I’ve moved out. He would never have been in any danger” Brax shouted.

“But as you say that Hammer has Ruby in there” Angelo shouted as he pointed to the storage compartment.

“Alright guys, look arguing isn’t going to change anything. Let’s just get in there and get Casey and Ruby back” Heath said.

“You know I agree with you. I never thought I’d find myself saying that” Angelo said and Heath laughed.

“Always nice to get a surprise eh....now c’mon let’s get this over with” Heath said before he, Brax and Angelo walked up to the storage unit and knocked 3 times, as told to do.

“Brax, Heath” Hammer smirked as he opened the door slightly. “Who’s this”

“Ignore him” Brax said as he pushed Hammer back and walked into the storage compartment.

“I just want to make sure Ruby is safe” Angelo said.

“Oh” Hammer said “I’m not too sure she is actually” Hammer said as he looked around at Ruby who was lying on the floor.

“Ruby” Angelo shouted as he ran over to her.

“Is she alright?” Brax asked feeling worried.

“She’s unconscious” Casey answered “I told him she needed sugar but he didn’t listen to me”

“You alright Case?” Brax asked and Casey nodded. “Apart from being starving, I’m fine. It’s Ruby you need to worry about”

“Rubes, Rubes, it’s Angelo, can you hear me?” Angelo asked quickly as he gave her a little shake, but no response came for the girl. “Casey how long has she been like this for?” Angelo asked as he looked up at him.

“I dunno eh maybe 10, 15 minutes” Casey said sounding really worried for Ruby.

“We need to get her to the hospital” Angelo said as he picked Ruby up into his arms.

“Wait right there” Hammer said “You’re not going anywhere until I get the money”

“Hammer, let her go” Heath said “Do you really need her here?”

“She’s staying” Hammer yelled. “Now give me the money” Brax took a step forward as made to hand Hammer the money, but Heath stopped him.

“Let Angelo take her to the hospital or you get no money” Heath said.

“Heath” Casey yelled “What are you doing”

“This wasn’t part of the plan” Heath shouted “You taking these two, you should never have done that. Now if you want the money, let her go”

Hammer laughed lightly as he went into his pocket and pulled out a gun. “Now, we do this my way or things get ugly” Hammer said.

“Now now c’mon” Brax said “We don’t need to do anything stupid”

“Don’t worry he hasn’t got it in him anyways” Heath laughed.

“Is that so?” Hammer said before he pulled the trigger and a body fell to the ground.

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Thank you so much Sarah, RR1, Cally, once_upon_a_mind, cablove, shezza, pembie and sophie1303 for the lovely comments. Hope you're alright pembie. :) Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 52

Charlie ran along the corridor of the hospital and into the room. “Aw baby” Charlie said as she looked down at her daughter lying unconscious in the hospital bed. A lone tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at machine that Ruby was hooked up too.

“She’ll be fine” A voice said and Charlie turned around to find Brax walk into the room.

“You promised me nothing would happen” Charlie said as she looked back down at her daughter.

“I’m sorry” Brax said “I didn’t know she was going to have some diabetic coma thing” Brax said “It’s not really my fault”

“But it is” Charlie shouted “She’s in her because of you. Because of your stupid drug deals. This is your fault Brax. My girl is lying there unconscious and it’s all your fault and my baby boy got taken from me and that’s your fault too and I didn’t think it was possible to hate someone so much but love them so much at the time because that’s how I feel about you Brax. I hate you but I love you” Charlie shouted before she broke down into tears.

“Hey, hey Charlie” Brax said as he pulled her into a hug. Charlie cried as she held onto Brax, she felt safe in his arms and wanted nothing more than to give him that second chance, but she knew she couldn’t. Brax wouldn’t change, no matter how much he said he was going legit she knew that he’d probably fall back into life with the river boys, especially if his brothers needed him. “Charlie, please, can we try to work this out?”

Charlie shook her head lightly as she pulled away from the hug. “I don’t think now is the time to do this. I need to be here for Ruby”

“Okay, I understand” Brax said “I’ll leave you to be with her” Brax said. They stared at each other for a few seconds, before Brax left the room. Charlie wiped the tears from her face before she looked up to find Sid walking into the room.

“Charlie” Sid said “We’ve got Ruby on a glucose drip to bring her levels back to normal. She should probably wake up in a few hours”

“So you’re sure she’s going to be okay?” Charlie questioned and Sid nodded, as Charlie looked passed him and noticed Angelo was being wheeled along the hall.

“Angelo” Charlie said as she walked out of the room and over to Angelo, where the nurses stopped wheeling the bed, at his request. “Angelo, what happened to you?”

“I eh...he shot me” Angelo said as he tried to breath normally but it was coming out in rasps.

“Oh my...” Charlie brought her hand up to her mouth.

“I’m sorry, but we really need to get you to surgery” The nurse said.

“Just please....I...I need to.....say this” Angelo struggled to talk through the pain. “Jacob.....I’m sorry I’m gonna....he should be with you...I want....you to get him back....” Angelo said “And Nicole...tell Nicole....I love her” Angelo said before he winced at the pain he was in.

“Hey, you can tell her that yourself” Charlie said as she once again felt herself welling up. “You’ll be okay”

“No” Angelo shook his head “I’m not....I’m just....I’m sorry....” Angelo said before he winced once more.

“Look, I’m sorry, but we really need to go” The nurse said before she continued to wheel Angelo away. Charlie stood as he watched him being wheeled away. Charlie watched as he disappeared from view and felt a tear roll down her cheek before she turned back around and went back into Ruby’s room, where she sat down by her daughter’s bedside. She took her hand into her hers, and gently rubbed her forehead, moving her hair away from in front of her face.

“Here” Morag said as she entered the room and handed Charlie a cup of coffee. Charlie looked up at her as if to say I don’t want it. “It’s decaf. One cup won’t hurt” Charlie smiled lightly before she took the cup from Morag.

“She’s going to be okay” Charlie said “Sid reckons she’ll wake up in a few hours”

“Good” Morag smiled “And I have more good news for you” Charlie looked up to Morag, eager to know what she was going to say. “Social services will be coming to see you tomorrow. Jacob will also be there”

“I’m getting him back?” Charlie asked as she felt her heart skip a beat with excitement.

“You get to see him for a supervised hour” Morag said “But one step at a time” Charlie smiled lightly as a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek. A supervised hour wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but right now, just knowing that she was getting to see him again was an amazing feeling.

“So how long....I mean I will get him back?” Charlie questioned.

“It’s looking likely” Morag said “But don’t get your hopes up just yet” Charlie nodded lightly before she took a drink of her coffee.

“I know, but still thank you for being here and trying and just thank you, Morag” Charlie said. Morag smiled as she put her hand on Charlie’s shoulder and squeezed it gently.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else”


It was now a few hours later and Ruby had been awake for around 30 minutes. Charlie hadn’t left her side, although Ruby had been quiet and not said much, if anything at all. “Look, Rubes...” Charlie started “I’m really sorry for...”

“No, Mum” Ruby shook her head “I’m the one that needs to be sorry. It’s my fault you’ve lost Jacob and -”

“Rubes” Charlie shook her head “It’s fine. I was just angry. I just had my baby taken from me....I’m just all over the place right now Ruby”

“Still, I brought the drugs into the house, so I do take responsibility for what’s happened”

“But if it wasn’t for Brax the drugs would never have been there in the first place” Charlie sniffed back a tear. “So, let’s just put the reason why this happened behind us, and we’ll work at getting Jacob back and the 3 of us will be a family, yeah?” Charlie questioned and Ruby nodded lightly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Yeah sounds good” Ruby smiled. “You will get him back, won’t you?” Ruby asked.

“I hope so” Charlie answered “I really hope so”

“What about Brax?” Ruby questioned “Does he not get to be in the family?”

“He needs to be in jail” Charlie said “We’re not...we can’t be together”

“But you love him” Ruby said.

“It’s not enough Rubes” Charlie shook her head. “He’s...he need to go to jail”

“But Charlie if you love him isn’t he worth fighting for?” Ruby asked. Charlie exhaled lightly as she shook her head.

“Maybe if he did something like kiss someone else, or even a one night stand, or have some secret daughter he didn’t tell me about, but it’s not that Rubes, he’s a drug dealer. He deserves to go to jail” Charlie said “And I know that you’ve once again lost a father figure and I’m sorry that I keep doing this to you, but it’s the way it has to be” Charlie said as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “I don’t want it to be like this either, Rubes, but I’m sorry, it is”

“You know he really loves you” Ruby said “You know he’s left the boys and gone legit”

“It doesn’t make a difference” Charlie said “Ruby he still lied and he....lied. Our whole relationship has just been this one big lie”

“Well if you ask me it was the happiest you’ve ever been” Ruby said.

“Rubes, it’s not going to happen okay. Why do you even want me to be with a drug dealing liar like Brax?”

“Because you were happy and you love him and he’s changing” Ruby sighed.

