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I don't want Justin to be a reccuring character. It makes sense for Aden and Justin to leave together. I don't want Aden to come back because that means we'll have to watch him either date Nicole or some other girl. I don't want to have to watch that :( But in saying that I do love Aden and I do love Justin, they are both well written characters!!

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To RR1 post.

I think if Justin had arrived and Belle had still been alive I don't think Aden's brother would "pressure" Aden to pack up and leave his wife. After all marriage is a step forward and it a commitment. That's a achievement in life. Nicole's relationship with Aden isn't as serious as Belle's relationship with Aden. Nicole in Justins eyes is just a short term relationship which is why Justin feels there is no time like the present to begin something new. I believe, I have to believe that a few months down the track (after Belle and Aden got married) Aden would purse something like going to uni or finding a stable job which pays a lot.

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I think justin is pushing the army issue a bit but only because he sees Aden's life as direction-less which to someone accustomed to a regimented lifestyle would seem a waste. In a way he is right Aden has become very apathetic since Belle's death. He could have reapplied for uni for the next term but didnt. he isnt really interested in his job and as for his relationship with Nicole that is definitely a non-runner. they were much more suited to the brother sister or " friends with benefits" (quoting Nicole) roles of the past. I think Aden will most likely see the benefits of the army and realise that the military does not breed pedophiles and that his grandfather was a sick individual and was not created that way by the army. the full circle being that he will see the army life positively and join up.Not sure how Justin will convince him of that in a short time. Maybe he may take a day out to go visit Roman whom he respects regardless of his background.

I am loving the Justin/aden roles and it is interesting to see the interactions and the differences in acting. the guy playing Justin (excuse my ignorance but I have never seen any of his previous work) is a superb actor for the role - his facial expressions alone in the emotional scenes mean that the long drawn out conversations are unnecessary (we need little reminding of how aden feels)

basically we have two superb actors together to enjoy but I hope Justin only gets a limited extension in summer bay post Aden's departure I worry that the character would be ruined if this were to happen. (Aden has had so much of the abuse storyline i dont think the audience can take much more of it without loosing empathy or the S/L loosing its believability)

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Trying very hard not to turn this into a Belle vs Nicole debate:If Justin had turned up and found Aden married to Belle, he might have seen that as him building a future for himself.On the other hand, if he'd turned up at the start of the year and found Belle working at the paper and Aden lugging prawns about for a living, he'd probably have come to the same conclusion:That Aden wasn't thinking about his future and had stayed in town for the sake of a girl who seemed wrapped up in her own career and problems.Even if they were married, the problem would exist, his career options would be limited because he had to take her into account.(Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's what you do in a relationship, it's just Justin and some of the posters on here seem to think there is.)Whether Aden would have applied for uni this year if Belle was alive gets filed under "we'll never know"(although personally I doubt it).Whether Aden and Nicole could be a long-term couple(

leaving aside the fact we know Aden leaves

)is a question for another thread and I've bored enough people over there.

It just feels as though Justin doesn't care what Aden wants.It's as if he jumped in his car one day and decided to track down the brother he hadn't seen in about a decade and convince him to follow in his footsteps.He just thinks because the army worked for him it'll work for Aden.He hasn't asked him what he wants to do, whether he's interested in psychology or sport or seamanship.There's been talk of using the army to study but while it might help financially he could just cut out the middle man.I'm not convinced that sort of regimented lifestyle would suit Aden, he tends to chafe against too much discipline and, personally if not professionally, he seems to be learning everything he needs to in the real world.

As for Justin staying...it's hard to discuss it without mentioning spoilers which is probably where the discussion belongs.It's hard to imagine him staying in Summer Bay

without Aden

and after his whole "The army's great, join the army" attitude.And there do seem to be an awful lot of people the writers are considering keeping on and don't.Of course, all those arguments applied to Liam and they brought him back.Maybe Justin could study law at the local college.

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It just feels as though Justin doesn't care what Aden wants.It's as if he jumped in his car one day and decided to track down the brother he hadn't seen in about a decade and convince him to follow in his footsteps.He just thinks because the army worked for him it'll work for Aden.

