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Nothing Lasts Forever

Guest Danni02

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Thanks everyone. :) Hope you like this next one!

Chapter 21

Charlie returned home from work to find Ruby sitting watching the TV. “Hey, you not out with Casey tonight?” Charlie questioned as she joined her daughter on the couch.

“Nah, said something about helping Heath out” Ruby said as she looked up at her mother.

“Helping Heath with what?” Charlie questioned.

“I don’t know” Ruby shrugged her shoulders. “He didn’t say and I didn’t ask”

“Okay” Charlie said feeling a little concerned. “So, have you had any dinner yet?”

“No” Ruby shook her head “I was waiting on you to get home”

“What you want me to cook for you?” Charlie said sounding surprised.

“No, I didn’t say that. I just said I was waiting on you to get home” Ruby informed her.

“Want to go out?” Charlie questioned.

“Again?” Ruby asked and Charlie nodded.

“Yeah why not?” Charlie asked.

“No reason” Ruby said “Where you want to go?”

“Angelo’s?” Charlie questioned and Ruby pulled a face.


“Well it’s like the only decent place in the bay” Charlie argued “Well there or the Diner”

“Charlie, that’s pretty much the only places to eat out here” Ruby laughed.

“Well we can go into Yabbie Creek or Reefton Lakes” Charlie suggested.

“No, no, Angelo’s is fine” Ruby said as she jumped up from the couch. “Let’s go then”

“Let me get changed out of my uniform first” Charlie said as she stood up from the couch and walked across the room, making her way to the hallway. It was then when she noticed the bag of baby clothes that Ruby had thrown down earlier. “What’s this?” Charlie questioned as she picked the bag up.

“Oh Nic dropped them over” Ruby said coldly. “George’s old baby clothes. Reckons you’ll want them for your baby”

“Oh right” Charlie said “Eh...”

“Exactly” Ruby said “Stupid idiot thinking you’d want them”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want them” Charlie said causing Ruby too give her a surprising look.

“But after what she did -”

“They did it, Rubes, not George, and they’re only baby clothes” Charlie said.

“Yeah but Nic -”

“Ruby” Charlie shook her head lightly as she put the bag of clothes back down on the floor and walked over to her daughter. “Sweetie, why are you still so angry with them? I thought you’d agreed to let this anger go”

“I tried” Ruby said “But every time I see them I just feel so hurt and betrayed by them”

“Ruby, you’re going to have to let this go. Not so they can have the satisfaction of getting your forgiveness, but just for your own good. It can’t be good for you getting yourself so worked up all the time. Just forget about them. You are better than them and they don’t deserve the satisfaction of making you feel so low”

“So you’re saying I don’t need to forgive them but I should just forget about them?”

“If that’s what it’s going to take for you to stop all this….then yes, Rubes, just move past it. You don’t need them in your life for you to be happy”

“No, I definitely don’t” Ruby said.

“Okay, so, this is going to stop?” Charlie questioned.

“Well it’ll be kinda hard to forget about them when we live in a town the size of Summer Bay” Ruby said “But, you are right and I do need to let go”

“You don’t need to talk to them” Charlie said “You’ve got plenty friends you can hang about with and you know over time, you’ll be over it. And, you’ve got a little brother or sister to look forward to” Charlie smiled.

“Yeah, just a shame on who the father is” Ruby replied.

“Ruby” Charlie sighed.

“Well it means that he is often going to be around here doesn’t it”

“Yes I guess it does. To see his child” Charlie said “You can’t stop that Ruby”

“I know I know” Ruby sighed “Anyways go get ready so we can go for dinner. I’m starving” Ruby said and Charlie left the room to get changed. Ruby sat back down on the couch and waited for her mother. After what seemed like forever, Charlie finally appeared back in the living room, informing Ruby she was ready. “Whoa” Ruby said as she looked around at her mother to find she was wearing a purple strapless dress and a pair of heals. “You’re awfully dressed up are you not?” Ruby said.

“Well I’m going to get all fat so I won’t be able to wear stuff like this soon” Came Charlie’s reply.

“You know they do make some pretty nice maternity clothes these days” Ruby said.

“Yeah yeah, c’mon let’s go, I thought you said you were starving” Charlie said as she gestured for Ruby to leave the house.

“I am but I feel well underdressed now” Ruby said as she looked down on herself, as she was wearing a pair of skinny’s and a vest top.

“You look fine” Charlie said “C’mon lets go” Charlie grabbed Ruby’s hand and pulled her out of the house, before the two made their way across town to Angelo’s. As they walked up the stairs, Charlie felt herself smiling at the thought of seeing Brax. As they entered the restaurant, Charlie wasn’t surprised to find it empty, bar one table, and as she scanned the room she felt a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach as she saw Brax.

“Evening ladies” Brax said as he walked over to them. “Table for two?” Brax said and Ruby nodded before following Brax to their table. “You do look lovely tonight, Sargent” Brax said as he smiled at Charlie. “Special occasion?”

“No, just taking my daughter out for her dinner” Charlie replied.

“This is the third time you’ve eaten here this week” Brax said.

“Well you do look like you could do with the business” Charlie replied.

“That and Mum is a terrible cook” Ruby chipped in.

“Really?” Brax laughed as he looked from Charlie to Ruby.

“I’m not terrible” Charlie said.

“Well you’re certainly not good” Ruby said and Brax laughed as Charlie glared at Ruby.

“Anyways, what can I get you ladies to drink?” Brax asked.

“A glass of your most expensive champagne” Ruby smiled and Brax looked to Charlie.

“She is not 18” Charlie said.

“Yeah didn’t think so eh” Brax said “Nice try though” Brax said as he looked at Ruby.

“Just two glasses of water will be fine thanks” Charlie said as she looked up at Brax. He nodded lightly before walking away and Charlie couldn’t help but watch him as he left.

“Oh my God Charlie” Ruby said as she smiled at her Mother.

“What?” Charlie asked.

“You like him don’t you?” Ruby asked.

“What, Ruby, no, don’t be ridiculous” Charlie said trying her best to sound convincing.

“I’m not, I can so tell” Ruby said “You’ve got the hots for Darryl Braxton”

“Okay, so even if I did have the hots for him – and I’m not saying I have – I said if I did, it’s not as if anything can happen between us”

“What why not?” Ruby questioned “Because of me and Casey? Because that doesn’t -”

“No no” Charlie shook her head. “Because of Angelo and this” Charlie said as she put her hand on her stomach.

“What about Angelo? You guys are over and -”

“I love him” Charlie said “So until I fall out of love, it wouldn’t be wise to start a new relationship, even if I did really like someone. And then, I’m going to have a baby so who’s going to want to date someone who is having someone else’s baby”

“People” Ruby said “If they really liked you. Hey, let’s ask him” Ruby said as she looked over to Brax who was on his way back over with their waters.

“Ruby, don’t you dare” Charlie said as she looked sternly at her daughter.

“Okay, I won’t. But I am so right, you like him” Ruby mumbled. Charlie shook her head lightly at her daughter, just as Brax arrived and placed their drinks down on the table.

“So, do you ladies know what you want to order?” Brax asked.

“We’ll have a Ham and Pineapple pizza” Charlie said as she looked up at Brax.

“You know I might need to ban you from coming in here more than once a week” Brax laughed. “Too much pizza will ruin your lovely figure” Brax smiled and Charlie felt herself going slightly red.

“So you wouldn’t date her if she got fat?” Ruby questioned.

“Ruby” Charlie gasped. “Sorry, you don’t need to answer that” Charlie said as she looked up at Brax, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“It’s fine” Brax said “And I’d love to go on a date with your Mother” Brax smiled.

“That’s not what I asked, but, how does tomorrow at noon sound?” Ruby said.

“It sounds good” Brax smiled “That is if you want too” Brax said as he looked at Charlie, hoping her answer would be yes.

“I eh….I’m working tomorrow” Charlie said.

“No you’re not” Ruby said “You never work on a Monday”

“I’m covering a shift” Charlie lied.

“Stop lying and go out with Brax” Ruby said “You’re hot for each other”

“If you’re Mother doesn’t want too -” Brax started to talk but was cut off by Charlie.

“No” Charlie said “Let’s go out”

“Yeah?” Brax smiled.

“Yes” Charlie smiled at Brax.

“Okay so, eh, I’ll go put your order in then” Brax said before he walked off to the kitchen. Charlie looked around at Ruby and shook her head.

“Ruby Elsie Buckton” Charlie said “You -”

“Charlotte Michelle Buckton” Ruby mocked “Be quiet, you’re loving this really” Charlie shook her head lightly at her daughter before she looked up to find Brodie walking into the restaurant.

“Hey, Rubes, you see that guy there?” Charlie said as she pointed to the man.

“Yeah?” Ruby questioned.

“Do you know that is?” Charlie asked.

“Eh, I know he hangs about with Heath but that all I know, why?” Ruby asked, curious to know why her mother wanted to know about him.

“I just wondered” Charlie mumbled as she watched Brax walking out of the kitchen and over to Brodie, who was now standing at the bar. Brax stood close to Brodie as the two men looked like they were talking about something very privately.

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Thanks everyone :D I hope this next on is okay :)

Chapter 22

Charlie sat in the bathroom as she held onto the rim of the toilet seat. She’d spend the last 20 minutes or so throwing up and didn’t know if she should put it down to morning sickness or the fact that she was feeling so nervous for seeing Brax. “Hello, Charlie?” Charlie heard a voice coming from inside the house. She jumped up from the floor as she flushed the toilet.

“I’ll just be a minute” Charlie shouted before she proceeded to clean her teeth, before making her way out of the bathroom and into the living room, to find Brax standing in the doorway.

“Sorry, the door was open, and I did knock but -”

“Its fine” Charlie smiled as she looked at Brax and couldn’t help but think how handsome he looked, even though he was wearing his usual combats and a checked shirt.

“Are you okay? You’re looking awful pale” Brax said as he noticed Charlie’s complexion was a little paler that usual.

“I’m fine” Charlie forced a smile. If she was being honest with herself, she’d tell Brax the truth, which was that she felt really nauseous and just wanted to go for a lie down.

“Because we can reschedule if you’d like”

“No, I’m fine” Charlie said “I think a little bit of fresh air would be good though”

“Okay, well we could go for a walk along the beach, eh?” Brax suggested and Charlie nodded before the pair left the house and headed down towards the beach.

“Brax” Charlie said hesitantly.

“Hmm” Brax said as he looked around at Charlie.

“You know this isn’t like a date date” Charlie said “I mean this…..we’re just hanging out as friends”

“Oh” Brax said sounding disappointed.

“I did mean what I said the other day about how we should just be friends for now” Charlie said.

“And does Ruby know this?” Brax asked “She seemed pretty keen on us going out on this date?”