“Oaky, well I’m sorry but no, Brax and I are finished” Charlie said sadly, before they were interrupted by Sid, although Charlie was glad for the interruption.

“Just wanted to check on my patient” Sid said as he looked down at Ruby.

“I’m fine” Ruby said. “Can I go home?”

“I’d like to keep you in overnight” Sid said “But you should be able to go home tomorrow”

“Oh well I suppose one night in here won’t be too bad” Ruby sighed and Sid smiled lightly.

“Sid, do we have any news on Angelo yet?” Charlie asked and Sid sighed lightly before he shook his head.

“I’m sorry Charlie, but we were unable to stop the bleeding quickly enough” Sid said before he bowed his head down.

“You mean he’s dead?” Ruby asked and Sid nodded lightly.

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Thank you Sarah, Aden_Belle, Samantha28, RR1, totally, Deano, Cally, pembie and cb2180 for the lovely comments. Hope you like this next one :)

Chapter 53

Charlie walked along the corridor of the hospital where she saw Nicole sitting outside the room in which was Angelo lying. Taking a deep breath she walked over to her and took a seat next to her. “Hey, how you feeling?”

“My fiancé is dead. How do you think I feel?” Nicole spat as she continued to look straight ahead.

“Sorry, it was a stupid question” Charlie said as she went to put her arm around Nicole in comfort but Nicole shrugged her away.

“I don’t get it” Nicole said “Why was Angelo even there. He said he was coming in for some milk and then he’d be home. We were going to take the boys for a walk around the park”

“I don’t know why” Charlie shook her head “He said he was going to the diner”

“He was innocent in all of this” Nicole said as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Heath, Brax, Hammer....they’re the bad ones, why wasn’t it one of them?”

“Ehm according to Brax he was trying to save Ruby. She was unconscious and he was trying to get her out. Get her to the hospital”

“So what are you saying? That I should be glad that he died as some kind of hero? I’d rather he was an alive coward than a dead hero”

“I’m just trying to tell you what happened” Charlie said softly.

“Why? So you can talk your way out of saying it’s your fault?” Nicole said.

“I’m sorry?” Charlie said.

“Charlie, if you never got with Brax in the first place, or just listened to what Angelo was telling you this wouldn’t have happened”

“I’m sorry and I know you’re hurting right now, but this was not my fault” Charlie said.

“Yeah well you keep telling yourself that if it’s going to help you sleep better. But we both know this was your fault” Nicole said as more tears rolled down her cheeks. Charlie pursed her lips together as a tear slid down her face. “And you know, Jacob, him being taking for you, that comes back to you too, and the choices you made. You don’t deserve to be a mother Charlie, and I’m going to do my best to make sure that little boy doesn’t come back to you. He deserves better”

“It’s not your choice” Charlie shook her head “Jacob needs me and I’m going to get him back”

“Yeah and who is he going to be with tonight?” Nicole questioned “Cos it’s certainly not you”

“You really think that you’ll get him?” Charlie questioned and Nicole nodded.

“I’m going to try my hardest” Nicole said before the door open and Nurse Julie walked out of the room.

“If you want to go in to say goodbye” Julie said and Nicole nodded before she stood up and walked into the room. Charlie stayed seated as she wiped the tears from her face. She knew that Nicole was hurting and she was just looking for someone to blame for Angelo’s death, but there was a part of her that did feel responsible for Angelo dying. And as for Jacob, Charlie knew that Nicole didn’t have that much of a chance in keeping custody of the boy, or at least, she hoped she didn’t.


Ruby was sitting up in the bed, with Casey sitting down on the chair next to it. “So, I’m glad you’re alright” Casey said “I tried to get Hammer to let you go but he wouldn’t and I was worried you weren’t going to get here and it would be too late and you’d be.....” Casey trailed off not wanting to say the word.

“Well, I’m fine” Ruby smiled “Maybe this will teach me to take my diabetes stuff with me next time I go out for a run”

“You wouldn’t think you’d need it though, eh” Casey said and Ruby shook her head.

“I guess not...I just can’t believe Angelo’s gone. I’ve been nothing but horrible to him and now I hear that he tried to get me out. He was trying to get me to safety”

“Yeah” Casey said “But Rubes, you know it wasn’t your fault and no-one blames you for this”

“I know” Ruby said “But it still doesn’t make me feel too good, I mean, he was trying to save me”

“If you ask me it was more like Heath’s fault” Casey said.

“Heath?” Ruby questioned.

“Said Hammer didn’t have it in him to shoot someone. So Hammer pulled the gun out and it hit Angelo”

“Oh” Ruby said “I can’t even begin to imagine how Nicole is feeling right now”

“Oh is this going to be the start of the make up?” Casey asked and Ruby shook her head.

“No” Ruby said “But she obviously loved him so she’ll be.....well it’ll be a hard time”

“Does she have anyone to help her through it?” Casey asked.

“Well her Mum lives in the city, but I don’t think she really has much contact with her and her Dad’s in prison, so....” Ruby trailed off as she shook her head. “Probably, now that Angelo is dead she doesn’t really have anyone. Unless she’s made some friends in the city”

“Maybe she could use a friend?” Casey said “Some who.....I don’t know.....knows her really well and used to -”

“I can’t” Ruby said.

“I’m not asking you to forgive her” Casey said “I just think maybe it would be nice if you were to talk to her”

Ruby exhaled lightly before bit her lips. “If I tell you I’ll think about it will you get off my back”

“I will” Casey laughed.

“So, I eh....just wanted to thank you for keeping me calm in there. I don’t think I’d have coped as well if you weren’t there with me” Ruby said.

“Hey, you were the calm one. I was a blubbering wreck” Casey said and he and Ruby started to laugh before they looked into each other eyes and smiled. Casey leaned forward and placed a soft kiss onto Ruby lips. She responded for a second before she pulled back.

“Xav...I mean Casey, we can’t. I’m with Xavier now” Ruby said as she looked away from Casey.

“You don’t have to be” Casey said as he once again went to kiss her, but Xavier walked into the room.

“What the hell” Xavier yelled as he stepped forward and pushed Casey back. “You want to tell me what the hell you’re doing trying to kiss my girlfriend”

“She wants it too” Casey said as he pushed Xavier away from him. “And she kissed me”

“Casey” Ruby yelled “That’s not exactly true. You’re the one who kissed me”

“You kissed me back” Casey yelled “I still love you and you know Ruby, I think you still love me too”

“What?” Xavier yelled “You kissed?”

“Xav please, it was a mistake, I...”

“Forget it. I’m not going to be mucked around again” Xavier said before he ran out of the room.

“Xav....Xav.....Xavier” Ruby shouted, but it was no use he wasn’t coming back. Ruby looked to Casey and sighed lightly as she shook her head. “Just get out” Ruby said.

“I’m sorry” Casey said “Tell me you don’t love me and that you love Xavier and I’ll leave you alone”

“I don’t love you anymore, Casey” Ruby said. As Ruby said it, Casey felt like his heart was breaking.

“And that you love Xavier?” Casey asked, hoping that Ruby wouldn’t actually be able to say it.

“I...lo....I really like him” Ruby said “We’ve only been together for like 2 weeks. I don’t love him....yet”

“So then there’s still hope” Casey smiled. “I got you to fall in love with me once, I’ll do it again”

“Casey just go” Ruby said and Casey sighed lightly before he left the room.


Charlie walked into the room and find Ruby floods of tears “Hey, sweetie, what’s these tears for?”

“Casey kissed me and then Xavier came in and Casey told him and he said he loved me then Xavier said he didn’t want to be hurt again and left and then Casey made me tell him that I love Xavier but I don’t love him yet so I couldn’t say it but I know I don’t love Casey or at least I don’t think I do and....”

“Hey, hey.....Ruby, calm down” Charlie said and Ruby took a deep breath as she looked at her mother.

“I don’t know what to do” Ruby cried.

“Okay, Ruby, who do you want to be with because that’s the only thing right now that you need to know”

“Xavier” Ruby said “I think I want to be with Xavier”

“Then be with Xavier” Charlie smiled “He’s a really sweet guy and I don’t think he would ever hurt you Rubes”

“So does that mean you think Casey would?”

“Well hasn’t he already?” Charlie questioned and Ruby nodded lightly.

“Yeah, but there is a part of me that wants to give Casey a second chance. But there’s a bigger part of me that just feels he is going to hurt me again”

“So are you just saying you want to be with Xavier because he is the safe bet?”

“I don’t know” Ruby sniffed back a tear “He’s so sweet and would do anything for me and I don’t want to hurt him, but Casey....he was my first proper true love and I don’t want to let that go”

“Sweetie, you never forget your first true love and Casey will probably always have a special place in your heart but that doesn’t mean you should be together if it’s not what you feel is right. You just do what you feel is right. It’s not about not wanting to hurt Casey or Xavier, but you. Because if you don’t end up doing what you want, you’re going to hurt yourself” Charlie said softly as she took Ruby’s hand in hers and rubbed it gently.