I have to disagree. I think that Justin had good intentions when he originally returned. To try and make up for lost time with Aden. Obviously what has happened with Larry completely screws everything up, but I think he is trying to be the older brother. But after tonights episode it definitely seems like Aden has the more level head in stressful situaitons. It was interesting to see how Justin reacted on seeing the body. You'd think that being in the army would prepare him for stuff like that. I guess it is different though, when it's someone close to you and you are probably responsible. Aden stepped in and took over, giving directions, being very methodical.

I wish there was a thread for Justin/Aden, because really, I adore their interaction as brothers. Tonight was very much about being a united front. There were lots of "we's" from Aden. "We're going to be fine." "We'll think of something." It's great to see that after all this time, everything they've both been through, that there is still that underlying bond that they can't escape. And it's all down being able to protect one another. For Justin, being the older brother it's something that should come naturally, but I don't think it does, so he's looking to Aden's future and offering him guidance. Aden is very headstrong, so I think he'll make up his own mind in the long run. Alternatively, Aden is about protecting them from going to jail, which is where he thinks they will be headed, and he's prepared to do anything to stop that. Like I said in the Australian Discussion thread, this is the only family Aden has got left. So he is going to all length possible to keep it together.

I think I'm slightly biased when it comes to these two, and I see their interactions, everything they do, a certain way which may be different from someone who views it a little more objectively. I don't even know. I just want them to be brothers, and be protective of each other forever. The end.

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I really feel that Justin sees Nicole as a short term prospect and a "high school girl" - when him and Aden tonight got back from the cop shop and were arguing, only for Nicole to burst in with pizza................the look on Justin's face said it all. Here they were, arguing about something so profoundly important and Nicole's timing couldn't have been worse. It would be quite easy for someone like Justin, who hasn't had much to do with Nicole, to see her as some sort of ditsy bimbo - he doesn't realise the history her and Aden have been through.

I very much got the feeling Justin is making up for lost time and feels horrible for leaving Aden in the care of their father......we can pretty well guess his reaction when he found out that Larry also let Aden be abused...........

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how Justin reacted on seeing the body. You'd think that being in the army would prepare him for stuff like that. I guess it is different though, when it's someone close to you and you are probably responsible.

Yep I agree, I was surprised by that too, although if you are in the army it doesn't mean you're on the front line fighting right? There are many aspects of the army, right? :S

I'm glad Aden stepped up and was the bigger man in a sense during that scene. But I understand where Justin was coming from. Plus, Aden knows pretty much everyone in the bay and has gained their trust so it's easy to fool people like Nicole, Rachel, Charlie and Angelo. But eventually, they will see right through him.

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I am so glad that Justin has arrived in the Bay. Aden was really losing potential as a character and I was beginning to find him very dull and lifeless. Justin has injected more interest as we are able to see more depth from Aden as opposed to the boring scenes with Nicole being moany and creating unnecessary drama in their relationship. Justin has brought back the old Aden that we saw with Belle in my opinion as he has a purpose to be on screen.

I'd love it if Justin stayed on. It's quite rare that a new character comes onto the show that I like instantly.

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I'm not sure about Justin having a positive effect on Aden, it feels like his return has brought out the worst in Aden, after he'd spent the previous few months being caring and supportive towards Nicole.But I am quite liking Justin as an individual.He seems to share Aden's intense single-mindedness but he seems to have more of a sense of responsibility and, ironically seeing that he seems to be cracking up a bit at the moment, he seems more well-balanced.

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As Justin Jefferies seems as if he's about to leave, I've decided I really like him :lol: I've read that people have been asking for him to stay on in the series, but I can't see it happening

without Aden there

. Maybe, as someone has said, if Justin lived there,

it would allow Aden to visit occasionally

. If I saw less of Aden, I would like him better!

Maybe Justin could fill the void left by Roman, they are similar: army background, practical skills etc.

Think I got a bit carried away with the spoilers there!

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