Charlie shook her head lightly. “I’m sure she’ll get over it”

“And what about me?” Brax said sadly.

“What about you?” Charlie asked.

“I just feel like I am being messed around” Brax said. “We spend the night together, then you just want to be friends, we sleep together again, yet, still, you don’t want to start up a relationship, you just want to be friends, then you agree to come out on this date with me and I think, okay, so maybe this time it’ll start going somewhere, but again, you insist on us just being friends” Charlie sighed lightly as she stopped walking and turned to face Brax.

“Brax, you know why I just want to be friends right now” Charlie said “You said you’re self that you’d wait until I was ready”

“I know, but I just….it feels like you are sending me mixed signals” Brax said. “When you agreed to come on this date with me I thought maybe you’d decided you did want more than friends and don’t tell me that you getting all dressed up last night to go out to diner wasn’t for my benefit”

Charlie sighed lightly. She couldn’t deny that she did get dressed up for him. “I just don’t want to complicate things” Charlie said “I still have strong feelings for Angelo so I just don’t think it would be fair on you to start something up with you. I mean you really want to be with me that badly that you’re willing to be with me knowing that I still have feelings for my ex?”

“You’re only saying feelings now” Brax stated “Last time we talked you said love”

Charlie exhaled lightly as she looked down. Although her feelings for Angelo was part of the reason she didn’t want to start up anything with Brax, she also had her baby to consider, and then there was Brax’s reputation, and all this secretive stuff recently with Brax and Brodie was making Charlie wary. But no matter much she was telling herself not to date Brax, a bigger part of her wanted to give a relationship a chance. “Okay” Charlie smiled “It’s a date”

“Yeah” Brax smiled and Charlie nodded before she and Brax continued to walk in the direction of beach.


“You ready?” Heath asked.

“No” Casey shook his head “I don’t want to do it again”

“Stop being a baby” Heath said “You want to be in the gang don’t you? Like me and Brax”

“Yeah but…..”

“But nothing” Heath said “You want to be part of this gang then you gotta do your share”

Casey sighed lightly as he got up from the couch and followed Heath out the house to his car. “So I just hand the package over and take the money, right?”

“Yeah same as last time” Heath said “And eh, don’t you go mentioning this to Brax”

“Why not, I thought everything had to go through him”

“Nah man, I’m sick of Brax always being the big guy. This is just between you and me, got it?”

“Yeah” Casey nodded.

“Besides, you know what he’s like. Making you stay in school and not wanting you involved. But you listen to me and you get to be. I’ll see you right” Heath pulled up the car at the meeting point and waited for the other man to show up. After a few minutes a car pulled up and the man got out. “Go on then” Heath said as he pushed on Casey shoulder. Casey exhaled lightly as he got out of the car and walked over to the other man with the package and swapped it for cash before walking back into the car, looking angry with Heath.

“Hammer” Casey yelled “Heath what the hell are you doing deals with the rival gang for?”

Heath laughed lightly as he started to drive back to their house. “Because they had a good price”

“Yeah but its Hammer” Casey yelled “Brax is going to flip when he finds out”

“But he isn’t going too, is he?” Heath questioned “Is he?” Heath yelled after a moment of silence. Casey shook his head lightly. “Good. Now let’s grab our boards and go for a surf eh?” Heath said as he pulled up into the drive of their house.


Charlie and Brax were sitting on the beach. Brax with his arm wrapped around Charlie’s back. She breathed in the crisp sea air, hoping it would help ease her nausea, but so far, if anything, she was starting to feel worse. “So are you feeling any better?” Brax asked.

“Not really” Charlie shook her head, knowing she should probably tell him the reason why she was feeling sick in the first place, but there was something stopping her for saying it.

“Oh” Brax said “So, I guess lunch is out of the question?”

“Yeah” Charlie nodded. The thought of eating was making her feel even more sick than she already was. “I’m sorry”

“You don’t need to apologise” Brax said “We can all feel a bit ill from time to time. It can’t be helped. Just don’t go making a habit of it if we are going to be dating” Brax laughed lightly, and Charlie forced a smile, knowing there was a good possibility she would feel ill again when she was supposed to be on a date with Brax, for the next few months at least.

“Would you mind if I actually went home?” Charlie questioned.

Brax exhaled lightly before shaking his head. “No, it’s fine. Let’s go” Brax said as he stood up, before he took Charlie’s hands in his and pulled up to standing. Brax smiled at Charlie before he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Mmm” Charlie smiled before she kissed Brax once more, this time the kiss coming deeper, and more passionate. Charlie eventually pulled back from the kiss and they both stared at each other, with huge smiles on their faces.

“So” Brax said “You wanted to go home. I’ll walk you” Brax said as he and Charlie started to walk up the beach, hand in hand, the smiles leaving neither of their faces.

“Charlie” The voice said. Charlie and Brax both turned around to find Angelo standing behind them.

“Hey” Charlie said as she looked at him.

“What’s this?” Angelo questioned.

“Two people holding hands” Brax answered as he held up his and Charlie’s hands.

“I see that” Angelo questioned “I also saw you pashing. Charlie what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Brax spoke for Charlie.

“You’re not on a date with him are you?” Angelo questioned and Charlie nodded lightly.

“Yeah, so what if I am?” Charlie said “Who I date has nothing to do with you”

“Eh, I think it does” Angelo said.

“Hey mate” Brax said as he let go of Charlie’s hand and took a step forward lightly pushing Angelo back. “Who Charlie sees now is none of your business. She’s your ex; you have no say in who she wants to see. So why don’t you run off back home to your teenage girlfriend and her baby”

Angelo shook his head lightly at Brax before looking back to Charlie. “I don’t want you seeing him Charlie”

“Too bad” Brax answered “If Charlie wants to date me, there’s nothing you can do to stop her. If Charlie wants to move on from a cheating scumbag like you then she can”

“I don’t think you should be dating anyone right now Charlie” Angelo said. “Least of all a dodgy river boy”

“Hey” Brax yelled as he pushed Angelo once more.

“Brax” Charlie said as she pulled on his arm, trying to get him away from Angelo. “Leave it. He’s not worth it” Brax exhaled lightly before stepping back and began walking away, leaving Charlie and Angelo standing there.

“Charlie” Angelo said “Really, Darryl Braxton?”

“Really, my daughters best friend?” Charlie retorted.

Angelo sighed lightly before he shook his head. “He’s bad news, Charlie” Angelo said. “I want you to stay away from him”

“You can’t tell me what to do” Charlie yelled.

“You’re carrying my baby” Angelo said “So whether you like it or not, who you date has a lot to do with me. I don’t want someone like Darryl Braxton around my child”

“So you get to say who I can date, but what about me? What if I don’t want Nicole around my child? Would you stop dating her?” Charlie questioned.

“Nicole isn’t like Brax” Angelo said “She nice and kind and she’s a great Mum to Georgie. There’s no reason for you to tell me not to date her”

“Oh, so only you are allowed to tell me what to do?” Charlie questioned.

“I’m just looking out for my baby” Angelo said.

“Okay, so what reason do you have that Brax is dodgy?” Charlie questioned and Angelo stood his mouth open slightly like he wanted to talk, but he couldn’t find anything to say. “See” Charlie said “Just because people say stuff it doesn’t mean that it’s true”

“Charlie” Angelo sighed.

“Hey Charlie” Brax yelled from the top of the beach. “Are you coming?” Charlie looked at Angelo before looking to Brax, then back to Angelo.

“I’ll see you around” Charlie said before she walked away towards Brax.

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Thanks Sabrina, Cally, Lucii, sazcaz89, pembie, Sarah, Aden_Belle, cb2180, Samantha28 and RR1 for commenting. I hope you like this next one.

Chapter 23

It had been two weeks since Angelo had told Charlie he didn’t want her dating Brax, but despite his concerns she continued to do so. “So” Ruby said as she sat down at the table across from Charlie and poured herself a class of orange juice. “When are you seeing Brax again?” Ruby asked.

“Today” Charlie answered before she took a spoonful of her cereal.

“Mm and what date is this now?” Ruby asked.

“It’s our 6th” Charlie answered “Why?”

“I just wondered on what date it was that you were going to tell him you were pregnant. You know he needs to know Charlie, and the longer you wait the harder it’s going to be, and the worse you are probably going to come off having kept it from him for so long”

“I know” Charlie exhaled “And I’ve tried to tell him, I really have, but every time I’m about to say it I freeze up and end up saying something completely irrelevant. I don’t know why I just can’t say it”

“Do you think maybe it’s because you really like him and you’re scared that once you tell him he’ll want nothing to do with you anymore?” Ruby asked.

“Maybe” Charlie sighed lightly “Oh I don’t know Ruby. I just….I…” Charlie sighed once more before she sat back in the chair ran her hands through her hair. “I’ll tell him today”

“Well you say that” Ruby said “But will you?”

Charlie exhaled. “I’ll at least try”

“You know I don’t think you have anything to worry about” Ruby said “I’m sure if he really likes you he’ll be able to accept your baby”

“Yeah” Charlie said feeling uncertain. “I don’t know….maybe Angelo was right. Maybe I should only be thinking about the baby right now”

“What so you can’t date someone who you really want too just because you are pregnant? But yet Angelo, who is also expecting a child, still gets to date who he wants?” Ruby questioned “That’s so not fair and Angelo is being an unreasonable bas- ”

“Ruby” Charlie raised her voice.

“unreasonable jerk” Ruby said “He’s being a jerk”

“See, thinking about it, I don’t think he is” Charlie sighed “Angelo is right. I need to be more careful. I’m carrying this baby and as the Mother, I do have more of the responsibility right now, and probably when it’s a new-born”

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean you need to put your life on hold because Angelo isn’t happy with your choice of boyfriend” Ruby said “If you want to date then that’s your choice. It’s okay” Ruby said “You’ll always put that baby first, and if Angelo is right and things get bad then I know you’ll do what’s best for the baby. But don’t give up on your chance of happiness just because your ex doesn’t want you to start dating yet”

“Ah why does my life have to be so complicated?” Charlie moaned before she leaned forward and rested her head against the table.

“Because it would be boring otherwise” Ruby said “Now you need to start getting ready for this date” Ruby said as she stood up and walked over to Charlie and pulled on her arm, causing her to stand up. “You go for a shower then I’ll help pick you out something to wear” Ruby smiled.

“I’m pretty sure I can dress myself” Charlie laughed.

“I’m pretty sure you could too” Ruby replied “But I’m still helping” Charlie shook her head lightly at her daughter before she walked down the hall and into the bathroom to start to get ready for her date with Brax.


Darcy ran into the kitchen and over to Brax, a huge smile on her face. “Hey, Uncle Brax” Darcy said excitedly. “Daddy said he was going to take me to buy a new surf board today”

“Yeah?” Brax smiled “Ah Darcy that’s great”

“Yeah, can you come too? And we can all surf together?” Darcy asked as she looked up at Brax with big puppy dog eyes.

