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What do you think about Charlie ?  

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I picked she annoys me slightly but I can put up with her for this one.

Her coldness kinda bugs (I understand the reasons behind it) but I don't mind her. I like that she's been able to bring down the walls around Angelo because it shows me that there is something else behind them.

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I've never been much of a fan...but she got worse and worse as the 2009 season progressed...so I Voted for 'Hate her, shes so annoying'.

Her default sour face and whiny chipmunk voice really annoy me now, ugh. And the actress can't really act either.

All her story-lines have been way too over sensationalised - Even for H&A. I didn't like how she transformed from a stern by the rules cop into the usual rules bending Summer Bay copper (who also has a thing for tasering AND kidnapping people to get confessions out them) in no time either.

The show would be much better off if they could get rid of her (having her marrying Angelo and them both transferring to 'The City' would be ideal) and give her screen time to the older characters who can actually act.

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