“Okay” Ruby nodded “And there’s no rush for me to make this choice, right?” Ruby questioned “I mean I know I can’t keep them hanging for ever, but...”

“Just take your time, Rubes” Charlie smiled.

“So, who was yours?” Ruby questioned.

“What?” Charlie asked, although she knew what Ruby was referring too.

“You’re first true love” Ruby asked and Charlie sighed lightly as she pursed her lips together.

“Angelo” Charlie said “I know that sounds really lame that I didn’t find him until I was 30 but...”

“Well I mean, not really” Ruby said “We all know you suck when it comes to relationships”

“Oi” Charlie laughed lightly as she hit Ruby’s shoulder. “But my point is, it didn’t work out with me and Angelo but it doesn’t mean that a part of me won’t always feel something for him, but I moved on and the love I feel for Brax is just....well you get my point right?” Charlie asked and Ruby nodded rightly.

“Yeah I do” Ruby said as she smile at her Mother.

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Thank you all so much :wub: I hope you like this next one.... :unsure:

Chapter 54

Charlie was pacing the living room of her home eagerly awaiting the visit with social services. Although it had only been 3 days since she’d seen her baby, for her it felt like a lifetime. She looked up to the clock on the wall and the time read 9.55am. There was still 5 minutes to go. As she watched the clock, it felt like the hands were taking extra-long to move. “You know if you stand and watch that it’ll never move” Morag said and Charlie exhaled lightly as she looked up at her step-mother.

“I just want this time to come” Charlie said “It’s like not moving, maybe it’s stopped. What time do you make it?” Charlie questioned.

Morag exhaled lightly as she looked down to the watch on her wrist. “9.56” Morag said. Charlie exhaled as she sat down on the couch before she immediately stood up and began pacing the room. “Will you sit down you’re driving me crazy here”

“I can’t help it” Charlie said “I’m going to see my baby for the first time in 3 days. I think I’m allowed to be feeling like this.....what time do you make it now?”

“9.56 still” Morag said “Oh no wait” Morag said before she paused for a moment “9.57”

“Why is going so slow” Charlie moaned.

“Well honestly, it’s not” Morag said “It just feels like it is because you’re so excited for seeing Jacob” Charlie gave Morag an annoyed glance.

“I wish Ruby was home to see him” Charlie said.

“Oh I’m sure Ruby will have plenty time to spend with Jacob when you get him back for good”

“If I get him back” Charlie said “We don’t know anything yet”

“Charlie, there’s no reason for you not too” Morag said “I’m telling you. It might be a few weeks, but you’ll get him back”

“What time is it now?” Charlie asked trying her hardest not to get her hopes up given Morag’s comment.

“9.58” Morag said and Charlie let out a little scream as she continued to pace the living room.

“Oh God now I really need to pee” Charlie said as she started to jump lightly.

“Then please, go” Morag said and Charlie shook her head.

“No because I’ll go and then they’ll knock at the door and they’ll think I’m not interested because I’m not waiting” Charlie said as she continued to pace the floor.

“Charlie go and by the time you get back Jacob will probably be here” Charlie sighed lightly before she ran from the room and made her way to the bathroom, before she appeared back into the living room to find Morag opening the door to Jane and Jacob. As soon as Charlie saw the baby wrapped up in Jane’s arms a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek. As she looked down at her son – who seemed unsettled in Jane’s arm – she felt that same overwhelming rush of love that she’d felt when he was first born.

“Can I?” Charlie asked before she held her hands out to take the baby. Jane nodded lightly as she passed Jacob to Charlie. Charlie looked down at her baby as the tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. “Hey baby” Charlie said “Mummy misses you so much”

“I think I’ll leave you two to be alone” Morag smiled as she watched Charlie interacting with her baby, before she walked down the hall and into the guest bedroom. Charlie smiled down at Jacob, and Jane looked on, watching the interaction between mother and child.

“You know Charlie, I don’t say this often, in fact I’ve never said it before, but please forgive me for I’ve made a big mistake here” Jane said and Charlie looked up to her briefly before she looked back down to her baby, who seemed settled and content in her arms. “I do believe that you’ll get Jacob back” Charlie smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“And that’s not just because of his father’s passing, that’s not the reason why?” Charlie asked.

“No” Jane shook her head lightly. “No, even if Mr Rosetta was still alive, you’d still be getting your baby back” Jane smiled only lightly as she knew it was a raw subject.

“Can I feed him?” Charlie asked “Only if he’s still on his proper schedule then he’s due a feed”

Jane hesitated. She probably shouldn’t be letting Charlie feed the baby, but she knew that Charlie wasn’t a danger to child, so she decided she let it go ahead. “Sure” Jane said. “As long as you don’t mind me being here. I can’t leave you alone. Although I know now that you’re not a danger to the baby, I can’t...”

“It’s fine” Charlie said as she stepped over to the couch and took a seat, as Jane followed her. “C’mon sweet pea, Mummy will get you fed” Charlie said as she got herself ready to feed her baby. “C’mon” Charlie said as Jacob refused her for a minute.

“If he’s not had the breast for a few days it might just take him a while” Jane said and Charlie nodded.

“There we go” Charlie smiled as Jacob began feeding. “Hey” Charlie said as a tear rolled down her cheek at the joy she felt of feeding her baby for the first time in 3 days. She gently stroked the side of his face as she looked down at him. “I can’t stop crying” Charlie said as she looked up Jane.

“It’s to be expected” Jane said “It must have been tough, not being able to see him”

“I can’t begin to describe it” Charlie said and Jane smiled lightly.

“Well, I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of days before he’s back here for good”

“I can’t wait” Charlie smiled “You hear that baby, you’re coming home. Me, you, Rubes and Br.....me, you and Rubes are going to be a family again” Charlie said before she looked up to Jane. “I’m sorry, I would offer you a coffee, but I’m a bit busy here and Morag seems to have disappeared”

“Oh don’t worry” Jane said “You just enjoy this time with your son” Charlie smiled lightly before she looked back down at her baby, the big smile never leaving her face.


Ruby had returned home from the hospital, and had opted for an early night, so had been asleep for a good few hours. Morag had not long in went to bed, and Charlie had decided to follow on, although she was still on a high from seeing Jacob that morning, she wasn’t sure how much she’d sleep. She poured herself a class of water before she started to make the walk to her bedroom, but before she was able to get there, there was a knock at the door. Charlie sighed lightly as she thought twice about answering. She was about to ignore it, when there came a second knock, whoever it was, they weren’t going to go away. She exhaled lightly as she turned around and walked back to the front door, feeling slightly shocked to find Nicole standing at the other side. “Nicole” Charlie said, almost in disbelief. “What are you doing here?” Charlie looked to Nicole. Her face was tear stained, she was holding on Jacob, with the one arm and her other was holding onto the buggy, in which George was sleeping soundly.

“He’s your son” Nicole said “I’m sorry, you should have him” Nicole held Jacob out in front of her gesturing for Charlie to take him. Charlie exhaled before she took her son into her arms.

“Nicole, not that I don’t want this, but I can’t just take him back. Right now, you have him. I don’t want to ruin my chances of getting him back by doing something stupid” Charlie said as she looked down at Jacob, who was sleeping soundly, safe in his mother’s arms.

“I can’t keep him. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. If Jacob can’t be with Angelo then I want him to be with you” Nicole spoke monotonously as she looked beyond Charlie, as if starting into space.

“Nicole” Charlie sighed lightly “I appreciate what you’re doing, but as much as it breaks my heart, I can’t take him from you right now”

“But I can’t go home” Nicole shook her head. “I can’t be alone in that house with two young babies. He’s never coming home and I can’t.....I can’t go back there” Nicole said as the tears started to roll down her cheek. “He was all I had and now...” Nicole trailed off as her tears became too heavy for her to talk. Charlie felt a lone tear roll down her cheek as she looked at the girl standing broken before her. She took a deep breath, before she invited Nicole into the house. Nicole gave Charlie a thankful smile before she pushed the buggy into the house and took a seat on the couch. She looked down to her ring finger and cried as she played with her engagement ring. Charlie stood, staring at Nicole unsure of what she should do or say.

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Thank you totally, RR1, Shezza, Aden_Belle, ~Zoe~, Sarah, soph1303 and pembie for the lovely comments. :wub: I hope you like this next one.

Chapter 55

Charlie retuned to the living room, having put Jacob and George down in the nursery. She sat down next to Nicole and tentatively put her hand on her shoulder, in an act of comfort. “You know I didn’t mean it” Nicole shook her head “When I said it was your fault”

“I can’t help but think it was” Charlie said as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I mean you’re right. If I listened to him or didn’t get involved with Brax, none of this would have happened”

“You didn’t make him go up there” Nicole shook her head “It was just an accident. A horrible, horrible accident”

“Yeah” Charlie agreed “I wish he wasn’t....” Charlie trailed off, unable to say the word. “Jacob and Georgie are now going to grow up without....he’d have been a great father to them”

“Even after what Angelo did with me and then taking Jacob.....you still say something nice about him”

Yeah well I....he’ll always have a special place in my heart” Charlie said as she thought about Angelo. “He meant a lot to me. Although the way we acted this past 8 months you wouldn’t really think that”

“I know he still cared about you too” Nicole said “That’s why he was just so adamant to prove to you that Brax was dodgy. He just didn’t want you to get hurt, but I guess it was pretty inevitable”

“I wish I listened to him now” Charlie sighed as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You really loved him, didn’t you?” Nicole said and Charlie nodded.