“I can’t hey” Brax said “I’m going out with my friend”

“Does your friend surf?” Darcy asked “Because then they could come too”

“Nah” Brax laughed lightly “I don’t think surfing is her thing eh” Darcy bowed her head down, looking disappointed that Brax wasn’t going to go surfing with her.

“But you’ve not taken me surfing in ages” Darcy moaned.

“I know” Brax said as he bent down to Darcy’s level and put his hand on her shoulder. “And I promise you I’ll take you soon. I just can’t today”

“C’mon Darcy” Heath said “We gotta get down to that board shop”

Darcy sighed lightly before she looked back up at Brax. “You promise me you’ll take me soon?” Darcy questioned and Brax nodded.

“I promise” Brax smiled as he lightly hit the tip of Darcy’s nose. “Now go on, listen to you’re Dad” Brax said as he gestured for Darcy to follow Heath out of the house.

“You going to be as good with Charlie’s kid?” Casey asked as he opened the fridge door and took out a bottle of juice.

“With what?” Brax asked.

“Charlie’s baby” Casey said “Are you going to be as good with that kid as you are with Darcy”

“Charlie’s pregnant?” Brax said sounding shocked.

“Yeah, she didn’t tell you?”

“Do I look like that was something I knew?” Brax yelled as he threw his arms out to the side. Casey shrugged his shoulders as he took a drink of his juice.

“I just figured she’d have told you by now” Casey answered.

“Well she hasn’t” Brax said as he rubbed his forehead. “I gotta go” Brax said before he grabbed his car keys from the kitchen table and ran from the house.


Charlie checked the text on her phone once again.

Great. I’ll pick you up at 11.

She sighed lightly before she looked at her watch. It was now 11.35 and Brax still hadn’t shown up. “Maybe he just got caught up at work or something” Ruby suggested.

“He wasn’t working today” Charlie said.

“Well you could always call him and see where he is” Ruby suggested.

“I don’t want to seem desperate” Charlie said.

“You wouldn’t be being desperate” Ruby laughed lightly “You guys are dating and he is over half an hour late for your date. What if something has happened to him?”

“Or maybe this is his way of telling me he isn’t all that interest anymore” Charlie sighed.

“Don’t be ridiculous” Ruby said “You guys may have only been together a couple of weeks but he is crazy about you. I can see it”

“So crazy he is 40 minutes late and hasn’t even bothered to call me and let me know why” Charlie said.

“Well you call him. It works both ways” Ruby said as she took a seat on the couch next to her Mother.

“What are you still doing here anyways?” Charlie asked “I thought you were meeting April?”

“Not till 12” Ruby answered “And I don’t want to leave you like this”

“Like what?” Charlie questioned “Rubes, I’m fine. So he didn’t turn up for a date. I’m sure I’ll get over it”

“Yeah you could, or you could call him” Ruby said as she reached forward and pulled Charlie’s phone from her hand, and scrolled down to Brax’s name.

“Ruby” Charlie sighed lightly as she fought with her daughter to get her phone back, but was unsuccessful as Ruby had hit call. Ruby give me -”

“Shh I’m on the phone” Ruby said as she jumped up from the couch and took a few steps away from Charlie.

“Give it to me” Charlie said as she held her hand out. “What’s it going to look like if my daughter is phoning asking where her Mother’s date is?”

“Like you have a very caring, concerned daughter” Ruby said as she took another step back, keeping hold of Charlie’s phone. “Hmm went to voicemail” Ruby said as she threw the phone back at Charlie.

Charlie sighed lightly as she gently rubbed her forehead. “Right well I might go into town. Need to do some grocery shopping”

“Charlie you can’t leave, what if he turns up” Ruby said.

“He’s not going to come now” Charlie said “Do you want a lift to April’s or are you going to walk?”

“I’ll walk” Ruby said “You stay here and wait for Brax to arrive. I’m sure he’ll be here soon with a reasonable explanation”

“You think?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah, unless you’ve had a mix up” Ruby said “You sure he was picking you up here and you weren’t to meet somewhere else?”

“I’m sure” Charlie said as she went back to check the text on her phone once more.

“Well hopefully he’s just been caught up somewhere and will be here soon. You sure it’s okay for me to leave you?” Ruby asked.

“Of course” Charlie smiled weakly at her daughter. “Go on; go have a nice day with April” Ruby smiled lightly at her Mother before she gave her a hug and left the house to go and meet April. Charlie sighed lightly as she looked down to her watch noting the time as 11.50. She sighed once more before got up from the couch and headed into her bedroom, grabbing her bag and purse before walking back through to the kitchen and lifting her car keys from the kitchen table. She exhaled lightly as she looked down towards her stomach. “Looks like it’s just you and me today bub” Charlie said as she lightly rubbed her stomach.

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Thanks Cally, cb2180, Aden_Belle, Sarah, Samantha28, Arielxo, soph1303, zoe, sazcaz89 and CharlieAndBraxLover for the comments. I hope you next this next one. Just a little shorter than usual, but yeah....here it is.

Chapter 24

“Hey, Rubes, come in” Bianca smiled as she gestured for Ruby to enter the house that she shared with her younger sister. “April, Ruby is here” Bianca shouted as she looked up towards the stairs of the house. “So, how are enjoying the holidays?” Bianca asked as she looked back at Ruby.

“Eh yeah, they’ve been good so far” Ruby smiled “Nice to get a break after the exams, but it only means we are getting closer to the real thing”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine Ruby, you’re pretty smart” Bianca smiled.

“I’ve stuffed up on at least my math exam” Ruby sighed “I just couldn’t concentrate on studying”

“While I can understand why you would be having trouble studying, I do still have faith in you Ruby. You know your stuff. You always do great in every class” Bianca said, trying to reassure her. “And even if you did fail they’re only your trials, Rubes”

“Hey, you’re my languages teacher” Ruby said “Have you marked my paper yet?”

“Yes and no I am not telling you you’re results” Bianca said before Ruby had the chance to ask her. “You’ll get them next month like everyone else”

“Please Bianca” Ruby moaned as she clasped her hands together. “Or was that your way of letting me know that I failed my exam but because it was only the trials I shouldn’t worry?”

Bianca shook her head lightly “Ruby” Bianca exhaled “I’m not telling you. I don’t even let April know her result early. You’ll have to wait” Ruby sighed lightly. “So how’s that mother of yours doing?” Bianca questioned as she changed the subject away from Ruby’s exam result. “Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve see her”

“That’s because she spends all her time working or with a certain Braxton” Ruby laughed.

“Oh, so I should invite him to her birthday dinner next week?” Bianca questioned.

“Eh, I think so” Ruby said feeling unsure, knowing Charlie could possibly have just been stood up by Brax. “I mean things seemed to be going well with them but -”

“Seemed?” Bianca questioned as she found Ruby’s choice of tense strange.

“Well, I’m sure it’s nothing, but he was supposed to be meeting Mum at 11 at the house, but he still hadn’t turned up when I left to come here” Ruby explained.

“Oh” Bianca said.

“Yeah, she tried calling him, but it rang to voice mail” Ruby informed Bianca. “But, I mean, he is pretty crazy about her already, so I can’t imagine it’s anything to do with him not wanting to go out with her. I’m sure he just got caught up with something” Ruby said as April came running down the stairs.

“Hey Rubes” April smiled “Sorry about that. Dex wouldn’t get off the phone”

“It’s fine” Ruby smiled at her friend.

“Right, well I am going to go and see if Charlie is in and see what’s happened” Bianca said as she looked at Ruby and then to April. “See you later” Bianca smiled before she left the house.

“So, you still want to go to the beach?” April asked and Ruby nodded.

“Yeah, but I just want to go check something first” Ruby said before she ran up the stairs and into the direction of Bianca’s bedroom.


Charlie opened the front door to find Brax standing at the other side, looking as if he was about to knock on the door. “Brax” Charlie said.

“Hey, sorry I’m late. But eh can we talk?” Brax asked. Charlie nodded feeling slightly apprehensive to hear what Brax wanted to say. Brax stepped into the house and walked over to the couch, with Charlie following taking a seat beside him. “I eh….I know about the baby” Brax said.

“Brax, I am so sorry I didn’t tell you. I really tried too” Charlie said “But I just -”

“It’s okay” Brax said “I know this must have been a huge shock for you. At least it was for me. I mean we’ve only been together a couple of weeks. It must have happened the first time we had sex and I -”

“Oh no Brax” Charlie shook her head lightly as her heart began to race with the thought of having to tell Brax that the baby wasn’t his, like he’d assumed.

“No, please let me finish” Brax said, cutting Charlie off. “I know we haven’t been together long, but Charlie, what I feel for you….I like you, a lot, and I know it’s going to be harder now starting a relationship with a baby on the way, but I know we can make this work and you know, you having my baby, it’s just making me all the more crazy about you” Brax smiled, but the smile quickly fell from his face when he saw the look that was upon Charlie’s. “You do want the baby, don’t you?” Brax asked tentatively.

Charlie nodded lightly as she placed her hand softly onto Brax’s arm. “Brax the thing is…the baby….” Charlie trailed off before taking a deep breath. “It’s Angelo’s”

“Angelo’s?” Brax questioned “Are you…..are you sure?” Brax asked and Charlie nodded lightly as she looked into Brax’s eyes, noticing they had turn all puffy, and red, like Brax wanted to cry.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I really tried but -”

“You’re really sure it’s Angelo’s?” Brax asked as he sniffed back tears that wanted to fall.

“I’m seven weeks pregnant, Brax” Charlie said softly. “The first time we slept together was 2 and half weeks ago” Brax exhaled lightly as he nodded his head.

“Of course it’s Angelo’s” Brax said “God I’m so stupid”

“Brax no” Charlie shook her head as she lightly squeezed Brax’s arm. “You’re not stupid and I can see why you’d come to the conclusion that this was your baby, but it’s -”

“It’s not. I know” Brax said “You know this wasn’t the first time I thought I was going to be a Dad”

“No?” Charlie said and Brax shook his head.

“There was a time when I believed Darcy was mine” Brax said.

“Heath’s daughter?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded. “Tegan, Darcy’s Mum, she was my girlfriend for years. On and Off” Brax sniffed. “Told me the kid was mines, but turns she’d also slept with my brother and he was the father”

“I’m sorry” Charlie said as she lightly rubbed Brax’s back in comfort. “But, at least you still get to be her Uncle. You know, you’re still in her life”

“Yeah” Brax nodded “It’s just not the same though. I want to have kids, I really do, and after the mess with Darcy, thinking you were going to give me a child….I…..I was excited” Brax said “I went into Yabbie Creek and bought this” Brax said as he opened the up the shopping bag which he’d brought to the house with him and pulled out a set of white and yellow baby grows. “It took me so long to choose them” Brax said, laughing lightly at himself. “There were just so many nice things and I couldn’t decide”

“They’re lovely” Charlie smiled as she looked down at the clothes.

