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Childs' Play

Guest Niara

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Story Title: Childs' Play

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Drew

Other Characters: Amanda, Lou, Jazz, Larry, Kate (Aden's mother), Cassie and more

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: Nope

Is this story being proof read: No

Warnings: Abuse, death. Will let you know if any others come up.

Summary: Belle Taylor is a six year old girl who is from the wealthiest family in summer bay. Her best friend is Aden Jefferies, who is from a very poor family. The two of them vow to be best friends forever and one day want to marry and have a family. Aden is forced to leave the bay as a child but when he returns, he tries to steal Belle's heart from rich boy Drew. Will their completely different worlds tear them apart or can you really know who the love of your life is when you're six?

Hope I've done all that stuff right. At this stage it will be a medium fic but we'll see how we go. I might get carried away!


“Nah na nah na nah nah, you can’t catch me,” the six year old girl, named Belle, chanted as she ran around the green park in a white sun dress and sandals. Her long brown curly hair glistened in the hot, summer sun. She was such a beautiful girl. Her hair was gently held together with two little white bows and she continued to run around the park, trying to avoid Aden from tigging her. He was also six. He came from a poor family and was wearing a pair of scrappy, grey shorts with a green t-shirt. He lived with his father Larry and mother Kate in Summer Bay but grew up in a completely different environment to Belle. Belle lived with her mother, Amanda and step father Lou DeBonno. They were the richest family living in summer bay and owned many businesses including the Sands, which was a five star resort.

The two children were being watch intently by Aden’s mother, who was also Belle’s nanny. Kate sat on a park bench with a smile on her face. All of the summer bay locals knew her and adored her. She was one of the friendliest and loving people you could ever meet. She usually stood up for what she believed in however she could never have enough power from preventing her alcoholic husband abusing her. She continued smiling at the two children as her long blonde hair gently blew in the soft breeze. Kate had been Belle’s nanny since Belle was born and considered her to be her own daughter. During the weekends, Kate would always bring Aden over whilst she was looking after Belle.

“You still can’t catch me!” Belle exclaimed excitedly as she poke her tongue at Aden.

“Oh yes I can slow poke”, he piped back as he quickly closed the distance.

“SAFE!” Belle squealed as she held onto a pole

“Hey, but we said no safes”.

“Well I changed the rules”, Belle confidently spoke to him, continuing to hold onto the pole.

“You can’t do that”, Aden protested.

“I just did”, Belle proclaimed once again sticking her tongue at Aden.

“Fine, you’re it now”, Aden said tagging her on the shoulder and running off.

“Hey! You can’t do that”.

Aden turned around and looked at her with a smirk and a wink, “I just did”.

Belle simply smiled back and decided that it was now time to play mothers and fathers.

“Belle we always play that”.

“Not today though. Anyway it’s my favourite game. Can we please play it Aden, pretty please”, Belle pleaded with a sweat smile and her eyes widely open.

“Ok but can we change it around a bit, I’m sick of being the Dad?”

“But who are you going to be? You can’t be the Mum, because you’re a boy”.

“Really, I never worked that one out”, Aden said cheekily.

“Maybe you could be they baby? Belle exclaimed jumping around with joy.

“Belle, I’m not being the baby”.

“You’ll make a good baby”, she pleaded.

“No, I’ll be the dog”, he finally decided.

“Dog! How can you play mothers and fathers if we only have a mother and a dog?” she spoke unenthusiastically

“Dirr, you don’t. You just play mothers and dog”.

“That’s a silly game”.

“Fine, let’s go on the swings then”, Aden suggested.

“Good idea, fina- fina- ... you know what I mean”, she said rolling her eyes as she excitedly skipped over to Kate.

“Excuse me Kate, can you please push me on the swing?” Belle gently spoke skipping over to her nanny.

“Of course sweaty”, Kate replied hugging the adorable little girl.

“And mum push us how you always push us”, Aden demanded.

“Say please”, Belle loudly whispered in his ear whilst giving him a nudge, that accidently made him fall to the ground.

“Whoops”, Belle giggled, “sorry”.

“Yeah you better be”, Aden grumbled spiting out the sand bark that was in his mouth.

“Ok you two, hop on the swing and I’ll push you both at the same time”, Kate said trying to ease the tension.

“Thankyou very much”, belle replied.

“You’re very welcome”, Kate said smiling at Belle.

The two children quickly ran to the swings and fought about who was to get on which swing. They eventually decided by playing paper, scissors, rock and then wanted a competition to see who could go the highest.

“I’m winning, mine’s higher”, Belle shrieked.

“Are you blind? Mine’s way higher”, Aden disputed.

“Now you two, I think you are both winning”, Kate spoke with a giggle trying to settle the piece.

“Mum, you’re just saying that cos you have to. But when it comes to swings I am the bestest”, Aden announced proudly.

“You are not!” Belle exclaimed unimpressed, waving her arms which caused her to almost fall off the swing.

“Alright, I think this swing competition is over. I’m going to sit over their on the bench”, Kate spoke stopping the swings and slowly walking to the bench.