“I thought finally that everything was going right for me. You know, I was having a baby, I had great boyfriend, Rubes and I have been getting on great, but I was wrong. I knew it was too good to be true”

“Well at least you have a chance to be with him” Nicole said “Angelo....I’m never going to see him again and I don’t know how I’m going to live without him” Nicole said as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Hey, you’ll get through this” Charlie sniffed back the tears “It’ll be hard, but you’re a strong girl, Nicole”

“Why are you being so nice me?” Nicole questioned “I don’t deserve it”

“Nicole, right now, I don’t think we need to think about what’s happened between us. Angelo is....dead and if you need help to move through that then I’m going to be here for you” Charlie said.

“If you didn’t say that I wouldn’t have anyone” Nicole cried.

“Hey, of course you would” Charlie said “You’ve got Miles, Roo, Marilyn, Alf, Romeo....they all care about you Nicole, you have people here to help you through this”

“I haven’t spoken to any of them for months. You lose touch, you always do” Nicole said as the tears continued to roll down her cheek.

“Well I think they might be here for you now” Charlie said.

“Why? Because they feel sorry for me” Nicole said “Because if Angelo didn’t die, I’m pretty sure they still wouldn’t be talking. Charlie, after me I think you’re hurt by this death the most. You understand what it is that I am going through”

“I know” Charlie nodded lightly “And I’m going to be here for you Nicole, if you need me, I’ll be here”

“Can I stay here tonight? I just...I can’t face going home” Nicole cried.

“I....” Charlie trailed off. “I don’t have the room” Charlie said. Although this was the truth, Charlie didn’t want to ruin her chances of getting Jacob back, by having him in the house when he shouldn’t be there.

“I’ll sleep on the couch” Nicole sniffed back a tear. “Please, I just can’t go home” Charlie nodded lightly as she pursed her lips together, hoping that by doing this she wasn’t ruining her chances of getting Jacob back.

“Sure you can” Charlie said just as Jacob began to cry. “I eh....should probably go” Charlie said and Nicole nodded, as Ruby walked into the room.

“Okay so I’m not just hearing things, but there’s a baby crying right?” Ruby asked as she looked up sleepily at her mother. Charlie nodded lightly as she looked at Nicole. “What is she doing here?”

“I eh...Charlie was just talking to me about Angelo. I can’t go home” Nicole shook her head as she looked down.

“But Charlie, Jacob is in the house, he’s not supposed to be here right now, what if....” Ruby trailed off as she looked at Nicole.

“I need to go” Charlie said before she disappeared out of the room to tend to her son, leaving Nicole and Ruby alone.

“So” Nicole said feeling awkward.

“So” Ruby repeated “I eh.....this is probably the words most stupid question right now, but how are you feeling?”

“I’ve been better” Nicole answered as Ruby joined her on the couch.

“Well, no matter what I thought of Angelo, he didn’t deserve this and I’m sorry” Nicole gave Ruby a thankful smile as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I kinda feel like its my fault”

“Rubes” Nicole shook her head as Ruby kept on talking.

“You know I went into a diabetic coma and apparently Angelo was trying to get me to the hospital but Hammer was adamant I was staying so he got shot” Ruby said “So if you feel like you need to shout at anyone” Ruby said as she raised her hand. “I’m here”

“I don’t want to shout at you, Rubes” Nicole shook her head. “Blaming you or your Mum or Heath or anyone for Angelo’s death isn’t going to make a difference because he’s still going to be dead. I just want to talk about him. How lovely, and kind, and sweet he was. How were planning on having a Christmas wedding and when the time was right we would have two kids together and then get a dog, you know, the perfect family” Nicole trailed off as she felt more tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Sounds like it would have been good” Ruby smiled and Nicole nodded.

“I’m not going to have that now” Nicole shook her head.

“You can still have that” Ruby said.

“But it won’t be with Angelo” Nicole shook her head “Maybe this is just karma. You know, pay back for what we did to your Mum”

“Looks like it” Ruby said “But Nicole, it’s not. It’s just bad luck”

“Well you might need to tell me that a few more time before I believe we didn’t deserve it, after what we did to your Mum and you”

“Hey, we moved on. Or well Mum did. She met someone else and she’s happier than I ever see her”

“Except, really, she’s hurt again” Nicole said “What Brax has been doing.....she’s not going to forgive that”

“Maybe not” Ruby said “But she is looking likely to get Jacob back and we’re going to be a family. And I guess, what happens with Brax.....we’ll just have to wait and see”

“I’m going to help in any way I can” Nicole said “Charlie should get Jacob back and I’ll help if she needs it. I never agreed with Angelo taking him in the first place. I know he was just doing what he thought was right but, I think he did the wrong thing”

“Well hopefully it just gets sorted soon” Ruby said and Nicole nodded in agreement. “And hopefully you being here tonight isn’t going to ruin her chances”

“I’m sure it won’t” Nicole shook her head “But I’m sorry, I just couldn’t go home. It feels so big and empty without Angelo there and I just.....” Nicole trailed off as tears once again rolled down her cheeks.

“Hey, Nicole” Ruby said as she pulled her in for a hug, holding her as she cried. Charlie stepped back into the room and watched the scene. Ruby and Nicole were talking. Smiling lightly to herself she walked backwards, leaving the two of them together.

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Thank you pembie, Sarah, RR1, Cally, Shezza, Aden_Belle, Zoe and soph1303 for the lovely comments. I hope you like this next one.... :unsure:

Chapter 56

Charlie walked into the kitchen, to find Nicole was already up, feeding her son. Charlie smiled lightly as she looked at Nicole’s tearstained face. “Look Nicole I’m really sorry but I am going to have to ask you to leave” Charlie said tentatively as he looked at the girl. “Social services are coming around for a visit today and I can’t -”

“No, I get it” Nicole said “I’ll just get my stuff together”

“Thank you” Charlie smiled lightly as she looked at Nicole. She looked so broken, and Charlie hated that Nicole couldn’t stay where she felt close to someone, but if Charlie wanted her son back this was just something that she needed to do. “Morag’s going to offer to go out with you”

Nicole nodded lightly “I guess I need to start thinking about his funeral” Nicole took a deep breath. “I eh, it would be nice to have someone there with me”

“And I shall be” Morag said as she walked into the kitchen. “But I feel we need should leave this place now. If social service’s see Jacob is here when he shouldn’t be it could ruin Charlie’s chances of getting him back”

“Sorry” Nicole said “Let’s go then” Nicole got George settled in his buggy, before she walked through to the nursery and picked up Jacob, before she walked back into the living room.

“Bye bye baby” Charlie cooed as she gently rubbed Jacob’s cheek. “Mummy will see you soon” Charlie said before Nicole, George, Morag and Jacob left the house. Charlie had some breakfast, before she had a quick shower and got herself dressed for the visit with social services. She began pacing the living room nervously awaiting them, before she went to straighten the cushions on the couch. There was a knock at the door and Charlie’s heart jumped. She took a deep breath before she walked across to the door, and was surprised to find Brax standing at the other side. “Brax...I -” Charlie started to speak but was cut off by Brax.

“Charlie, please, can we talk” Brax said.

“Now’s not the time” Charlie shook her head.

“Charlie, please” Brax pleaded with her.

“Really Brax, I can’t” Charlie shook her head. “Social services are coming round today. Any minute now and I need to....you can’t be here” Brax sighed lightly as he nodded his head.

“Okay. But please I just want to talk to you. Give me 5 minutes”

Charlie sighed lightly as she looked up at him. She looked into his eyes and felt a huge amount of love for him. It wasn’t fair that things turned out the way they had. Why couldn’t she get the chance to be happy with the man that she loved? “I will, but it can’t be just now”

“Okay, maybe you could come to the restaurant tonight? Around 8?” Brax asked and Charlie nodded lightly before she closed the door on Brax. Sighing lightly she leaned forward and rested her head against the door. She felt a lone tear rolling down her cheek as she thought about her life without Brax. She was interrupted from her thoughts by a knock at the door. She took a deep breath as she wiped the tear from the cheek, before she opened the door.

“Jane, hi” Charlie smiled as she invited the woman into the house. “Can I get you a coffee or anything?”

“I’d love a juice” Jane smiled “If you have any”

“Yeah” Charlie nodded as she made her way over to the kitchen and opened the fridge. “We have orange, if that’s okay?”