“I wanted you to know that I was okay with the pregnancy happening so early and that I wasn’t going anywhere. That I was committed to you and our child” Brax said “But maybe I should have just spoken to you about it first. I should have thought that the baby might have been Angelo’s” Brax said as he once again laughed at himself. “Anyways” Brax said “Can we just put this behind us, pretend I wasn’t a complete fool and head out for lunch or something?” Brax asked as he looked at Charlie who now had a surprised look plastered across her face.

“You still want to date me?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah” Brax nodded “Why do you think I’d change my mind?”

“How about the fact that I’m pregnant with someone else’s child and I didn’t tell you”

“You said you’d tried, and I believe you would have eventually told me” Brax said “I really like you Charlie and if you come with a baby then that’s fine. We can still have a relationship and I’ll be there for you and this little one” Brax said as he put his hand on Charlie’s stomach. Charlie smiled lightly as she looked up at Brax, and the pair stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

“You’re amazing” Charlie smiled before she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Brax’s lips, Brax responded, before it quickly became more passionate. Charlie and Brax stood up from the couch, as they began tearing at each other’s clothes.

“So uhm….we going to skip lunch then?” Brax asked with a cheeky grin on his face.

“We can do lunch later” Charlie smiled as she led Brax towards her bedroom.

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Thanks everyone :D Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 25

“Ruby” April shouted as she ran up the stairs after her “What do you mean check something? Check what?”

“My exam result” Ruby said as she opened the door into Bianca’s bedroom.

“Ruby” April raised her voiced as she pulled on Ruby’s arm, pulling her away from the bedroom. “You can’t”

“I really need to know, April. It’s driving me crazy” Ruby said.

“You’ll find out when we go back to school” April said.

“I can’t wait till then” Ruby said “I don’t want to wait till then just to find out that I’ve failed”

April sighed lightly as she shook her head at Ruby. “Ruby you need to stop being so negative. When have you ever failed an exam before?” April questioned.

“I haven’t really” Ruby said quietly. “But I also haven’t had to do exams while finding my best mate and father figure in bed together, during the break up of my family, helping my pregnant Mum deal with her cheating boyfriend leaving her, during -”

“Okay, okay” April held her hand out, stopping Ruby from continuing. “But that doesn’t give you the right to barge into my sister’s room, looking through her stuff to find your result”

“What like you don’t snoop” Ruby said.

“I don’t” April shook her head “Look Rubes, okay, so you had a pretty hard time around the exams but you need to stop all this ‘poor me’ attitude. You’re Mum’s the one who should be most upset. Stop making everything about you when it doesn’t need to be”

“You know what, forget the beach” Ruby said before she turned around and ran down the stairs.

“Rubes” April shouted as she chased after her friend “Wait, I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” April trailed off as she heard the front door slamming shut. She sighed lightly before she sank down in the couch. She knew there was no point in going after Ruby right now, if anything it would make the situation worse. Sighing once more she reached forward for the magazine on the coffee table and began flicking through the pages, just as the front door opened and Ruby walked back into the house. “Ruby” April said as she stood up from the couch, putting the magazine down.

“I’m not here to stay” Ruby said coldly. “I left my bag here, that’s all” Ruby said as she bent down to pick up her bag, before turning to leave the house again.

“Ruby, please” April said.

“I don’t care what you have to say anymore” Ruby said. “Just leave me alone” Ruby said as she walked out of the house, slamming the door shut once more.


Charlie and Brax were walking into the Diner, just as Angelo was walking out, with a couple of take away coffees in his hand. Charlie sighed lightly as Angelo stopped in front of them. She was in a good mood, and she knew that Angelo talking to them would probably change that. “So, I see you are ignoring my concerns and that you’re still dating him” Angelo said as he gave Charlie a disapproving look, to which Charlie responded with a nod.

“I see you’re still hanging about the Bay” Charlie retorted. “What happened to this big move to the City?”

“It’s in motion” Angelo answered “In fact we are on our way to the City right now to meet with the Estate Agent”

“Well don’t let us stop you eh” Brax smirked.

“No, I won’t” Angelo said.

“Oh and eh congratulations by the way, I hear you’re going to be a father” Brax said “Shame you’re going to be living in the city so you won’t be around for your kid every day, but if things continue to go as great with me and Charlie then I’ll always be around for the little one”

“You will go nowhere near my child” Angelo said “And as for you and Charlie, she’ll soon see you for who you really are and dump you quicker than you can explain yourself”

“Yeah? And who really am I?” Brax questioned.

“A dodgy crim” Angelo said.

“Now hey, no need for name calling” Brax laughed.

As Charlie witnessed the exchange between the two men, she shook her head lightly. She was in two minds about Brax and whether he was ‘dodgy’ as Angelo was so adamant about, but she really liked him, so was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. “Guys, stop” Charlie said “You two are going to have to find a way to get along, as my boyfriend and the father of my child” Charlie said.

“Charlie, you can’t seriously be calling this guy your boyfriend, he -”

“Angelo, you can’t give me anything to show that Brax is dodgy. A few rumours aside, so far he’s shown to be nothing but a hardworking business man. Now if you two can’t get along for yourselves then at least do it for me, if not, then the baby” Charlie said.

Angelo shook his head lightly at Charlie before looking back to Brax. “I don’t know what you are up to, but believe me; I will stop at nothing to find out”

“Did you hear that Sargent?” Brax asked as he looked to Charlie. “I would say that was a threat, wouldn’t you?”

Angelo shook his head lightly once more. “You and your criminal brothers will soon be behind bars, where you belong” Angelo said “Trust that” Angelo said as he took a step closer to Brax.

“Okay, you’ve made your point Angelo” Charlie said “Maybe you should leave now” Angelo exhaled lightly before he walked away from Charlie and Brax.

“What you even saw in him, I’ll never know” Brax said as he and Charlie walked over to a free table. “He’s such a -”

“Brax” Charlie said, cutting him off.

“Well it’s true. And also, you’re so hot and he’s….well, not” Brax said.

“Well I’m glad you don’t find him hot” Charlie laughed “Otherwise we’d probably not be dating”

“No, seriously Charlie, what did you ever see in him?” Brax asked.

“Can we not do this” Charlie sighed “I just wanted to come out for a nice lunch with my boyfriend. I’m already starting to feel nauseous; I don’t need this on top of it”

“Okay, sorry” Brax said “If you feel ill maybe we can have this lunch date another time. Maybe you should go home for a lie down, or we can try a walk along the beach?” Brax suggested “Maybe fresh air will help you” Charlie nodded lightly as she stood up.

“A walk sounds good” Charlie smiled as Brax stood up and followed her out of the Diner and they made their way down to the beach and began walking along it, hoping it would help ease Charlie’s sickness.

“So, I guess it all makes sense now” Brax said “Why you weren’t drinking, the time you felt sick on our date that wasn’t a date that was a date, you were pregnant” Brax said.

“Eh yeah” Charlie nodded “You really sure you’re okay with this?”

Brax exhaled lightly “I really like you Charlie” Brax said “So if you come with a baby, then yeah, I can deal with it” Brax said “Besides you already have a daughter. I can’t be fine with Ruby but then say things will be too hard because you’re having another”

“Rubes is a bit different to a new baby” Charlie said “She’s almost 18, she can pretty much look after herself, but once this baby gets here, I’m not going to have as much time to be dating”

“Charlie, we’ll deal with that when we come to it” Brax said “Right now let’s just enjoy the time we do have before this one arrives” Brax said. Charlie nodded lightly before she stopped walking and looked up to face Brax.

“Brax…” Charlie said tentatively. “This whole thing Angelo has against you. I’ve nothing to worry about, have I? I mean there’s no truth to his accusations” Brax exhaled lightly as he shook his head.

“You’ve nothing to worry about, Charlie” Brax said as he gently rubbed her cheek. She smiled at him before he placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“So, how did you find out I was pregnant anyway?” Charlie asked as she continued walking along the beach.

“Case told me hey” Brax said “Although, I think, he way he said it, he thought you’d told me already”

“I guess I can see why he’d think I’d have told you” Charlie said “I just feel bad you know I wish I told you myself”

“I know” Brax said “But it doesn’t matter. I know now and that’s all that matters”

“Yeah” Charlie smiled “You know when you were late this morning, I thought you’d changed your mind about dating me” Charlie said “I tried calling you but there was no answer, and when you were so late, without calling me, I thought we’d be over before we really had a chance to properly begin”

“I’m really sorry about that” Brax said “I left the house in such a rush after I found out that I forgot to pick up my phone. Or I definitely would have called you, let you know that I’d been standing in a baby shop for a least half an hour, picking out an outfit for what I thought was my baby” Brax laughed.

“Half an hour?” Charlie questioned before she let out a laugh.

“I didn’t know what to choose” Brax argued.

“Well eventually you picked out something nice” Charlie smiled.

“Good” Brax smiled “So anyways, I was meant to invite you and Ruby to a barbeque at Mum’s next week”

“You want me to meet your Mum already?” Charlie questioned.

“My Mum wants to meet you, as my girlfriend, and also the Mother of Casey’s girlfriend” Brax explained.

“Right, well eh yeah, I’m sure we can go” Charlie smiled.

“Great” Brax smiled before he stopped walking and grabbed lightly onto Charlie’s arm, as he saw an upset looking Ruby storming down the beach. He gestured in the direction of Ruby, so Charlie could see her.

“Oh” Charlie said “I should probably go” Charlie pointed to Ruby as she spoke and Brax nodded lightly.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later” Brax smiled before he placed a soft kiss onto Charlie’s lips.

“Mmm, yeah” Charlie smiled “You could come round tonight if you wanted?” Charlie asked and Brax nodded before he left Charlie to see to her daughter.

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Thanks so much everyone :D

Chapter 26

“You know I’m finding you upset way too often for my liking these days” Charlie said she walked over to Ruby and wrapped her arm around her daughter. “What’s happened?”

Ruby exhaled lightly as she wiped a tear from her cheek. “I guess I just don’t like hearing the truth” Ruby said sadly.

“Ruby please don’t tell me this still has something to do with Angelo and Nicole” Charlie questioned.

“Eh sort of. I was trying to find my exam result at Bianca’s and April tried to stop me and things were said” Ruby said, explaining what had happened.

“Ruby what are you doing snooping around trying to find your result?” Charlie asked.