“What do we do now?”

“Let’s stay on the swings and just talk”, Belle quietly spoke, impressed with her decision.

“Talk! You just want to stay on the swings and just talk. What happened to playing around the park? You are such a girl”, Aden proclaimed with a sigh.

“I’m just tiered and we can be like the big, big people, they talk”, she stated.

“Ok fine. You know what, I know something else that the big people do to”, Aden declared.

“Like what?”

“Like this”, Aden said moving gently towards Belle. He held onto her swing and looked her in the eyes as he slowly pecked her on the lips.

Belle just looked back at Aden with her mouth completely opened and stunned.

“Aden.... you, you... you just kissed me” Belle stuttered as her cheeks blushed and she shyly looked to the ground.

“Well done Belle, you’re smarter than what you look”.

“But why.. that’s yukky. Cassie at school said if you kiss boys, you get boy germs”, Belle spoke out really confused.

“Nah, that’s only if you kiss ugly boys and I am not an ugly boy”, Aden confidently informed her.

“But why did you kiss me?” Belle asked still flabbergasted.

“Because I love you”, Aden replied holding out his hands.

“I love you too”, Belle said reaching his hand as they both skipped to the park bench where Kate was sitting.

Hope you guys like it. It's been fun writing Aden and Belle as six year olds! :)

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: That was soooo cute!!!!!!!!

You really wrote that spot on!!!!! I work with kids and they love to play "mothers, fathers, children" so that was very realsitic!! Also with the kiss and pretending to be "adults, big kids"

Aden and Belle are just adorable as six year olds!!!! Loved how Aden kissed Belle and said I love you and with the whole "boy germs, girl germs" :lol:

It was funny how Aden said he was sick of playing the father and wanted to be a dog :lol: Hmm father and mother? Are you trying to tell us something here? That Belle and Aden want to be a mother and father when they grow up :D

That was very well done. I wish u had written more! I need more please !!! : )

Keep up the great writing!!!!!

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Thankyou so much to Steph, Ellen, Amz, El and adelle43ver for ur awesome comments and a big thanks to everyone reading this. :D:)


“Belle sweetie, hurry up and get out of bed before Kate comes over and takes you to the zoo”, Amanda yelled at her stubborn daughter.

“But Mum I’m too tiered. I’m going back to sleep”, the six year old moaned and aggressively pulled the sheet covers back over her.

“Come on Belle, please, otherwise you won’t have time to eat your coco pops”.

“Good I don’t like coco pops anymore.”

“But I thought they’re your favourite”, Amanda spoke confusedly.

“They haven’t been my favouritist for a very, very long time. I like weet-bix now!”

“Well come on, get up and I’ll let you have as much sugar on your weet-bix as possible”.

Belle’s eyes automatically lit up and she slowly began to pull off the covers when Lou entered the room.

“Belle, get out of bed now and do what your mother says. Stop acting like a baby and grow up”, Lou spat at her. He had no patience for Belle, which often caused Belle to rebel against him and Amanda.

Amanda’s face instantly turned pale as she saw the hurt form in her daughter’s eyes.

“Thanks Lou”, she scoffed sarcastically. “I was handling that”.

“Yeah right Amanda. She was taken you for a joy ride and getting what she wants”, Lou growled.

“At least I don’t use scare tactics to over power her. Look at her, she’s afraid of you”.

“Good that’s how it should be”, Lou proudly spoke as he walked back down the stairs of his 2 million dollar mansion.

“Hello, anyone home?” Kate sweetly called from the door, slowly walking in with Aden.

Belle instantly got up out of the bed and came running down the stairs with her arms stretched out wide.

“Kaaaaattttttteeeee, Addddeeeennnnn”.

“Hello little lady. That’s an interesting outfit you’re wearing to the zoo today young lady”, Kate said giggling.

“Nah silly, these are my little mermaid pyjamas. I’m not wearing these to the zoo”.

“Well you better get dressed in 2 minutes otherwise you will be wearing to the zoo and I think some of the zoo keepers might mistake you for the monkeys”, Kate smiled as Belle quickly ran up the stairs to get dressed.


“Ok you two, what are we going to visit first?” Kate asked the two excited children as they entered the zoo gates.

“Penguins” Belle yelled.

“Lions!” exclaimed Aden jumping up and down.

“No! Penguins” Belled hissed poking her tongue at Aden.

“Lions are way better. At least they can actually move. Penguins walk as though their legs are sewed together”. Aden commented whilst trying to impersonate a penguin.

“At least they are nice and don’t eat people”, Belle bit back one again sticking her tongue out.

“Ok, ok, how about we go see the elephants and then latter see the lions and penguins”, Kate butted in trying to settle the tension.

“Fine, last one to the elephants is the elephants breakfast”, Aden called out whilst he was running to the elephants cage.

“Oi... you... you.. cheated”, Belle panted whilst trying to catch up.

“Don’t worry my slow coach Mum is last. Nothing changes”, Aden joked rolling his eyes.

“Belle you smell”, Aden continued to joke, laughing at his own intelligent comment.