“That’s fine” Jane smiled as Charlie poured her a class before handing it to her. “So, I’ll just tell you now, the point of the visit today” Jane said as she looked up at Charlie. “And please don’t look so worried” Jane said and Charlie smiled nervously. “So, as I was saying the purpose of this visit is to assess if it is safe from Jacob to come home”

“Right” Charlie nodded “And ehm if you say it is?” Charlie questioned.

“This time tomorrow your baby could be home for good” Jane said and Charlie smiled as she felt herself welling up with tears.

“Okay well what is it you want to see?” Charlie asked.

“Just the whole house” Jane said “I’ll give it a thorough look around, make sure I don’t find anything that can endanger Jacob. And I do have to ask you about the relationship with Darryl Braxton” Jane said and Charlie pursed her lips together before she took a deep breath.

“Me and Darryl are finished” Charlie said “He’ll be going to jail for what’s been doing. I’ll make sure of it” Jane nodded lightly.

“Charlie you do realise if you are lying to me about this this could change whether you get Jacob back or not”

“I’m telling you the truth” Charlie sighed “It was over that very day that Jacob got taken from me. I want nothing more to do with him” Jane nodded lightly, sensing that Charlie was telling the truth.

“Okay, well let’s get this house looked at” Jane said as she did a check of the living room, before she walked through to the hall, and made her way into the bedroom’s, and the bathroom. “Well I must say everything seems to be fine. There’s no more sign of any drugs, which is a good thing” Jane smiled as she opened the door to the last bedroom as was slightly surprised to find Ruby laying on the bed, the covers hanging half over the edge of the bed, half over Ruby’s left side.

“Mum get out” Ruby said still half asleep as she turned around in the bed. Charlie looked to Jane and opened her mouth as if to explain but Jane spoke over her.

“Don’t worry, I have teenager’s at home” Jane laughed “Getting them up when they don’t need to be can be a struggle”

“I’m sorry” Charlie said “I probably should have woken her, but she’s just back from hospital, so I thought I’d let her rest”

“It’s fine” Jane said “As I say, it can be hard getting a teenager out of bed if they don’t need to be”

“Ruby” Charlie said as she raised her voice.

“I said get out” Ruby spoke back.

“Sorry, I am just here to check this house is safe to return Jacob too” Jane said and Ruby shot up out of bed in a hurry when she heard the unfamiliar voice.

“Mum what the.....why didn’t you tell me she was coming today”

“Well, I did” Charlie answered “But when I came in this morning you were dead to the world so I thought you could have done with the lie in”

“You did?” Ruby questioned “I don’t remember you telling me....shi.....sorry” Ruby cleared her throat. “Well yeah check away” Ruby said as she wiped the sleep from her eyes before walking over to Charlie and Jane. Jane smiled lightly at Ruby before she gave the room a check.

“What’s this here?” Jane asked as she pointed down to something sitting on Ruby’s chest of drawers. She was pointing at a bunch of needles and something that resembled a pen. Ruby gave Charlie a quick glance before she ran over to where Jane was and looked down.

“Oh that’s my insulin pen and the needles” Ruby said “I have diabetes”

“Oh” Jane said “And you normal leave all your stuff just lying out for anyone to find?” Jane asked and Ruby shook her head.

“No I never do. I was eh....I was still quiet groggy when I came back from the hospital yesterday. Probably why I don’t remember Mum telling me about this today. But no, I never normally leave it out”

“Right” Jane said not sounding convinced. “And where do you normally put this stuff”

“In this disposal bin here” Ruby said as she pointed down to the yellow bin sitting next to her chest of drawers. “Then when it’s full I return it to the hospital, they dispose of it properly for me”

“Right” Jane nodded lightly. “Well I think I’ve see everything I need too” Jane smiled lightly as she walked back over to Charlie and handed her the empty glass from her hand. “Thank you for that. I’ll be in touch” Jane said as she made her way down the hall and to the front door. Charlie showed her out and thanked her, before closing the door again. She took a deep breath before she turned around to find a teary eyed looking Ruby standing in front of her.

“Hey, sweetie, what’s these tears for?” Charlie asked as she steps forward and wiped the tears away from her face.

“I’ve ruined your chances” Ruby cried.

“What are you talking about?” Charlie asked.

“Jacob coming home” Ruby said “Because of my diabetes and I made a mistake and left the stuff out and now you’re not going to get him back and -”

“Hey hey, calm down” Charlie said “Ruby that’s not going to affect our chances of getting him home”

“But what if he gets into my room and gets a hold of the stuff and -”

“Ruby he can’t even lift his own head yet. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he won’t get into your bedroom and prick himself with your insulin” Charlie said softly.

“What if they think he will” Ruby asked.

“Ruby” Charlie shook her head “Don’t be silly. You’ve not ruined anything okay” Ruby nodded lightly as Charlie pulled her into a hug. “It’s going to be okay. He’s coming home, I know it” Charlie smiled as she lightly rubbed her daughters back and hoped that the visit has gone well and that Jacob would be coming home.

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Thank you so much Sarah, Lucii, RR1, Shezza, Aden_Belle, pembie, once_upon_a_mind, soph1303, Zoe and Arielxo for the lovely comments. Hope this one is okay.

Chapter 57

Ruby took a deep breath before she knocked on the door. “Rubes” Xavier said. Ruby and Xavier hadn’t spoken since the hospital the day before and Ruby wanted to talk to him, she wanted to sort out where they stood. She wasn’t sure if they were together anymore, so she needed to know what was going on between them.

“Hey, ehm....can I come in?” Ruby asked and Xavier nodded lightly as he exhaled.

“Can I get you a drink or anything?” Xavier asked and Ruby shook her head.

“No, I’m fine” Ruby said. “So, Xav are we still.....together?” Ruby asked tentatively.

“I dunno” Xavier shook his head “I want to be. I’m really like you and I think I always have, but you kissed Casey and -”

“No” Ruby shook her head “He kissed me”

“So you didn’t kiss him back?” Xavier questioned and Ruby looked down.

“For like a second” Ruby said as she looked back up at him “But Xavier I want -”

“Do you still love him?” Xavier asked.

“Xav I want to be with you” Ruby said.

“That not what I asked you Ruby” Xavier raised his voice “Do you still love him?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know okay. I just don’t know if I do or not but I know that you are the sweetest loveliest guy I know and I want to be with you. Xav, okay, I want us to be together. I know that we can be happy”

“What you expect me to go weak at the knees and say how lovely that was and that I want to be with you too and then there’ll be this lovely romantic kiss? Well I’m sorry but that’s not going to happen, Rubes. I don’t want to be with someone who might still be in love with someone else”

“Xavier please” Ruby cried.

“No Ruby” Xavier shook his head “Because the fact that you can’t say that you don’t love him....it kind of says it all, doesn’t it?” Ruby bowed her head down as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Xavier, please just give us a chance” Ruby said.

“Why?” Xavier shouted “So I can be your sloppy seconds? Clearly I’m just the guy you are settling for because you don’t trust the one you really want to be with” Ruby shook her head a tear rolled down her cheek.

“No Xavier, that’s not true” Ruby shook her head. “Do you really think I’d be this upset if I didn’t want to be with you in the first place” Ruby asked as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I dunno, maybe your just a good actress” Xavier scoffed. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to be left alone”

“Xavier, please” Ruby pleaded. “It’s you who I want to be with”

“You keep trying to tell yourself that Rubes” Xavier said before he opened the front door and gestured from Ruby to leave.

“So, I guess this means we’re finished” Ruby sniffed back more tears.

“Hey, you got something right tonight” Xavier said and Ruby bowed her head down as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around” Ruby said before she left the house. Xavier slammed the door shut before he banged his head off it, wondering if he’d said the right things.


Charlie walked up the stairs and nervously entered the restaurant, where she was meeting Brax. She took a deep breath as she walked over him. He looked so handsome in his black trousers and shirt and she wanted nothing more than for him to sweep her up into a passionate kiss, but she knew she was just kidding herself. Brax had broken the law and she was actually surprised that the police hadn’t caught up with him already. “Charlie” Brax smiled as he saw her walking up to him. “I’m really glad you came”

“So” Charlie said “What did you want to talk to me about?” Charlie asked, stopping a few steps away from Brax, wanting to keep a distance.

“I eh” Brax cleared his throat as he scratched the side of his head. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry ay” Charlie nodded lightly as she felt herself welling up with tears. “I didn’t mean for things to turn out the way they did and I really wanted to stop this life for you Charlie, because you’re totally worth it. You, Rubes, Jacob; we were going to be a family, and I’d give anything to be given the chance to still have that”

“But you broke the law and you....Brax you need to face up to your crimes. Go and do the time that you deserve”

“But then I’m not going to have you” Brax said as he felt his eyes welling up with tears. “Charlie, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else before. I know we have something special and I don’t want to let that go” Charlie stepped back as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Don’t Brax” Charlie shook her head.

“Please” Brax took a few steps forward and took Charlie’s hands into his. Charlie pulled her hands away as she looked down, her tears becoming heavier.