“Because Charlie…..” Ruby sighed “I couldn’t concentrate on my studying because I was so angry at Angelo and Nicole for hurting you so much and I don’t want to disappoint you even more by finding out that I’d failed my exams”

“Rubes” Charlie said softy as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear as it blew lightly in the gentle wind. “I wouldn’t be disappointed. They’re only your trials and I’m sure you did you’re best” Charlie exhaled. “And even if you did find your result, you wouldn’t be able to change it if it was bad, so I don’t quite get why you’re so keen on knowing these results so soon”

“I don’t know” Ruby shrugged her shoulders. “I thought maybe somehow I could try again” Ruby said as she bowed her head down.

“Rubes” Charlie said softly as she brought Ruby’s head back up to face her. “Look, your trials are done, and are in the past. The results, they don’t matter that much”

“But they do” Ruby argued “Part of it matters for my overall grade”

“Okay, but only a small part Rubes” Charlie said “I want you to stop worrying about your results, okay” Charlie said and Ruby nodded lightly. “How about instead of worrying about these results, you get back to studying and preparing for your actual examinations” Ruby nodded lightly as she sniffed back some tears. “Sweetie, I’m really worried about you lately. Is there anything else you need to tell me?”

Ruby shook her head lightly. “I’m fine” Ruby said.

“Rubes you’re not” Charlie shook her head lightly.

“I don’t know” Ruby said as she felt more tears wanting to fall. “I just feel so down, and the littlest things make me upset or angry or…I just feel crap. I can’t sleep, I get headaches -”

“Whoa Rubes, there’s clearly something wrong. Why didn’t you talk to me about this?” Charlie asked.

“Because you’ve been going through enough” Ruby replied. “You don’t need my problems too”

“Hey, I’m your Mother” Charlie said as lightly rubbed Ruby’s arm. “No matter what I am always going to be here for you. You need to talk about things Rubes” Charlie said.

“I know” Ruby sniffed. “So anyways, did Brax ever show up?”

“Yeah he did” Charlie smiled “He’d found out about the baby and -”

“How did he find out?” Ruby questioned.

“Casey told him” Charlie replied.

“I’m sorry, he promised me he wouldn’t” Ruby said, sounding annoyed with Casey that he’d broken his promise to her.

“It’s okay. I mean yeah, I’d rather Brax would have found out from me, but he knows now and we’ve talked about it and he okay with it” Charlie smiled.

“Yeah?” Ruby smiled “That’s great”

“Yeah, but Angelo seems hell bent on making it difficult for us to be together” Charlie sighed “He’s adamant Brax is up to no good”

“Maybe he is just jealous that you have moved on” Ruby said “And Brax is a much better catch than Angelo, if you ask me” Ruby said and Charlie smiled lightly.

“There’s no reason for him to be jealous. He has a girlfriend, doesn’t he” Charlie questioned.

“Maybe he’s finally realised what a huge mistake he made leaving you for a skank like Nicole” Ruby said.

“Ruby” Charlie sighed.

“Well she is a skank” Ruby argued.

“Who was once your best friend” Charlie said.

“Yeah was” Ruby emphasised. “Anyways I don’t want to talk about them anymore” Ruby said “So, where’s Brax now? I thought he had a whole day planned”

“Yeah he did, but I felt nauseous so we came out here for a walk then I saw you upset so I came to talk to you” Charlie said and Ruby smiled lightly.

“So, you ended you’re date early for me?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, we’ll you looked like you could do with some cheering up” Charlie said.

“I could” Ruby smiled “But, I think I need to go and talk to April right now. Kinda had a falling out again”

“Okay, well how about you go and talk to her and we can catch up later” Charlie suggested and Ruby nodded.

“Yeah, how about tonight we get some movies and eat some ice-cream” Ruby said.

“Eh” Charlie said, remembering she had made plans with Brax. “Sure, sounds great” Charlie smiled. Even though she wanted to spend more time Brax, she could see Ruby needed her more right now.

“Charlie” Bianca shouted “There you are. Ruby mentioned Brax not turning up and I was trying to find you to see if you were okay”

“Hey Bianca” Charlie smiled “I’m fine. He eventually turned up”

“Rubes?” Bianca said as she looked confusingly at Ruby. “What happened to hanging out with April?”

“I eh…I just wanted to see Mum about something. I’m going back round there now” Ruby said “See you later Mum” Ruby smiled at Charlie before she walked back towards Bianca and April’s place.

“Right, Buckton” Bianca said as she linked arms with Charlie “You have been way too secretive about this relationship with Brax. I think it’s time me and you went for a coffee and a good old catch up” Bianca smiled as she led Charlie along the beach, in the direction of the Diner.


“Ah it’s just making me so mad” Angelo raised his voice as he hit the steering wheel in anger.

“Angelo” Nicole raised her voice. “Be careful when Georgie is in the car”

“Sorry” Angelo said as he took a firm grip of the steering wheel.

“Why do you care who Charlie dates now anyways?” Nicole questioned “You’re with me now. Charlie shouldn’t matter and who she dates should be none of your business”

“She’s carrying my child so it makes everything she does my business” Angelo said.

“Angelo” Nicole sighed “Give her a break”

“What?” Angelo questioned as he quickly glanced at Nicole before looking back at the road again.

“Well I kinda feel sorry for her” Nicole said shyly. “First you break her heart by having an affair and then you go and accuse her of moving on with a criminal. Why can’t you just let her be happy?”

“Because he’s not a good guy” Angelo shouted “If it was anyone else then fine, I wouldn’t mind as much, but the fact that its Darryl Braxton, Nicole, he’s not right for Charlie and he’s going to hurt her. He’s dodgy”

“You can’t prove that Angelo” Nicole argued. “All you have is a few rumours. Brax has shown to be nothing but a hardworking businessman so far”

“That’s exactly what Charlie said” Angelo sighed.

“Well maybe you should listen to me and Charlie” Nicole said.

“Nah” Angelo shook his head. “I do not want my child around a Braxton. I’m going to prove he is dodgy if it’s the last thing I do” Angelo said.

“What, and have a part in hurting Charlie all over again?” Nicole questioned.

“Ooo look at you caring so much about Charlie all of a sudden” Angelo retorted. “It was a different story a few weeks when you accused her of lying about being pregnant”

“Yeah, and I was wrong there” Nicole said “But I just think we’ve put her though enough already without you trying to break up her new relationship as well” Angelo sighed lightly as he pulled the car up into the side of the road and switched off the engine before turning to face Nicole.

“What did you stop for?” Nicole questioned.

“Let me ask you this” Angelo said as he turned his head to the back seat and pointed to George’s car seat. “Would you want this one around a Braxton?”

Nicole hesitated. “Well…I don’t know” Nicole shook her head “I don’t really know them”

“Exactly” Angelo retorted “You don’t know them Nicole. I’ve worked with the guy for months; his stupid ass brother was always hanging around the restaurant and all the other dodgy looking river boys. Nic, okay, there is something going on and I don’t want Charlie getting my baby mixed up with this. It’s dangerous and I’m afraid something might happen to it, and Charlie. I don’t want them getting hurt”

“Okay, but Angelo, it’s only your suspicions” Nicole said “You have to let Charlie make this decision for herself. She’s a cop. If she suspects anything dodgy is going on then she’ll end it and deal with them” Nicole said “But it’s not your place to tell Charlie who she can and cannot date anymore”

Angelo shook his head lightly “I disagree” Angelo said. “I think I have a say and nothing anyone can say will stop me for getting to the bottom of this and proving to Charlie that Brax is as bad as they come and you know I was hoping that you’d be able to help me with that”

“Absolutely not” Nicole shook her head “You’re on your own if you are going to do this, Angelo. I don’t want a part in anything more that’s going to hurt Charlie”

“You’re so sure I am going to hurt Charlie. Does that mean that you really do think Brax is dodgy?” Angelo questioned.

“No” Nicole shook her head “But by trying to prove to her that her boyfriend is dodgy, you going to end up hurting her no matter what the outcome” Nicole said.

Angelo exhaled lightly. “Or maybe I am trying to protect her and our baby” Angelo argued.

Nicole sighed once more. “Look, can we just leave this and keep driving. Georgie will need fed soon, so we need to get to this house” Nicole said. Angelo exhaled lightly before he started up the car and pulled back out into the road, continuing the drive to the city.

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Thanks everyone. Okay, so I am so sorry about the wait for this update, plus the suckiness of it, but oh well, yeah here it is.

Chapter 27

“C’mon Charlie” Bianca pleaded “Spill”

“I’ve told you everything already” Charlie said as she stirred the spoonful of sugar into her tea. “We’ve had some dates, they’ve all went really well, we’re seeing each other again soon” Charlie said, the huge smile not falling from her face.

“You’re totally smitten aren’t you?” Bianca beamed as she lightly hit Charlie’s arm.

“It’s early days” Charlie replied the smile still on her face. “But yeah, he’s eh…” Charlie stopped talking and cleared her throat. “Anyways, what about you?” Charlie questioned.

“What about me?” Bianca asked.

“Any guys taking your fancy?” Charlie asked and Bianca shook her head.

“Nope not at the moment” Bianca replied “But we aren’t here to talk about my non existing love life, we’re here to talk about your very existing love life” Bianca said and Charlie laughed lightly. “So I take it you’ve told Brax about the baby?” Bianca questioned.

“Yeah” Charlie said “And he was totally fine with it. In fact maybe too fine with it”

“How do you mean?” Bianca questioned.

“Well I don’t know, I just think that he took the news too well. It didn’t seem to bother him at all that I was having my ex’s baby”

“But that’s a good thing he didn’t seem to mind, no?” Bianca questioned.

“I guess” Charlie sighed lightly.

“You guess?”

“Well yeah it’s great that it doesn’t seem to bother him, but I’m just wondering maybe this whole situation is going to sink in with him and then it’s not going to be so good” Charlie sighed “And Angelo isn’t making things easy for us either”

“Why, what’s he doing? Bianca asked.

Charlie exhaled lightly “He thinks Brax is up to no good and is trying to tell me to stop dating him. He said he didn’t want our baby near someone like Brax and he'll stop at nothing to prove to me that Brax is a criminal”

“Okay, so I can kinda see Angelo’s point” Bianca said tentatively. “He’s looking out for his baby. He just wants to make sure his kid will be safe”

“But what’s he got to go on that Brax is dodgy?” Charlie questioned. “Besides from a few rumours - and you know what this town is like with them – what has he actually got to show that Brax and his brothers are up to no good?”

“I don’t know” Bianca shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe you should ask him that”

“I did. And he couldn’t give me anything” Charlie replied.

“Then don’t let Angelo put you off being with Brax” Bianca said “If you like him and trust that he isn’t dodgy then you should be with him. You deserve someone to make you happy after the month you’ve had”

“God, it’s only just been a month since Angelo and I broke up” Charlie exhaled lightly “You don’t think I am moving on to quick do you?”

