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'Strictly Come Dancing'

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The reported lineup for this year's Strictly Come Dancing has been leaked to a newspaper.

Singer Lulu, Harry Judd from McFly and ex-Neighbours stars Jason Donovan and Holly Valance have all agreed to take part in the show, The Sun reports.

Other celebrities who have signed up for Strictly Come Dancing, which launches next Saturday, include Daybreak's sports presenter Dan Lobb, Waterloo Road actress Chelsee Healey and impressionist Rory Bremner.

Ex-EastEnders star Anita Dobson and Sven-Goran Eriksson's ex Nancy Dell'Olio have also joined the BBC One competition, as has astrologer Russell Grant after recovering from his back injury in time.

One Show presenter Alex Jones and former MP Edwina Currie complete the present lineup, with bosses still looking for two male stars to make the number of celebrities up to 14. Former boxer Audley Harrison is said to be one of the males in the running.

Judd won a Strictly Come Dancing Children In Need special last year with one of the show's professional dancers Ola Jordan. Producers are apparently considering pairing the couple again.

Speaking of the lineup, a source said: "Lulu is lots of fun and will bring in viewers who remember her from the Sixties - but also younger fans who know her from her duet with Take That on 'Relight My Fire'. Harry will tick the heartthrob box."

^ scource - Digital Spy

If that is indeed the correct line i will definetly be watching it - Dan Lobb from Daybreak (he's worth getting up for in the mornings) ! :lol::wub:

The BBC will officially confirm the Strictly Come Dancing lineup on The One Show on Tuesday.

Dolly Parton will perform on the series premiere of Strictly Come Dancing, which will not clash with The X Factor this year.

Good news is that it wont clash with the X Factor this year! :D

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Excited isn't even the word for it. EEEKKKKKKK. One week!

It seems that a lot of people so far aren't impressed with the names circulating, but I actually think it's a decent mix. Granted, I'm not hugely familiar with a lot of them, but it's a varied age range and I think it could very well be a varied mix of personalities.

I'm gutted the Gino D'Acampo rumours fell off the cycle, because I think he would have been brilliant on it. However, if the Harry rumours are true, he may well fill that. Likewise, I know he's denied it, but I also really hope the Robbie Savage rumours turn out to be true. He could fill one of the spaces. APPARENTLY, he was seen filming the trailer for it, but I don't know how true that is. IF he does do it, I'm rather excited.

Robbie, Holly, Harry and Jason are, IMO, fabulous rumours. I hope all 4 are true. Not hugely impressed with the Lulu, Nancy or Edwina rumours, but oh well.

I doubt they'd pair Harry with Ola again though. Even before they've danced, I can see Harry going far, given his fanbase (McFly may not be HUGE, but they do have a fanbase. I really don't think the BBC want any pro to win it twice, given they've avoided it so far. (Though I'd love to see either Brendan or Artem win again) He could partner Flavia though? She hasn't had a decent run since Series 5 (Though she did go out before their time last year) and she's a popular pro.

Dan Lobb is a decent rumour. I don't watch Daybreak, but I do know him from Sky Sports News. Alex Jones is more than likely a cert (she's been rumoured consistently since the beginning), I'll be more shocked if that isn't true, tbh.

Argh, I could probably go on about it all day. So excited :wub: Can't wait for the official line up!!!!

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Indeed, that looks like it could be the line up. These photos of the celebs at the BBC studios have been "leaked" too:


...It can't just be coincidence that they all just happen to be at the BBC at the same time :)

If that is indeed the line up, I'm quite happy. There are a few I'm not hugely excited at the prospect of watching (Russell and Nancy *cough*) but the rest I'm quite looking forward too.

The line up will be officially announced on The One Show tomorrow. :D SO excited!!! :D

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Kate Garraway, gave it away about Dan doing it on Daybreak. As she was talking about the new series, & there was Dan looking rather sheepish :lol:

I pefer X Factor to be honest, not a massive fan of SCD - but seeing as Dan Lobb is doing it, I'll be watching for sure :wub:

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I'm just the opposite. I can't stand X Factor. For me Autumn/Winter Saturday nights = Strictly Come Dancing. LOL.

After seeing a clip of Dan learning the Samba with Camilla Dallerup, I'm not hugely excited about that, and of course he has the GMTV link that is usually a curse. However, he could very well prove me wrong, so fingers crossed.

It's quite worrying how much I'm looking forward to the celeb reveal tomorrow, and the possibility of knowing the celeb/pro pairings by the end of the week. :D

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