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The Teens Perspective

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Story Title: The teens perspective

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: A couple of new characters, Xavier, Ruby, Irene and Geoff.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Occasional violence

Summary: There is a new family in town.. but they don't seem to have a mother. Their father is a school teacher and works at Summer Bay High. The new teens fit in just fine, though. There are a couple of conflicts.. so let's see who gets over them.

It's January in Summer Bay, and everybody is getting ready for the new school year. Xavier and Ruby are both repeating because they both failed the school certificate exams.

Xavier and Ruby are seen putting away their books, when a couple of smaller kids walk by. One being a girl, and the other a boy. Xavier accidentally walks into the boy, and he gives him a shove.

"Get lost" said the boy.

"You heard what he said" said the girl as they both walked away.

It's later on in the day, and Xavier and Ruby where walking home when the kids walked by.

"See ya later" said the boy and girl as they walked by.

Later on at Xavier's place, the boy and girl where there with their father. After a long talk, it came out that they were his long lost cousins.

It's been a week, and Xavier and his boy cousin called Mark where arguing. Mark pushed Xavier, and Xavier pushed him back and he fell over his playstation and smashed it.

"You're paying for it" said Xavier in an angry tone.

"No I'm not" said Mark.

Gina came in and looked at Xavier angrily.

"It's an accident so I'll pay for it" said Gina.

"Fine" said Xavier in an angry voice and he slammed his bedroom door tight.

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It's been a couple of months, and Xavier has settled down with his cousins. They're having a camping trip with Ruby when a storm sweeps in. It takes everything and leaves then lost in the bush.

"How are we gonna get out of here?" asked Xavier as he looked for a map with directions.

"Come on" said Mark as he crossed his arms impatiently. Eventually, Xavier found the map and they found their way back home; but they left behind their stuff and a mysterious person stole it all.

It's been three weeks, and it's mid-March. Xavier was doing a bush trek when he found all his stuff in a pile. He looked through the garbage and found a mysterious looking young girl.

"Hey, are you lost?" asked Xavier. But the girl just ran away.

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Xavier chased the girl and found her eating out of a trash can.

"You need a home?" asked Xavier with a smile. She smiled back and followed him home.

"Look mum, I've got someone who needs to stay with us" asked Xavier with a smile.

"How about.. no" answered Gina with an angry face. Xavier then opened the door and showed her the girl.

"Oh.. alright. She looks like she needs a wash anyway" said Gina as she walked off. Xavier showed the girl a room.

"What is your name?" asked Xavier.

"Sarah" said the girl with a smile.

"I'm Xavier" said Xavier as he smiled back at her.

The next day, Gina got Sarah enrolled at SBH and she is in year 10 with Xavier. Xavier's cousins are both in year 9 though.

A week later, and Sarah started there. Xavier, Sarah and his cousins started to hang out which made Ruby jealous.

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Things started to heat up between Sarah and Xavier, and soon enough he dumped Ruby. They were having a good relationship when suddenly Sarah's mother turned up at the door.

"Look, I just want to talk to Sarah" said her mother as she pleaded with Xavier.

"If you're her mother I'll get her" said Xavier as he went off to get Sarah. When Sarah saw her mother, she walked outside.

"So, how have you been?" asked her mother.

"Okay I guess" said Sarah.

"Cool.. I guess things are going well?" asked her mother.

"Yeah.. you gonna stay now?" asked Sarah.

"I'm thinking about it" said her mother with a smile.

The next day at school, Geoff re-enrolled as he wanted his HSC for a better job, as he was sick of the trawler. Geoff was putting away his stuff when Sarah saw him.

"Hey cutie" said Sarah with a smile.

"Hey" said Geoff as he waved back. The twins walked in and saw them both flirting and looked angrily at Sarah.

"I thought you liked Xavier" said Mark with an angry face.

"I.. do-d" said Sarah as she was stumped for words.

The next day Sarah packed up and left the Austin household. She then moved in with her mother as things were getting tense with Xavier.

It's now a couple of weeks later and it's now late March. Geoff was on the way to school when Sarah caught up with him.

"Hey" said Sarah as she smiled at Geoff.

"Yeah?" asked Geoff as he kept walking.

"Wanna hang out later?" asked Sarah.

"Sure" replied back Geoff with a half smile.

Later at school, Geoff and Sarah where hanging out when a jealous Xavier confronted them both.

"I thought you liked me" said Xavier.

"Not really.. I just appreciated your help" said Sarah with a smile.

"Oh.." said Xavier as he slowly walked away.

A few weeks later, and Ruby and Xavier where back together. It's now early May and things are back to "normal".

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It's now late May, and things have been going well for everybody. Mark and his sister, Layla have both passed their subjects so far and are really happy with their results.