“It’s quick” Bianca said apprehensively. “Given how much you wanted Angelo to come back to you and how much you say you still love him. But if being with Brax feels right to you, then don’t let Angelo or anyone else stop you”

Charlie smiled lightly at Bianca. “No, I won’t and it does feel right when I with him”

“Then enjoy it” Bianca smiled as she lightly rubbed Charlie’s arm.


“So you going to come tonight and do your share or are you off with Buckton again?” Heath asked as he shot Brax a disapproving look.

“I’m meeting Charlie eh” Brax replied.

“Do you have too?” Heath asked “You spend all your time with her now”

“That’s what people who are in relationships tend to do ay. Spend time together” Brax said as he looked up at his younger brother.

“She’s a pig” Heath raised his voice as he threw his arms out to the side. “We don’t associate with them lot”

“Hey hey hey” Brax said as he held his hand out in front of him “Charlie’s different”

“No Brax, at the end of the day, she’s a cop first. Don’t think if something goes wrong and we get caught that she’s not going to put you away just because she’s sleeping with you”

Brax shook his head lightly “That doesn’t matter because when have we ever been caught”

“We haven’t yet” Heath said quietly.

“Exactly. Chill out bro. Everything is under control” Brax said calmly.

Heath shook his head lightly at Brax. “You know what will happen to you if the guys find out about this”

“Well they’re not going to, are they?” Brax questioned and Heath shook his head. “Anyways you been noticing that some stuff is going missing?”

“What?” Heath questioned feeling slightly panicked.

“The crop” Brax replied “A whole bunch is gone”

“Oh I eh” Heath scratched the side of his head, hoping that Brax hadn’t found out what he’s been doing and was about to teach him a lesson for it “Nah mate don’t know anything about it”

“Keep an eye out eh” Brax said “Especially on your stupid mate Brodie”

“Nah man Brodie is cool he wouldn’t rip you off like that eh”

“If you say so” Brax exhaled, just as his phone beeped indicating that he had a message. He pulled his phone out his pocket and a smile appeared on his face when he saw Charlie’s name on the screen. He clicked on the button, opening the new message. Sorry need to cancel on tonight, Rubes upset, needs cheering up. xx’ He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed that Charlie had cancelled on their date, but he knew that the bond Charlie and Ruby had was strong as didn’t want to stand in the way of that. He exhaled lightly as he began to type his reply. ’No worries, hope Ruby is okay. See ya soon. xx’ “Right, change of plan” Brax sighed “I’ll be there tonight”


“Hey” Ruby called out to Charlie as she walked into their house, but received no reply from her Mother. She walked down the hall and as she walked past the bathroom, it was then when she knew where her Mother was. Charlie’s morning sickness had continued to get worse over the course of her pregnancy, and Ruby really felt for her Mother. “Hey, Mum” Ruby said as she walked into the bathroom and knelt down next to Charlie and held her hair back and gently rubbed her back, just as Charlie threw up once more. Ruby screwed her face up as she looked away, but continued to rub Charlie’s back.

“Can you get me a glass of water?” Charlie asked as she looked around at Ruby.

“Of course” Ruby nodded before she jumped up from the bathroom floor and went through to the kitchen, returning moments later with a glass of water for her Mother. She handed the glass to Charlie, who was now sitting up against the bathroom wall, her knees bent and close to her chest.

“Thanks” Charlie smiled weakly at Ruby before she took a long drink.

“Why do they call it morning sickness?” Ruby questioned “I mean I’d understand if you only got in the morning, but you don’t” Ruby said as she looked down to her watch “Its 7.35pm and you’re still chucking up”

“I don’t know Ruby” Charlie said as she brought her hand up to her chest and exhaled lightly, feeling a wave of nausea pass through her. “God since coming home this afternoon I haven’t stopped”

“Well they say it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy do they not?” Ruby questioned “Morning sickness, I mean”

“Apparently so” Charlie said “Anyways, how did things go with April?” Charlie asked.

“Fine” Ruby smiled “Although I don’t know why she still wants to be friends with me. I’ve not been very nice to her lately” Ruby sighed.

“Yeah, well you’re clearly going through something Rubes” Charlie said softly as leaned forward and moved Ruby’s hair from in front of her face. Ruby bowed her head down and mumbled something, although Charlie couldn’t quite make out what. “Rubes” Charlie said tentatively which caused Ruby to look back up at her Mother. “Do you think maybe you would talk to someone about how you a feeling, see if they can help you?” Charlie questioned and Ruby pulled a face.

“What you mean like a therapist?” Ruby questioned.

“No it doesn’t have to be a therapist” Charlie said “Maybe even someone like Sid for starts and see if he can come up with anything”

“So you think there’s something wrong with me?” Ruby asked.

Charlie exhaled lightly before biting her lip. “Well Rubes, this isn’t normal is it?” Charlie questioned “You said you can’t sleep, that you’re getting headaches, you always feel so down….I just think you should talk to someone”

Ruby sighed lightly before she slowly nodded her head. “Okay, I will” Ruby said “Now can we make a start to this movie night?” Ruby questioned as she held her hands out for Charlie to take so she could pull her up. Charlie nodded as she took hold of Ruby’s hands and was pulled up to standing. “Great, I’ll go pick out the movies if you get the snacks” Ruby smiled before she ran from the bathroom and into her bedroom to get the movies. Charlie walked back through to the kitchen and put the kettle on, before grabbing herself a mug, to make herself some ginger tea, which was something that she had found helped wonders in settling her stomach while she was pregnant with Ruby, and was hoping it would have the same effect this time. As she was waiting for the kettle to boil, she got Ruby’s ice-cream out of the freezer, before getting a bottle of juice out of the fridge, in case Ruby wanted a drink. “So” Ruby said as she walked back into the kitchen. “We have How to Lose a Guy In 10 days, Fools Gold and Failure to Launch”

“Oh it’s a Matthew McConaughey night is it?” Charlie asked and Ruby nodded.

“Mmm he’s gonna be shirtless” Ruby squealed in excitement and Charlie laughed lightly before the kettle boiled and she poured the water into her mug.

“Why don’t you go and get the first movie started?” Charlie said as she stirred the sugar into her tea.

“It’s Matthew McConaughey, you don’t need to tell me twice” Ruby shrieked as she picked up the ice-cream and drink, before walking across to the TV and putting the first DVD into the player, before getting herself comfy on the couch. “Why did you buy this kind of ice-cream?” Ruby asked as Charlie joined her on the couch.

“Because you are a diabetic, Ruby” Charlie said “You need to be careful with what you eat” Ruby sighed lightly as she took the lid off the ice-cream and stuck the spoon in before taking a mouthful.

“Yeah well a treat once in a while in moderation wouldn’t hurt you know” Ruby said.

“Noted” Charlie replied and Ruby sighed lightly before she took another spoonful of the ice-cream. “You know you protest about not liking that stuff but you seem to be enjoying eating it now”

“Well I eh….” Ruby trailed off “Shhh Matthew McConaughey is on” Ruby said as she looked towards the TV. Charlie laughed lightly at Ruby before she wrapped her arm around her and Ruby snuggled herself into Charlie and the pair sat together watching the movie.

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Thank you Cally, pembie, Aden_Belle, Soph1303, Sarah, Sabrina and Zoe for the comments. :D:wub: Hope you like this one.

Chapter 28

Nicole sighed heavily as she looked around at Angelo “You know what, I can’t stand this Angelo. You’re obsessed” Nicole said angrily. Once again Angelo had begun talking about Brax and Charlie’s relationship, and how determined he was to stop it and to prove his suspicions on Brax.

“Obsessed?” Angelo retorted “I’m only looking out for my baby”

“Well then maybe you want to stop putting Charlie under so much and stop stressing her out. That’s not going to be good for the baby, is it?” Nicole questioned.

“What and Brax is?” Angelo spat and he threw the covers from himself and sat up more in the bed, looking down at Nicole.

“You’re unbelievable” Nicole shook her head “You know this is starting to sound more and more like -” Nicole trailed off as she looked away from Angelo.

“Like what?” Angelo questioned.

Nicole exhaled as she looked back up at Angelo “Like your obsession with who Charlie is choosing to date isn’t because of what Brax may or may not be up to but….” Nicole trailed off once more before she looked down, shyly. “But maybe because you still love her and you feel you’ve made a mistake letting her go”

“What?” Angelo shouted as he pulled a face of disbelief. “Nic don’t be ridiculous” Angelo said “I don’t want to be with Charlie. I want you” Angelo said as he reached his hand out and lightly rubbed Nicole’s arm.

“Well it doesn’t feel like it anymore” Nicole spoke as she pulled her arm away from Angelo’s hand. “All you’ve talked about for the past week at least is Charlie’s new relationship and I’m sick of hearing it Angelo. She’s moved on and you’re with me so can’t you just leave it at that and focus on our future instead of Charlie and Darryl flipping Braxton” Nicole shouted in frustration.

Angelo shook his head lightly “I’d thought you of all people would understand me”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Nicole said, intrigued.

“Remember when you first moved in with us and Penn was still alive, and had found out you were pregnant?” Angelo questioned and Nicole nodded. “Well what was it you said to me Nicole?” Nicole shrugged her shoulders as she pulled at a loose thread on the duvet. “You said that you didn’t want a man like Penn around your child and would stop at nothing to make sure that that happened. Lucky for you Will Smith was in the process of sorting that out”

“But Penn was a bad guy. Okay, he messed with people’s heads and he done some really horrible stuff”

“Yeah, and Darryl Braxton is as dodgy as they come and I’m not going to let him have a part in my child’s life. Just like you didn’t want Penn involved in George’s and Charlie didn’t want Grant in Ruby’s”

Nicole sighed as she threw the bed covers from herself and stood up from the bed. “Right, well, you do whatever it is you need to do, but just keep me out of it”

“What? Where are you going?” Angelo asked as he watched Nicole walking across the room.

“Georgie needs a feed” Nicole said just as George began to stir in his cot.

“Let me” Angelo said as he got out of the bed and started to make his way over to the cot, where Nicole was, lifting her son out into her arms. He knew Nicole was mad with him and thought that this would help in getting back into her good books.

“Oh okay” Nicole said “So I can just take my breast off and give it to you so you can feed him shall I?” Nicole said as she said down on the chair next to the cot and began to feed her son.

“Oh, I eh” Angelo scratched the back of his head “I thought maybe you’d brought formula too” Angelo said as he sat back down on the edge of the bed. Nicole and Angelo were staying in a hotel in the city, for they were looking at another few houses the next day.

“No I clearly didn’t” Nicole said as she kept her gaze on her son. Angelo sighed lightly before he threw himself backwards into the bed and rubbed his forehead. He could see his obsession with proving Brax was dodgy was already damaging his relationship with Nicole, but he made a promise to himself that he wasn’t going to give up on this and would eventually show Brax’s true colours, no matter what the consequences. He was determined to prove that he was right.


