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What do you think about Charlie ?  

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I've never been much of a fan...but she got worse and worse as the 2009 season progressed...so I Voted for 'Hate her, shes so annoying'.

Her default sour face and whiny chipmunk voice really annoy me now, ugh. And the actress can't really act either.

All her story-lines have been way too over sensationalised - Even for H&A. I didn't like how she transformed from a stern by the rules cop into the usual rules bending Summer Bay copper (who also has a thing for tasering AND kidnapping people to get confessions out them) in no time either.

The show would be much better off if they could get rid of her (having her marrying Angelo and them both transferring to 'The City' would be ideal) and give her screen time to the older characters who can actually act.

agree with Devon's post.

she is beyond horrible. Martha has never been close to how bad she really is. Every storyline she has had has become worse and worse, far too sensationalized. Worst character, ever(besides Angelo).

Yeah I have to say I agree sadly.

This time last year I loved her dearly but now I cant wait to see the back of her and her below average acting.

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I had no idea what the general consensus is regarding Charlie but the poll would seem to indicate she is the sort of person who generates strong feelings in people. For the most part either you love her or you hate her. I have gone from not being able to stand her when she first rocked up (and her attitude towards Morag) to liking her (when she was with Roman) then loving her but now I just simply like her again. I used to really look forward to any episode with her in but I can’t really say I get that excited anymore. Felt very sympathetic towards her regarding the whole business with Grant and her selfish daughter but have to agree with earlier comments. She seemed to get an awful lot of storylines and they have veered from one extreme to another. i.e. the whole temporary lesbian stuff to being a rape victim who sister turned out to be her daughter. And yes this is very similar to the position Martha was in a couple of years ago. She’s supposed to be a senior constable and she basically got away with committing two very serious crimes and now she carries on with her duties like nothing happened. It makes a mockery of the whole justice system. Well in Summer Bay terms anyway…

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I quite like her - Esther's come on leaps and bounds since she first started. She is a character I look forward to seeing onscreen, though I wouldn't go so far as to say she's my favourite. Given the year she's just had, I'm very interested to see where they'll take her next year!

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I think i'd like her a whole lot more if Esther could act better. I can't get involved with most of her storylines because i don't find her at all convincing.

True. Considering her looks...If she could act (or had gotten into the industry earlier, even) - It's possible that she would be working in the States and quite a big star there.

Still, she might decide to have a crack over there - once her contract expires...

38% voted that she's the 'best character ever' - Yeah right, or maybe - if you've only been watching the show for only a year.

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