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  1. Yeah, its www.estheranderson.net That's not Esther's official website, it's just a fansite! But it's authorized by Esther and her management. She also has input into the site.
  2. Hey how are you doing?? :)

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes. So kind of you xxx

  4. Ross gave Angelo his blessing to be with Charlie, that was so sweet. Everyone sees that they should be together, I hope they get the chance although that ending has my head spinning a little. Why was Irene crying? Maybe it is happy tears which I hope so? And why suddenly wheeling Charlie away without warning to the family? Hmm.. Cliffhanger I do think!!! Haha More please, more soon. Loving it xx
  5. So glad to hear Ava and her daddy had a nice night together. Ava sure sounded excited telling Charlie. It's cute. And little Ben, his so lovely. Typical 4 yr old not wanting his bath but looking after his mummy Oh, wow that Shelley. She better gets what coming to her. I still really want to slap her silly! Had to laugh that it was Colleen who found out the news, her and her gossip, she's the queen. She just cracks me up. Love Colleen. Looking forward to reading more. It's great! x
  6. Aww I just love that ending.. "Charlie replied as she took Angelo's hand with her left. "I want you with me until the end". Gives me little butterflies. There is such hope for these two and I hope that little vision Charlie has going on in her head will happen cos they are such a gorgeous couple. I can't wait to see where you lead them because already you have me hooked. Just love your writing, makes me smile alot
  7. Oh how I do love Colleen. Doesn't she just make you wanna hug her? I just love the way you write her. I sure hope she can keep this secret but golly gosh, she finds something out and off she goes running. Has me in stitches. Love it. Ahh Shelley, can we just get rid of her. I mean sure what's a story without drama but she just makes me wanna grit my teeth And Morag, she's just all up in the bad moods. What's going on with her in that city? I hope she doesn't hand out too many more lectures although Angelo is right, she's just wanting the best for Charlie and stuff but still someone give t
  8. Leave us in suspense like that. No fair, Cally ;) Another great chapter. So glad they have the guys who did this, it's one less thing Charlie has to worry about now and it also seems her rehab session went good today so hopefully Tish has some good news to tell everyone. Finally, finally, Roman sorts some of that whirlpool of mess in his head. I mean it's only taken him what, ah who cares, but finally he admits some of his feelings.. Good boy! Looking forward to more. Loving it xx
  9. Ah. The moment that woman walked in the door I knew she was going to announce that. She is trouble and a pain that just won't go away. Why does she have to come along and ruin some of their happiness once again. Silly, silly woman. If Charlie don't slap her, can I slap her! Please? Poor kids coming in and being sent straight upstairs, hope they don't hear anything because that would be awful but honestly I hope Charlie gives both the adults what for because they deserve it.. Oh she makes me angry! Also, cute moment between Ruby and Charlie, I loved that Great chapter. Looking forward to re
  10. I'm so far behind and I'm not happy. My emails are depriving me of great reading Loved the last update. Together they are working it out. They want the same thing and oh it just made me so excited to read cos they are moving forward together and while they are taking small steps, it's just so exciting. The kids reactions were cute, I love how you write them. They are adorable. Wonder what Ruby is going to think of the progress they made over the weekend? Can't wait to read more, Danni. Loving it!
  11. Justice for Charlie. She deserves it after everything she's been through. Poor girl. The whole idea of moving in with Ross and Morag seemed like a good idea but having Ruby go through her thoughts and then Leah's idea, I think it's a great idea for them to stay. Wonder what will happen when Leah finds out the little truth about the girls? Interesting. Totally loved Angelo sitting and waiting, his thoughts and the time. Too funny. Then later him walking down the corridor, well the "Get Well Soon" sign walking down the corridor. That one had me in stitches. I could just picture it all happen
  12. Loved reading Angelo's memories and what was going on in his mind. His so sweet. I really hope Charlie has some feelings for him, I suspect she might but it still will be interesting to see where you take this and how these feelings will play out especially since his going back to the hospital. Great update, even if my silly email notifications failed me once again *sigh* Can't wait to read more soon x
  13. Great conversations. Writing thoughts and memories are hard enough but conversations are challenging yet you manage to write them all so well and they all flow. Something tells me Roman is a little stubborn. What's going on in that head of his, geez! Little VJ just warms my heart. His adorable and the way he asked about his aunty Charlie. Cute. His gift was so precious. Making that for Charlie. It really was touching. Ruby hugging Angelo because she has days when she needs one. That made me laugh but it was so sweet. I like their little bond that seems to be growing more and more. Angelo l
  14. Love it but I have to say the preview makes me even more excited, is that possible? Morag is just full of surprises.. tears, food and now wanting to move on. It's sweet. VJ is adorable. I'm curious to see what his present is. I love his comment that Charlie remembered of the "star fish". Such an innocent child response. It really was another great chapter. Can't wait for more! x
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