Ruby walked along the beach as she looked down at the leaflets that were in her hand. Taking a deep breath she turned around and looked out the ocean, letting the warm sea water gently curl around her ankles as it reached the shore. Exhaling lightly she thought about her conversation with Sid that she had just had that morning. She wasn’t sure whether she believed Sid’s prognosis or not, but she had promised Charlie that she would go and see him, and she wanted to honour that. As she looked down at one of the leaflets, she went right to the treatments, but before she had a chance to read through them, she was interrupted by a familiar voice. “Hey, Rubes, you okay?”

Ruby turned around and shook her head lightly as she looked up at him. “I’m fine” Ruby said as she put the leaflets away into her bag, not wanting Casey to see them.

“Then you want to hang out or something?” Casey asked as he took a step closer to Ruby and tried to take her hand.

“No, I’m going to meet my Mum” Ruby said as she pulled her hand back.

“Rubes” Casey sighed “You didn’t answer my text last night; you’re being weird with me now, what have I done?”

“How about telling Brax that my Mum was pregnant?” Ruby shouted “Case, I told you not to tell anyone”

“They’re dating Ruby. I assumed that she’d have told him” Casey argued as he threw him arms out to the side as he spoke.

“Well she hadn’t yet” Ruby retorted “Case you had no right to say anything”

“I’m sorry” Casey said “Rubes, look it’s not that big of a deal, so Brax found out -”

“It is” Ruby argued “Case, I trusted you to not tell anyone and you did. Brax shouldn’t have found out from you, Mum should have been the one to tell him”

“Okay, I know, and I’m really sorry. But it’s not as if I caused things to be over between them, I mean they’re still together right?”

“That’s not the point Case” Ruby shook her head as she began walking away from Casey, and up the beach, towards the diner.

“Rubes wait” Casey shouted as he chased after her but Ruby continued to walk away from him, her speed getting faster as Casey shouted on her once more. Casey sighed lightly as he stopped walking and let Ruby leave. Ruby walked into the diner and scanned her eyes around the room, finally seeing her Mother sitting up at the back, waiting for her.

“Hey sweetie” Charlie smiled as Ruby joined her at the table.

“Hey” Ruby said giving Charlie a soft smile.

“So?” Charlie questioned.

“So?” Ruby repeated.

Charlie exhaled lightly as she sat forward in the chair. “How did it go with Sid?”

“Oh” Ruby said as she opened her bag and fished out the leaflets, before pushing them across the table towards Charlie. Charlie smiled lightly at Ruby before she picked up a leaflet and scanned her eyes across it.

“Stress?” Charlie screwed her face up as she put the leaflet down and looked at Ruby.

“I know” Ruby said “But yeah, apparently that’s all it is”

“Well this can be easily fixed” Charlie smiled lightly at her daughter as she reached forward and took a hold of her hand. “So, did he suggest what’s caused it?”

“Probably this HSC” Ruby replied “Even thinking about it now, it just….ahh” Ruby shook her hands at her side and she spoke.

“Okay, we won’t talk about it” Charlie said “But, it’s good that stress is all it is”

“Yeah” Ruby cleared her throat “There’s these breathing exercises Sid recommended to me, or he said that going out to the Spa or something might be good and relaxing for me, help me take my mind off things, or a mini vacation” Ruby said as she looked at Charlie and smiled suggestively, showing this is what she wanted to do.

“Ahh I see” Charlie nodded “Well, we could head away this weekend if you wanted?” Charlie said.

“We can’t” Ruby shook her head “We have the barbeque at Cheryl’s place”

“I’m sure they won’t mind if we reschedule” Charlie said.

“No” Ruby shook her head “Because then we have your birthday thi -” Ruby stopped mid-sentence as she realised that she shouldn’t be telling Charlie just yet.

“My birthday what?” Charlie asked, intrigued.

“Well don’t ruin it completely” Ruby sighed “But we are doing something on Saturday for your birthday, so this weekend isn’t an option”

“Okay, well then I will take a few days off work and you can take a study break, and we can go away through the week” Charlie suggested.

“Yeah?” Ruby smiled.

“Sure” Charlie replied.

“Where you going to take me?”

“Anywhere you want to go, sweetie” Charlie smiled.

“Okay….uhm…Hawaii?” Ruby beamed and Charlie laughed lightly.

“In Australia. Preferably in this state” Charlie said and Ruby groaned lightly.

“As long as you pick a hotel with a Spa I don’t mind” Ruby said “You can sort it all out”

“Sure, now how about we have some lunch?” Charlie said and Ruby nodded lightly before she looked down at the menu.

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Thanks everyone :D

Chatper 29

Heath and Casey were out at the crop, gathering some to give to Hammer, much to the unawareness of Brax. “This doesn’t feel right” Casey sighed as he stopped what he was doing and looked over to Heath. “How can you do this to Brax?”

“Because he is always playing the big guy” Heath sighed.

“So, he is the oldest” Casey said and Heath laughed. “You do know he is getting suspicious, right?”

“Yeah but he is never going to suspect me, so it’s fine” Heath said as he threw a bag towards Casey. “Now shut up about Brax and bag that stuff up”

Casey sighed lightly as he did as he was told. If he’d learned anything from growing up it was to always listen to his older brothers, no matter how much he thought what they were doing was wrong. They were family, so they would stick together no matter what. As Casey put the marijuana into the bag he heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes. “What was that?” Casey asked as he looked up to Heath, who seemed oblivious to the noise.

“What?” Heath questioned.

“That noise?” Casey replied.

“I didn’t hear anything” Heath said. “Hurry up and pack that will ya. Gosh you’re slow” Heath looked up towards the bushes as the rustling became louder. “Okay, I heard it that time. Get back” Heath gestured for Casey to move away from the crop, and over to the car. He walked forwards towards the bushes, slowly reaching into his pocket, and pulled out a penknife, just in case it was needed. “Who’s there?” Heath shouted. The rustling became even louder as a body appeared and then shot off, running away from them as fast as they could go. Heath began to chase after him, closing in on him, before grabbing him, and both men falling to the ground. As Heath kept a grip on the man, he sat up and was shocked to find it was Brodie who was trying to get away. “Brodie” Heath said, surprised. “What the hell?”

“I eh…I eh…” Brodie stammered as he pulled himself away from Heath.

“Well?” Heath yelled. “What are you doing watching us like that?”

“I’m sorry” Brodie said as he sat up. “But Brax he….he wanted me to see who was taking some of his crop”

“You?” Heath questioned “What’s he paying you?”

“My old man” Brodie said “He eh, he’s in a spot of debt and I need help. He said if I found out who was crossing him over then he’d help out my old man”

Heath shook his head as he exhaled “Right, what’s it going to take to get you on my side?”

“What?” Brodie asked.

“How much?” Heath questioned “Whatever he is going to give you, I’ll give you more to keep quiet”

“I need $30,000” Brodie said.

“Right, well I can’t get you it all at once, but I can get you it” Heath said “Could throw in a few thousand extra for yourself too”

“I don’t know mate” Brodie sighed “Brax will be well pissed if he finds out…”

“He won’t” Heath said “And besides I’m his brother so he is never going to suspect me”

“Nah, I need to tell him” Brodie said “He’s counting on me”

“You can’t” Heath said “You tell him this and it’ll all come out. Brodie mate, c’mon help out a mate here”

Brodie sighed lightly as he rubbed the side of his head. “He’ll probably just want to teach you a lesson. You know, like he did with me when I screwed up”

“He won’t” Heath shook his head. “Look mate, I’m sick of Brax always giving out orders and thinking he knows best all the time. It’s time we taught him a lesson. I’ll give you $35,000. That’s 5 grand extra. C’mon Brodie, you’re my mate, right?”

Brodie exhaled lightly as he rubbed his forehead. “Okay” Brodie nodded “I’ll keep quiet”


“Are you ready?” Ruby asked as she looked at Charlie. They were going to the barbeque at Cheryl’s house.

“I guess” Charlie moaned as she threw her wallet into her purse, before zipping it shut.

“It’s not going to be that bad” Ruby said “Cheryl’s…..she’s…..okay”

“Yeah sure she is” Charlie replied and Ruby laughed lightly at Charlie’s sarcastic tone. “C’mon then” Charlie sighed lightly “let’s get this over with”

“You know this woman could become both of our Mother-in-laws” Ruby said as she followed Charlie out of the house and over to her car.

“Calm down Rubes” Charlie replied. “Brax and I have only been together a few weeks and you and Case are way too young to get married. In fact I think it’s too soon for me to be meeting his Mother”

“You’ve already met her” Ruby laughed as she buckled her seatbelt in.

“Yeah, but that was on official business” Charlie said “Gosh, I’ve arrested my boyfriend’s Mother” Charlie shook her head as she laughed the situation as she began to make the drive to the Braxton home in Mangrove River.

“You’re nervous” Ruby said as she watched her Mother.

“No I’m not” Charlie replied.

“Mmm Hmm” Ruby said, unconvinced. “You are. You’re chewing your lip” Ruby said, noting what Charlie did every time she was nervous.

“Well…it’s Cheryl Braxton” Charlie sighed “She’s….”

“I know” Ruby said “I hate going to Casey’s when she is there too. I feel like she always making judgements on me. I dunno, I don’t think she likes me”

“Probably because you’re my kid” Charlie sighed “You know how the Braxton’s are with cops. Especially Cheryl and Heath”

“Well at least Brax isn’t, and that’s all that matters, right?” Ruby said.

“I guess” Charlie smiled lightly “Anyway, you okay with Casey now?” It had been a few days since Ruby and Casey had had the argument over Casey telling Brax about the baby, and Charlie had wondered if Ruby had calmed down yet.

“No, I’m still mad at him” Ruby said.

“Rubes, you know I am fine with it, he didn’t mean to -”

“It’s not about that, Mum” Ruby exhaled. “I trusted him to keep that to himself and he told someone. I’m angry with him and to be honest I don’t really want to have to see him today”

“Well maybe you could talk to him and sort things out. It was an honest mistake Rubes, and I think he feels bad about it. And to be fair, I probably should have told Brax sooner”

“Ohh fine take Casey’s side” Ruby retorted.

“Ruby I’m not on anyone’s side” Charlie sighed “Just sort it out, okay”

“We’ll see” Ruby sighed as she rested her head against the car window, and remained silent for the rest of the journey to the Braxton home. As they parked the car and got out, Charlie was greeted by Brax, and Ruby by a sheepish looking Casey.

“Hey” Casey said as he went to give Ruby a hug, but Ruby pulled back and continue to walk up to the house.