Xavier and Ruby have been a good couple, and Geoff and Sarah have finally gotten together.

Mark and Layla's father decided to leave and left them in Gina's care. They're now much more comfortable and are generally acting better.

It's been a couple of days since their father left, and it's now early June. Xavier was in class when he fell asleep. His teacher woke him up, and advised he get back to work.

A week or so later, he got back some results for the test and realized he failed. It's become obvious that him repeating hasn't gone that good so far and he wonders what the point of his repeating was.

Sarah and Geoff had a great date in about mid-June and had a their first kiss. It's obvious things are going to heat up between them soon.

It's been a month since then, and things have been going well all around except for Xavier who is thinking about dropping out of school. Gina dismissed his threat and advised him study to catch up before she puts him on detentions for that exact reason.

It's now July, and Jai and Annie have arrived back from Asia and have amazingly gotten together. They're both in year 11 though as they studied over in Asia.

Soon after in about mid July then came back to school and started to hang out with Sarah, Geoff, Ruby, Xavier, Mark and Layla.

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Things have been great and now it's August. Mark has been thinking of doing something for the SBH talent show.. and he thought singing would be good as he's actually quite good. Xavier and Jai encouraged him and he signed up for it.

It's the next day, and the sign up sheet had been posted. A muscular looking kid with brown spiked up hair (looks like Ric) picked up the sheet and laughed. His mates then both saw the sheet and laughed too.

"Choir boy, aye?" said the kid as he crumpled up the sheet and dropped it onto the ground. Mark saw the sheet on the ground and picked it up and adjusted it and Layla helped him.

"It must have fell by accident" said Mark as he re-adjusted it.

Later in the day Mark was walking around with Layla when the same kid and his mates confronted him.

"You should join the choir" said the muscular looking kid as he laughed at Mark. Mark and Layla kept walking.

Later on at the lockers the kid walked up to Mark when he was with Xavier and Jai and decided to annoy them.

"Come on, sing us a song" said the kid as he shoved Mark and laughed while doing so. Mark continued to ignore it until Xavier grabbed the kid by the shirt and tried to pin him, but the kid just turned it around on Xavier and shoved him into a locker. The kid then continued to pick on Mark by singing a little bit until Geoff arrived.

"What's going on here?" asked Geoff.

"What's it to you?" asked the kid as he confronted the taller Geoff.

"I heard some noise. I advise you stop" said Geoff.

"Gonna make me?" asked the kid as he got in Geoff's face. Geoff then grabbed the kid and slammed him up against a wall.

"Yeah, I will" said Geoff. Geoff then started to walk off when the kid called out to him.

"The principal will go mad if he knew what you just did to a younger student" said the muscular looking kid as he looked at Geoff.

"Yeah? well you picked on little Mark" said Geoff. Geoff then got closer to the kid and looked him in the face.

"If you want to make it through the week I advise you stop" said Geoff as he shoved the kid and walked off.

"Who is that guy?" asked Xavier as the kid and his two mates walked off.

"He's called 'Azza'. He was expelled from his last school and came here" said Ruby.

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It's the next day and Mark is worried about what is going to happen to him when he goes up on stage.

"It's okay. I've got your back" said Xavier.

"Yeah.. but I don't know if it's going to do any good" said Mark as he walked away and sat down on the coach.

Two days later and it's time for the talent show. Xavier is sitting next to Geoff and Layla when it's Mark's turn on the stage. Mark starts to sing his song but then Azza makes it hard for him by doing wolf whistles and annoying him with one of his mates in the crowd. Mark then gets off stage because he is embarrassed and stops his act. Since he was the last act, everybody starts to leave. Xavier comforts Marks as they walk off home.

"I don't get why everybody is picking on me" said Mark.

"I'm sure it will all blow over very soon" said Xavier as he continued to comfort Mark.

A week later, and Azza and his mates are at the Surf Club having drinks and playing pool when Mark enters alone. Azza walks up to confront him.

"I liked your singing.. can we get an encore?" asked Azza with a smirk. Mark started to walk off when Azza pursued him.

"Hey, hey, hey, mate. You can hang out with his.. if you do something for us" said Azza as he and his mates stood around. Mark agreed and they all huddled together.

Later on in the day, Azza and one of his mates met up with Mark and they started to cause trouble by kicking out street lamps and stealing stuff. But, when they got Mark to steal something from the Kiosk, they bailed and left Mark to take the rap for the crime. The next day at school, Azza and his mates laughed at Mark as he and his sister walked past. Mark wonders why they're laughing and realizes that later on they went to the police about the theft and they're at the Austin house wanting to talk to Mark about the theft.

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