“We can’t, Brax” Charlie said “What we had has been amazing, but it’s also been a lie and its finished and we’re not going to get it back”

“We can” Brax said as he lifted Charlie’s head up to face him and gently cupped his hand around her cheek. “Because we’re in love” Brax said before he placed a soft kiss on Charlie lips. Getting caught up in the moment, Charlie kissed him back.

“Mmm no” Charlie said eventually pulling back. “Brax, don’t. An innocent man died because of you. I had my baby taken away from me because of you, Ruby ended up in hospital because of you....Brax you need to take responsibility for what you’ve done”

“Charlie, I’d do anything for you” Brax said “Just please don’t throw away what we had”

“No” Charlie shook her head as she sniffed back more tears. “If you love me then you’ll do as I ask and let me go. Because I can’t be with you when you’re a drug dealer” Charlie sniffed back. “You need to be a man and take your punishment”

“Okay” Brax said “So I’ll go to jail. I’ll pay for my crimes. Then what, I get out and then we can be together?” Brax asked and Charlie took another step back as she shook her head.

“I’m sorry but we’re over for good. I don’t want to be with someone like you” Charlie shook her head lightly. It was killing her to say she didn’t want to be with Brax, but she knew that people like him never changed and there was every chance that he’d just go back to his old ways. She loved him more than anything, but she knew that that wasn’t enough. They wouldn’t work in the long term. They came from two very different worlds.

“I don’t believe you” Brax shook his head as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Well it’s the truth” Charlie said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“No” Brax shook his head “Me and you, Charlie, we have something special. This, what we have, it’s true love Charlie. Me and you, together forever”

“Nothing lasts forever” Charlie replied before she turned and ran from the restaurant. Brax sighed lightly trying to stop the tears falling. Charlie was the only woman he’d ever truly loved and he knew exactly what it was he needed to do to win her back.


Charlie ran back into the house, the tears streaming down her face at the thought of never being with Brax again. Although she knew what he did was wrong and he had to go to jail she loved him so much and knew it would be tough trying to get over him. She wiped the tears from her face as she looked to the couch and noticed Ruby was sitting there, tears also streaming down her face. “Hey, sweetie, you okay?” Charlie asked as she walked over her and took a seat next to her.

Ruby shook her head lightly “Xav broke it off with me”

“Sorry” Charlie said as she wrapped her arm around her daughter. Ruby sighed lightly as she rested her head against her mother’s shoulder.

“What about you?” Ruby asked “You don’t look so good yourself”

“Brax and I....we’re finished too” Charlie cried.

“Maybe we should up and leave” Ruby said “Me, you and Jakey, we should get out of here for a while”

“You know, Rubes, that’s not a bad idea” Charlie said and Ruby smiled lightly.

“You know what else isn’t a bad idea?” Ruby asked as he looked up to face Charlie. “Ice-cream and a chick flick. Always good for broken hearts”

Charlie laughed lightly as he tucked her daughter’s hair behind her ear. “How about you go get the movie and I’ll get the ice-cream?” Charlie asked and Ruby nodded before she jumped up from the couch and ran off to her bedroom to get a DVD. Charlie sighed lightly as she stood up from the couch and made her way into the kitchen. It was then when she saw the picture on the fridge. She pulled it off and stared down at it. A picture of Charlie and Brax, Charlie standing smiling on the beach, Brax standing behind her with his hands on her pregnant stomach. Both staring at each other, looking so much in love. Sighing lightly she ran her hand over his face before she tore the picture up and threw it into the bin. That part of her life was over and she needed to accept it. She opened the freezer and took out the ice-cream before she opened the drawer and took out two spoons, making her way back into the living room to enjoy the evening with her daughter.

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Thank you totally, Lucii, RR1, cablove, once_upon_a_mind, Aden_Belle, Zoe, pembie, Sarah and soph1303 for the comments. :wub: I'm not sure about this one, hope it's okay. :unsure:

Chapter 58

Brax was sitting on the beach, a lone tear rolling down his cheek as he thought about his life and how it was turning out. It started off as just a little something on the side, a good way to get someone money, God knows they needed it. With his Dad walking out on them when they were young and his Mother who had a problem throwing all her money away on the pokies, someone needed to step up and put food on table, keep the roof over their heads. Even though he always knew what they were doing was wrong, it was the only way he could think of at the moment to get them quick cash. Sighing lightly he wiped the tear from his cheek as he saw Heath walking up to him. “Alright there bro?” Heath questioned, sensing something was wrong with Brax.

“I lost her” Brax sighed “I really lost her. She hates me for what I’ve done”

“You really love her eh” Heath asked and Brax nodded.

“So much” Brax said “And you know we were so close to being a family. Just one more deal then I was out, I...” Brax trailed off unable to continue.

“Sorry mate” Heath said “It was my fault. I should never have been doing deals with Hammer. I should...you’d have been out otherwise”

“Yeah well you got yourself into a mess. I needed to help you out”

“If you want me to talk to Charlie for you. Let her see all this was my fault and -”

“Nah it won’t make a difference eh” Brax said as he bowed his head down. “I just gotta face I’ve lost her and do the right thing”

“What, you’re still sticking to going to jail?” Heath asked and Brax nodded.

“I gotta do the right thing” Brax answered. “Hammer’s been taken in, it’s only a matter of time before they come knocking on our door anyways”

“Well we’ll go together” Heath said as he looked up at Brax and placed his hand on his arm.

“Nah, mate, you need to be here for Darcy” Brax said “I’ll just face up to this on my own”

“And when do I ever get to see Darcy? I’m only her Dad when it suits her Gran” Heath said “And beside, we’ve been in this together from the beginning. I aint bailing out on you now. We’ll take this punishment together”

“I appreciate that” Brax said before he took a deep breath. “Right well, no time like the present, let’s go” Brax said before he stood up and started to walk away. Heath sighed lightly before he stood up and followed his brother to his ute. They got in and made the short drive to the police station. “You sure you want to do this with me?” Brax asked “Just say the word and I’ll take you home and cop all the blame myself eh”

“Nah, I’m sure” Heath said as he and Brax got out of the car to find Watson and Avery on their way out of the building.

“Darryl, Heath” Georgie said “We were just on our way to get you two”

“Thought we’d save you the trip” Heath smirked.

“Right, well if you’d like to come this way” Avery said as he led Brax and Heath into the station.


Charlie once again found herself pacing the living room. She was waiting on what was most probably the most important phone call of her life. She was waiting to be told whether or not Jacob was getting to come home. “I wish you’d sit down” Morag said as she looked up at Charlie.

“I’m too nervous to sit” Charlie answered.

“Do you want a coffee or something?” Ruby asked.

“I’m too nervous to drink” Charlie said as she paced the living room. “Oh God...” Charlie exhaled lightly.

“What time is she going to phone you at anyways?” Ruby asked.

“Before 12” Charlie said and Ruby nodded as she looked up to the clock on the wall and saw it was only 9.15. They could be waiting a while yet. Ruby sighed lightly before she picked up the phone and began dialling.

“What the heck are you doing?” Charlie said as she grabbed the phone from the Ruby and held it in her hand.

“I was going to phone April and see if she wanted to meet later but I guess not” Ruby answered.

“Rubes I need to wait on this phone call” Charlie said “You know how important this is to me”

“Yeah and it is for me too, I mean this is my little brother we are talking about but Charlie you know how these things work. It’ll be 11.58 before they call you”

“Or they call you on that one split second that you decide to just make that one quick call” Charlie replied “If you want to call April then use your mobile”

“It’s out of credit” Ruby sighed.

“Well then use mines” Charlie said “But this phone is out of bounds until I get this call” Ruby sighed lightly as she looked around at Morag.

“You heading back to the city soon or you going to stay for a bit?” Ruby asked.

“Well I was planning on going back to the city once this mess with Jacob got sorted, but it might actually be nice to stay and catch up with you and you’re mother. We don’t spend enough time together these days”

“Well Mum and I are going to go away somewhere when she gets Jacob back so maybe you could come with us” Ruby smiled.

“Oh I’m sure you wouldn’t want me there cramping your style” Morag said and Ruby laughed.

“No you should come, shouldn’t she Mum?” Ruby questioned.

“Yeah sure” Charlie nodded although if she was being honest she didn’t really know what she was saying yes too. All she could think about was the phone call she was waiting on. And just then, in that moment, the phone began to ring. Charlie let out a little squeal as she dropped the phone on Morag’s lap.

“Well aren’t you going to answer it?” Morag questioned and she held the phone up towards Charlie.

“I’m too nervous to talk” Charlie said in a panic. “You do it”

“Charlie answer the phone” Morag said.

“Please” Charlie said “Morag I just need a minute to calm myself down”

Morag shook her head lightly before she answered the call “Hello.....yes, Charlie is here, I’ll just get her for you....” Morag passed the phone out for Charlie to talk. Shaking her hands out in front of her Charlie took a deep breath before she took the phone from Morag and slowly brought it up to her ear.