“Don’t worry too much about it, hey Case” Charlie said “She’ll soon see it’s not that big a deal and be all affectionate with you again in no time”

“You think?” Casey questioned.

“I’m sure of it” Charlie smiled, as she and Brax walked up to the house together, followed by Casey. As they all sat down at the table, Charlie took a deep breath, and hoped that her morning sickness wasn’t about to kick in, as she would love to be able to have one meal without running straight to the bathroom halfway through.

“So, Charlie, Ruby” Cheryl smiled at the two women, although it appeared to be very forced. “Can I get you two a drink?”

“Eh, just water is fine for me” Charlie said.

“Well it’ll have to be tap water” Cheryl scoffed “We don’t buy bottled stuff when you can get it for free”

“That’s fine” Charlie said, this time it was her turn to force a smile.

“And Ruby?” Cheryl said as she glanced down at her.

“Just an orange or something will do” Ruby smiled lightly at Cheryl.

“Casey” Cheryl shouted “You heard what they want, go get it” Casey exhaled lightly before he got up from the table and returned moments later with the drinks for them.

“Where’s my beer?” Cheryl asked.

“You didn’t ask for one” Casey replied “I mean I’ll just get it” Casey said as he saw a look of anger building on Cheryl face.

“So” Brax asked “How you feeling today?”

“Good yeah” Charlie smiled.

“So no sickness so day?” Brax smiled.

“Eh…no” Charlie shook her head lightly.

“Sickness?” Cheryl questioned “Why would she be…..oh Darryl tell me she’s not….” Cheryl shook her head as she trailed off.

“So what if she is” Ruby said “It’s not really any of your say”

“It is when it’s my son she is dating” Cheryl spat “You’ve only been together 3 weeks and you’ve got her pregnant”

“What” Heath shouted “Brax mate how can…”

“Brax isn’t the father” Charlie replied as she looked down, feeling slightly ashamed.

“What, it’s that douchebags?” Heath laughed.

“If you mean Angelo, then yes” Charlie said.

“Darryl” Cheryl sighed “I want you to end this now. She’s having someone else’s baby. She already has a teenage daughter” Cheryl spat. “She must have been what, 14, 15 when she had her? I don’t want you associating with someone like her”

“I don’t care about that” Brax argued. “I like her, a lot. And whether she had 1 kid, 2 kids or 5 kids, it wouldn’t make a difference”

“Aww Darryl, c’mon” Cheryl said, as Casey returned to the table with her beer. “Look at her. She’s not good enough for you. She’s got 2 kids to two different men, she’s…”

“So, what does it matter?” Brax argued “So her relationship with Ruby father didn’t work out. They were young, it’s not surprising. And Angelo was the one who walked out on her, it’s not her fault”

“Do you think that matters?” Cheryl shouted “She just a stupid slut who…”

“She was raped” Casey shouted and Heath, Brax and Cheryl sat open mouthed in shock at what Casey had just said.

“Casey what the hell” Ruby yelled. Charlie looked at Ruby before she looked at Casey, then eventually around to Brax and saw the look of sorrow on his face.

“Ch—Ch—Charlie” Brax stammered. “I eh….”

“Don’t” Charlie shook her head as she stood up from the table and ran.

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Thanks everyone for the lovely comments :) Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 30

Charlie ran away from the house, unsure as to where she was actually running, but she knew she needed to get away from there, away from everyone and what they wanted to say. “Charlie, wait” Charlie heard Brax shouting behind her, but she didn’t stop, she continued to run. “Charlie, please, stop” Brax shouted once again, and this time, Charlie stopped. Not so much because she wanted too, but more so because she was getting out of breath, and need to stop to catch it. “Charlie” Brax said as he stopped next to her and gently put his hand on her arm. Charlie bowed her head down as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Is it true?” Brax asked and Charlie nodded lightly before she looked away from Brax, feeling ashamed. “Oh Charlie” Brax took a step closer to Charlie, pulling her into a hug, but she resisted and pulled back.

“We’ve only been together a few weeks, it’s not something that I want to talk about that much so I -”

“Hey, you don’t have to explain yourself” Brax said softly as he put his hand on Charlie’s chin and turned her head so she was facing him again. “This is something really big. I wouldn’t have expected you to open up about that so soon”

“I may as well tell you now” Charlie sniffed back a tear. “You pretty much know anyway”

“Charlie, you don’t have too” Brax shook his head lightly. “I know what happened and that’s all I need to know”

“No” Charlie shook her head lightly “I want to tell you it all. I just….I don’t want to do it here” Charlie said as she looked around at where they were standing. They were a few minutes from the house, standing on a small grassy patch.

“Okay, well do you want to come back into the house?” Brax questioned and Charlie shook her head. “Not actually surprised there” Brax laughed lightly “How about we go back to your place?” Brax questioned and once again Charlie shook her head.

“I dunno” Charlie sighed “Maybe we can just keep walking?”

“Sure” Brax smiled lightly as he took hold of Charlie’s hand and the pair continued to walk down the road. Charlie took a deep breath as she prepared to tell him.

“So, when I was 14 I started dating this guy, Grant” Charlie grimaced as she said his name. It was the first time, in a long time that she had said it, and it was bringing back all the painful memories. “He seemed so nice, but I soon realised, well, he wasn’t” Charlie exhaled lightly as she looked down. “So anyways, after about 4 months of dating, there was this party. My parents said I couldn’t go, but I sneaked out and went anyways, but I wish I didn’t” Charlie shook her head. “Well, no, because then Ruby wouldn’t be here, but you know what I mean, right?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded lightly. “Anyways, it was at this party where he….I said no and begged him to stop but, he didn’t and he….” Charlie stopped talking as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“It’s okay. I think I know what comes next, you don’t need to say it” Brax said as he squeezed Charlie’s hand in comfort. Charlie smiled lightly at Brax before she continued.

“I waited for four months before I told my Mum and Dad. I was just so ashamed and I…” Charlie stopped talking and she once again looked down. “My Dad he….when he found out, he didn’t want to do anything about it” Charlie tears became heavier as she had to relive the moments again, similar to two years before hand when Ruby had found out. “Anyways, I eh, it was too hard for me, after Ruby was born, I couldn’t bond. I just hated myself so much and was so ashamed of what happened to me. I ran away. I eh…I stayed with my Aunt for a whole year and when I got home, Ruby, she didn’t know me. She cried when I went near her, it was impossible to form any sort of bond with her. So we decided to just leave things how they were” Charlie said “It was hard at first, but it did get easier, and over time it just came out that Ruby was my sister and not my baby girl” Charlie said as she choked back yet more tears.

“Charlie, I’m so sorry” Brax said.

Charlie gave Brax a thankful smile before she stopped walking and leaned against the fence that over looked the beach. “When Ruby turned 16, she found out the truth and that’s when it all started up again. She contracted him, Grant I mean, and well things got bad. In the end my Dad he eh…..we’ll he killed him”

“Whoa” Brax said “That’s eh…..” Brax trailed off, unsure of what to say.

“I know it’s a lot to take in” Charlie said “And I understand if you need some space to take all this in”

“Charlie” Brax exhaled lightly “I don’t need space. I just wish that bast….I wish he was still alive so I could…..I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be pretty”

“Maybe it’s a good think he’s dead then” Charlie said and Brax smiled as he tucked Charlie’s hair behind her ear as the smile grew larger on his face. “What?” Charlie asked.

“You’re just….your beautiful” Brax said and Charlie blushed lightly. “Sorry, it’s probably not the best time to be telling you this. What you told me was pretty heavy stuff”

“No, it’s fine” Charlie smiled lightly as she took a step closer to Brax. He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back in comfort. Charlie smiled as she held onto Brax. She felt safe in his arms and wanted to stay, wrapped up in this moment for as long as possible.


Ruby was walking away from the house, towards the car, where she would wait for her mother to return, when Casey ran after her. “Rubes please wait” Casey said.

“Why?” Ruby retorted “You want to know more of my secrets so you can go telling everyone?”

“Ruby I’m sorry” Casey said “I was just trying to stick up for her. Mum had no right saying those things, I was trying to help”

“No, Case” Ruby shouted “You weren’t. I told you not to tell anyone. I trusted you and once again, you let me down”

“Rubes looked I’m sorry but that was a huge secret, you can’t expect me to find that out and then act all fine with it”

“You were the one who pushed me into telling you, so do not blame me for this” Ruby yelled.

“Look, I am sorry” Casey said “Let’s just put this in the past and move on. We can -”

“No” Ruby shook her head “We’re so over” Ruby held back the tears as she spoke.

“Ruby, no” Casey shook his head. “Look, I am sorry for what I did, but surely we can just talk about it and I dunno, sort things”

“No” Ruby shook her head. “I trusted you and you told the two secrets I told you not to tell anyone. I’m sorry but we’re done”

“Ruby please, there must be something I can do?”

“Just go” Ruby said “Leave me alone” As she did her best to fight back the tears that wanted to fall.

“Hey, Rubes, everything alright?” Charlie asked as she walked back over to her car, with Brax walking closely beside her.

“Yeah” Ruby nodded “But can eh, we leave, please” Charlie looked to Brax who nodded lightly.

“Yeah go on” Brax smiled “I’ll maybe come around later tonight?”

“Yeah that would be nice” Charlie smiled before she placed a soft kiss on Brax’s lips.

“Rubes, please” Casey said as she made her way into the car, but Ruby choose to ignore him.

“Mum, c’mon” Ruby said, her voice showing aggression. Charlie kissed Brax once more before she got into the car and made the drive back home. Casey stood and watched as the car drove away, trying his best to not let Brax see that he was crying, but Brax noticed.

“You know they say it takes a real man to be able to cry” Brax said as he took a step forward and placed his hand on Casey shoulder in comfort.

“She eh….she broke up with me” Casey said sadly as he looked up at his oldest brother.

“Do you really blame her?” Brax asked “She probably trusted you with that eh Case”

“I know but I….” Casey trailed off as he looked down.

“Look mate, just give her some space ay” Brax said “Let her calm down”

Casey shook his head “I’ve lost her for good. She won’t forgive me”

“You don’t know what eh” Brax said “Charlie and Ruby -”

“I do” Casey cried “I told you Charlie was pregnant, then I told everyone that she was raped. I was just trying to stick up for Charlie. Mum had no right saying what she did and I….”

“I know Case” Brax interrupted. “But you just got to give her space and time right now. She’ll come round, she’s crazy about you”

“You think so?” Casey questioned and Brax sighed lightly.

“I know so” Brax smiled “Now, enough of this. Let’s go fire up this barbie” Casey wiped the tears from his face hoping that his brother was right and that all Ruby needed was space and time to cool off. He loved Ruby more than anything and would be devastated if they were over for good, because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“Sure” Casey nodded as he followed Brax back up to the house.

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