“Oi, that’s not me that’s the elephants”, she exclaimed matter of factly.

“Are you sure because I think you have let out a stinker”.

“Have not. Kate, Aden’s saying I smell”, Belle whined unimpressed.

“Don’t worry dear. I think it must be him, he is smelling”, Kate smiled.

“Ha ha you just got wrecked by your own mother. How silly”, Belle laughed as she looked as Aden’s shocked face.

“Mum why do elephants have drunks?” Aden asked his mother excitedly.

“I think you mean trunks, honey. Well you know how we have hands. Elephants are huge that it is very hard for them to use their hands so they have trunks to do things like, wash themselves, eat and give really big hugs like this”, Kate said whilst grabbing her six year old son in her arms.

“Mum, mum you’re squashing me”, Aden said smiling but feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, can’t I give my little boy hugs anymore and show him how much I love him?” Kate asked as she pouted her lips.

“Fine, Mum but just go easy on me and Mum I’m not a little boy anymore, I’m six”, Aden proudly explained accidently holding up five fingers in stead of six.

“But too bad your fingers think your five”, Belle laughed as she pointed out his mistake.

“Ok, lets go visit the monkeys!” Kate exclaimed hyping the children up.

“Yeah”, the two children chanted together.

“Ok lets go, though while we walk to the cage, let me see ho can do the best monkey noise”, Kate told them as Belle and Aden hovered up the hill scratching under them arms like monkeys and making the strangest unattractive monkey noises that were ever possible.

“I won!” Belle exclaimed quite impressed with her noises that sounded more like a galah than a monkey.

“You did not. Yours sounded even worst than my mum’s singing”, Aden told an unimpressed Belle.

“Kate who did you think won? Belle asked grinning and pleading for Kate to say it was her.

“Don’t ask her, she’ll just say we both won, like she always does”.

“You know me to well, little boy”, Kate softly spoke with a giggle and shaking her head.

"Mum, I'm a big boy now", Aden groaned rolling his eyes.


“We’ve been to the zoo, zoo, zoo”, the two children continued to chant the same line as they had been for the last twenty minutes.

"We've been to the zoo, zoo, zoo. We've been to the zoo, zoo, zoo..." they continued.

“Great to see you have extensive knowledge of songs”, Kate joked as the two continued singing and didn’t bother paying attention.

“Belle what are you going to call your penguin?” Aden asked her, about the new soft toy that his mother bought her.

“I dunno because I wanted to call in Cassie but it’s a boy so I don’t know what to call it”, she said confused and putting a lot of thought into it.

Then suddenly her face lit up as she tugged Aden on the arm.

“I know, I know, I call it Aden!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Great, I’ve been named after an animal that walks as though it’s legs have been tied together”, Aden laughed causing Belle to join in.

“Ha, ha Aden, you’re a silly penguin”, Belle chanted causing her to burst out in to more laughter.

Kate glanced in her revision mirror at the beautiful and contagious sight behind her. The children were laughing so much that it also caused her to break out into a giggle.

“Aden do you think I’m pretty?” Belle asked her best friend seriously.

Aden looked at her shocked. His eyes wide opened and his cheeks were beginning to flush furiously. He was unsure how to answer this question as he had never been asked this one from a girl.

“I think so. For a girl, I think you’re quite pretty but not as pretty as Mum”, Aden added.

Kate flinched as she heard his answer and smiled to herself. Not a bad answer, she thought but maybe not the one Belle was looking for.

“Aden?” Belle continued.


“One day I think I’m going to marry you”, she smiled and continued to look out of the window as though she said nothing of huge interest.

Aden just sat in his seat dumb founded, unsure what to say. Kate tried to suppress the laughter that was forcing it’s way out until she saw Aden finally relaxed when he said, “I think I will marry you too one day”, he smiled.

“And we can have lots and lots of babies” Belle added already looking forward to her future she had planned out.

“Let’s just get married first”, Aden laughed rolling his eyes.

“Here we are”, Kate said as she pulled her car into Belle’s prestigious drive way.

“Who’s that boy?” Aden asked as he pointed to a young scruffy boy who was standing with his mum and Amanda at the front door of Belle’s house.

“Oh him, that’s Drew. He lives down the road. His Mum thinks her and my Mum are friends but my mum doesn’t really like her. She just plays pretend”, Belle answered.

“Well I think he needs a haircut. He looks like some of the monkeys we saw today”, Aden whispered to Belle, causing the two children to burst out in laughter.

“What are you two giggling about”, Kate asked suspiciously.

“Oh nothing much just that there is a monkey in Belle’s front yard”, Aden said once again causing the two children and Kate to spit out in laughter.

“OK come here honey and give me a hug”, Kate interrupted the two to say goodbye to Belle.

“Bye Bye”, Belle sang as she hugged Aden and Kate goodbye.

“Thankyou for taking me”, Belle chanted.

“No worries sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow”, Kate spoke as she drove her car away and waving.

But little did Belle know that, that would be the last time she’d ever see Kate again.

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