“Hello” Charlie said nervously. “No, I don’t care about getting new windows” Charlie yelled before hanging up the phone and throwing it down. “Morag, what you doing giving me them? I don’t want to talk to them”

“For all I knew it could have been social services” Morag answered and Charlie sighed lightly before she paced back and forward, and just then the doorbell rang.

“Ruby” Charlie said “Get the door”

“You’re on your feet” Ruby said as she stood up and made her way to the door.

“I’m to -”

“Nervous to get the door. Yeah I get it” Ruby sighed as she opened the door, to find Jane standing at the other side, cradling Jacob in her arms. “Eh Mum, I think you should come here” Ruby said as Charlie pulled a face of confusion before she walked over to the door.

“Jane...Jacob....I thought you were going to call me?” Charlie asked.

“No, I was always going to come around” Jane answered “Must have been a bit of a mix up” Jane said. “Anyways, if I can come in?” Jane asked and Charlie nodded. “So, Charlie as you can see ehm....we’ve reviewed the situation and we believe that the best situation for Jacob would be to live here with you” Jane said as tears of joy began to immediately roll down Charlie’s cheeks. Jane smiled as she handed Jacob back to Charlie. He was back home, back where he belonged.

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Thank you all so much :wub: I hope this one is okay. :unsure:

Chapter 59

Ruby walked into the nursery where Charlie was sitting looking over Jacob as he slept. “You know, you don’t need to stay and watch him. He’s not going to get taken from you again” Ruby said. Charlie looked up at Ruby and smiled lightly.

“I know....but I’ve missed being with him, I just want to...” Charlie trailed off as she looked back down at her baby.

“Eh Mum” Ruby said tentatively “Casey called in to say that Brax and Heath have been arrested”

“Oh” Charlie said. She was glad in a way that was he was going to be paying for what he did, but at the same time, she was sad, for she wouldn’t be able to have a relationship with him.

“Hey, it’s alright for you to feel upset” Ruby said as she rubbed Charlie’s back in comfort.

“I’m okay” Charlie said as she wiped her hand across her eyes, trying to push back the tears.

“Mum, you don’t think that he’ll say I kept drugs here, do you?” Ruby asked feeling worried.

“No, not for one second” Charlie said “He won’t want you getting into trouble Rubes. You or Casey. He’ll want you to go to university and do well”

“Are you sure. I’m scared” Ruby said “What if I get arrested”

“Sweetie, I don’t think you need to worry” Charlie shook her head and she rubbed Ruby’s arm in comfort “As I said he won’t want to get you into trouble”

“Maybe I should just go and tell them what I did, maybe -”

“Rubes, no” Charlie shook her head “We just forget about this, okay. Brax isn’t going to say anything, okay. I know he won’t”

“But don’t the police know that they were found in my wardrobe? I mean surely they be suspicious of me. I mean there was a bag of drugs in my wardrobe for like a week, of course I would have noticed it” Ruby said as she started to cry. “Mum I don’t want to go to jail”

“Look, the police know that there were drugs in the house, that’s all” Charlie said “You’re not going to go to jail and Brax will not tell them that you were involved in this. Okay, you’ve got to just believe me here sweetie”

“You promise?” Ruby asked and Charlie nodded lightly as she ran her hand through her daughter’s hair.

“I promise” Charlie said as she pulled Ruby into a hug, and hoped that she was right.


It had been three weeks since Angelo’s death, three weeks since Jacob had returned home, and three weeks since the Braxton brothers had given their statements and had subsequently been sent to jail. As Charlie had believed, Brax had said nothing about Casey and Ruby’s involvement, and although Ruby did feel guilty about it, she was glad that Brax did it for her. The brothers had received sentences of 4 years imprisonment, with no chance of parole until they’d served at least 18 months. Hammer had been sentenced to life for the murder of Angelo, with no chance of parole. Although Nicole was happy that someone was paying for Angelo’s death, she’d much rather that he was still here with her, but knowing that someone was paying for his death, did bring her some peace. Nicole had decided to take the leap and move to Italy, feeling there was nothing left for her in Australia, and right now just wanting to escape the place that reminded her of Angelo most. She would go and live the life that they had wanted to have. “Are you sure about this?” Charlie asked as she passed Nicole her travel bag.

Nicole nodded lightly before she took a deep breath. “I think so. And if I don’t like it then it’s only a plane ride home, right?”

“Sure” Charlie nodded “But I’m sure you’ll get on fine”

“Yeah. Don’t really have any reason to stay here either” Nicole said “Now Angelo’s gone I don’t really have anyone back home anyways. I thought maybe me and Ruby would go back to being friends again, I mean she was so nice to me when Angelo died and I thought maybe we were going to sort things out finally, but no” Nicole shook her head. “Anyways, I better get on this plane” Nicole said before she looked down to the pram where Jacob was lying. “Bye bye Jacob” Nicole cooed before she once again took a deep breath before she looked up to Charlie. “Thanks, Charlie. You’ve been really great” Nicole smiled.

“Don’t worry about it” Charlie said as she stepped forward and pulled Nicole into a hug. “You take care, yeah” Charlie said and Nicole nodded as she felt herself welling up tears.

“Georgie, you going to wave bye-bye” Nicole said to her son and George waved to Charlie as he laughed. Charlie waved at the boy and watched as they walked through to the departures lounge. Charlie and Nicole had become closer since the death of Angelo, and over the last few weeks, they’d really helped each other through it. Sighing lightly Charlie looked down to her son in pram.

“Right baby” Charlie cooed “We’ll get you home and get packed for our holiday’s now. Yes we will” Charlie said as she pushed the pram out of the airport and made her way back to her car. She lifted her son into her arms and placed a soft kiss on his forehead before she put him in the car seat and started to make the drive back to summer bay. There was two weeks before Ruby had to start university and as planned Charlie and Ruby were going up the coast for a week so they could have a little break, with Morag also joining them. Charlie drove back into the bay and lifted her baby out the car, before going back into the house.

“Hey, your home” Ruby grinned as she walked over to Charlie to took Jacob from her arms. “Hey Jakey Wakey” Ruby cooed “Did you miss me? Because I missed you I did” Ruby said as she lightly tickled Jacob’s chin trying to get him to smile. “Still no smile for Ruby?”

“He’s only a month old” Charlie said “And he was a month early, so technically he’s only due to be born now, so....” Charlie trailed off.

“I just want him to do something” Ruby said “It’ll be exciting.....Oh here have him back” Ruby said as she pulled a face, gesturing for Charlie to take Jacob again.

“What why?” Charlie questioned as she took her son back into her arms.

“I think he just made his nappy dirty” Ruby said as she once again pulled a face.

“Well you said you wanted him to do something” Charlie laughed before she walked into the nursery to change her son’s nappy. “Oh baby you did make a smell didn’t you” Charlie said as she continued to change her son’s nappy, before walking back through into the living room.

“Here, I’ll take him back now” Ruby said as she held her hands out. Charlie laughed lightly before handing him back to Ruby. “Aww Jakey wakey you’re so cute. I want one” Ruby said.

“You can’t even change his dirty nappies but you want one of your own” Charlie questioned and Ruby nodded.

“I’m sure I could do it if it was my own” Ruby said and Charlie sighed.

“Well given that you’re single and about to start university, I’ll take that as a joke”

“I’m being serious” Ruby said “Why can’t I?”

“Well you need a man help make one of those” Charlie said as she pointed to Jacob.

“Ha. Not really these days. You just need to know the places to go” Ruby grinned.

“Okay now I really do think you are being serious” Charlie said worriedly. “Ruby you’re not having a baby”

“Why?” Ruby questioned “Xav and I are getting closer again. Maybe he will want us to get back together, you know and I’m 18 so you can’t tell me what to do”

“Yeah but Rubes, that’s exactly it, you’re 18, you’re about to start uni, don’t throw your life away by having a baby too soon” Charlie said. Ruby looked like she was contemplating what Charlie said.

“What about a puppy then? Can I get a puppy?” Ruby asked.

“A puppy?” Charlie questioned “Well it is a better plan than a baby. If I say I’ll think about it will that do for now?” Charlie asked and Ruby sighed before she nodded.

“I guess” Ruby said before her phone went off. She looked down to see Casey was trying to call her. Ruby sighed once more before she cancelled the call. “I wish he’d get the message” Ruby said. Casey had been trying to talk to Ruby a lot more, ever since his brothers had gone to jail.

“You know, maybe he just wants someone to talk too” Charlie said “His brothers have gone to jail and he’s probably just.....lonely” Charlie said.

“Well then...it’s doesn’t have to be me” Ruby said “He can find someone else to talk too”

“Rubes” Charlie said.

“No. Okay, he broke my trust with the baby, then he told his whole family that you were.....” Ruby trialled off “Then he ruined things with me and Xavier. I don’t want anything to do with him. I just want Xavier”

“Well have you tried talking with Xavier again?” Charlie said “Or maybe I can talk to him for you?”

“No no” Ruby shook her head “I appreciate the thought but, no, I don’t need you talking to him. I need to sort it out myself”

“Well if you’re sure” Charlie said and Ruby nodded. “Yes, and in fact I’m going to go around now” Ruby said “Here’s Jakey wakey” Ruby said as she gave her brother back to Charlie.

“Ruby will you stop calling him that?” Charlie questioned and Ruby shook her head.

“It’s cute” Ruby said before she left the house to go and try again with Xavier. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door of the house.

“Hey, Rubes, what do you want” Xavier asked as he opened the door.

“You” Ruby said matter-of-factly.

Xavier sighed lightly as he shook his head. “You’re not going to give up, are you?”

Ruby shook her head “No”

“Come in” Xavier said and Ruby smiled lightly before she walked into the house.

“Do you want a drink of anything?” Xavier asked and Ruby her head.

“No, I just want you” Ruby said and Xavier laughed lightly.

“Well you’re nothing if not persistent” Xavier said.

“Look, Xav, I’ve showed you these last 3 weeks that I don’t want to be with Casey. He’s tried and tried but I’m not interested. I want to be with you”

“Yeah and I believe that” Xavier said “But Ruby, I don’t want to be with you if you still love someone else. So until then” Xavier shook his head.

“I don’t love him” Ruby said “Xav I swear, I don’t”

Xavier looked and Ruby and nodded lightly. She looked sincere and he did believe that she was now telling the truth, she wasn’t in love with Casey. “I believe you Rubes, I do...but....” Xavier trailed off.

“But?” Ruby questioned.

“I just don’t think us getting back together would be good. We tried a few times and it didn’t work out. Mostly because you kept falling for other people and I’m scared that you’re just going to do it again”

“Xavier, I won’t this time” Ruby said.

“Sorry, but I think its best we just be friends” Xavier said and Ruby nodded lightly as she felt tears forming in her eyes.

“I eh...sorry I don’t think I can just do friends so...I’ll just go” Ruby said before she ran out his house, and back into hers, in floods of tears.

“Hey, sweetie how did it go?” Charlie asked as she turned to face Ruby. “Oh sweetie” Charlie said as she walked over to her daughter and pulled her into a hug.

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Thanks Sarah, Sazzle, RR1, totally, CharlieAndBraxLover, Sabrina, Cally, Zoe, Aden_Belle and soph103. You're comments make me smile and really keep me writing. I hope this next one is okay.

Chapter 60

Bianca looked down to the bouncy chair where Jacob was sitting. “How’s my cutie Godson” Bianca cooed as Jacob looked up to her, his big blue eyes widening as he took in his surroundings. “Hmm how’s my Jakey wakey?”

“Ah God don’t you start with that too” Charlie sighed as she handed Bianca the coffee cup and took a seat on the couch next to her. Bianca gave Charlie a quizzical look. “Ruby calls him that” Charlie told her.

“And you don’t like it?” Bianca asked.

“I like Jake and I can put up with Jakey, but Jakey wakey?” Charlie shook her head.

“Well we’ll have to think of another nickname then won’t we baby” Bianca cooed before she looked back up Charlie. “So, anyways, how you doing?” Bianca asked.

“I’m fine” Charlie smiled although her eyes were telling a different story.

“Charlie” Bianca said “You know it would be okay if you said you weren’t. You’ve been through a lot”

“Well hopefully that’s it now” Charlie said “You know I’ve got Jacob back for good, Brax is in jail where he belongs.....” Charlie trailed off as she looked down.

“You really love him, don’t you?” Bianca asked and Charlie nodded as she pursed her lips together.

“Doesn’t matter now though does it? We can’t be together so” Charlie shrugged her shoulders before sighing. “Anyways, what about you? I mean things were starting up with you and Heath”

“We went on a few dates” Bianca said “We didn’t have what you and Brax did”

“Yeah well it’s over now so” Charlie said sadly as she bowed her head down. “It’s just time to move on and concentrate on Jacob and Ruby”

“So there’s no chance of anything once Brax gets out?” Bianca asked.

“I’d like to think I’d have met someone else by then” Charlie said “I mean he is supposed to have four years”

“Do you really think he’ll do all that time?” Bianca asked and Charlie shook her head.

“Probably not” Charlie said “But at least Hammer’s got no chance of getting out. He’s got what he deserves”

“You and Nicole seemed to get close these past few weeks” Bianca said.

“I was just helping her through it” Charlie said as she felt herself welling up with tears.

“Yeah, and who was here to help you?” Bianca asked “You need to grieve for him too”

“It’s just Jacob I feel sorry for” Charlie cried “He’s not going to know his Dad”

“Yeah and that’s a shame, but Charlie, Angelo was a big part of your life and I think you need to let yourself grieve too”

“I just can’t believe he’s not here. He’s never going to see Jacob’s first smile or hear his first word, or take him to his first day at school or teach him how to ride his bike” Charlie stopped talking as her tears became heavier. “It’s just not fair” Charlie cried as she fell into Bianca. Bianca held Charlie and let her cry the tears that needed to fall. The tears that needed to fall over Angelo dying, but also, the tears that needed to fall for Brax.


Ruby and April were lying on the beach enjoying the time off before they had to start university. “Ah I can’t wait to get away from here” Ruby said as she turned to face April.

“Gee thanks” April said sounding offended.

“Oh no I didn’t mean I wanted to get away from you. Just a certain someone else” Ruby sighed.

“Xavier or Casey?” April asked.

“Okay. Two people” Ruby sighed.

“Okay so I get your going away and having a break but you know that when you come back the problems with Xavier and Casey are still going to be here” April said tentatively.

“I know” Ruby sighed “I just wish he’d give me chance”

“Xavier?” April questioned and Ruby nodded.

“Yeah” Ruby said “But I guess I lost my chances with him” Ruby said before she saw Casey making his way across the beach, carrying his surfboard.

“Alright” Casey smiled as he looked to Ruby. Ruby looked up at him briefly, before she looked away. “You girls fancy a swim?” Casey asked as he put his surfboard down.

“No thanks” Ruby said and Casey sighed lightly.

“Look, Rubes, I said I’m sorry like I don’t know how many times. I don’t see why you can’t just give me another chance” Casey said.

“Because I don’t want too” Ruby sighed “Okay, whatever we had has passed. I’ll do friends, but that’s all”

“I don’t want to be just friends” Casey sighed “Please, Rubes, we were great together”

“Yeah and who ruined that?” Ruby spat.

“Hey, Case, maybe you should just go. She’s said she not interested” April said, trying to intervene.

“Sorry, but this has nothing to do with you eh” Casey said as he gave April a quick glare.

“Don’t talk to her like that” Ruby said “Just go”

“Rubes, please” Casey sighed.

“Fine then, I’ll leave” Ruby said as she stood up, before lifting her towel off the sand and picking up her bag. “You coming?” Ruby asked as she looked to April and April nodded as she stood up, also picking up her towel and bag. Ruby and April started to walk along the beach, but Casey wasn’t going give up.

“Rubes” Casey shouted. Ruby sighed lightly as she picked up the pace, and began walking faster. Casey started to run until he caught up with them. “Ruby” Casey said as he grabbed on to her arm and span her around. “Tell me what it is I have to do and I’ll do it” Casey pleaded.

“Just leave me alone. I don’t want to be with you anymore Casey” Casey bowed his head down.

“I love you. You were my first everything Rubes and I don’t want to let that go” Casey said as he felt his eyes welling up with tears.

“I’m sorry” Ruby shook her head as Xavier was approaching them taking in the scene. He looked to Ruby and saw how uncomfortable she looked.

“Everything alright here?” Xavier asked as he looked from Ruby to Casey and back to Ruby again.

“Fine” Casey said.

“Eh no” Ruby shook her head. “He’s not going to leave me alone”

“Right” Xavier nodded “You heard her. She wants you to go”

“Don’t tell me what to do, mate” Casey said as he took a step closer to him.

“Yeah or what” Xavier said as he took a step forward also.

“Hey, guys, we don’t need to start fighting” April said as she pulled Xavier back. “Case, just give it up. She said she doesn’t want to be with you so you are going to have to accept it” April said and Casey sighed lightly before he looked from Ruby to Xavier.

“Really? I’m mean really you’d rather be with that sissy?” Casey shook his head before he turned around and left. April looked to Ruby and then Xavier before feeling her presence was not needed.

“I’m just going to go in and get a drink” April said as she pointed up to the surf club before she walked away.

“Thanks for that” Ruby smiled lightly at Xavier.

“No problems” Xavier smiled before an awkward silence hit the pair.

“So” Ruby said.

“So” Xavier smiled as he took a step closer to Ruby, and took her hands into his. “I’ve been thinking and maybe I was a little harsh with you last night and before that also, and well, if you still wanted to be more than friends, maybe we could ....uhm...” Xavier trailed off as he smiled at Ruby. “I mean I like you and you like me so I think maybe, I should just give you this chance”

“Yeah” Ruby smiled “I eh....yeah” Ruby nodded before her and Xavier’s lips met in a passionate kiss.

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