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Beautiful Awakening

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Story Title: Beautiful Awakening

Type of story: Medium fic

Main Characters: Changelo, Niff, Adelle, Bambang, Roman

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes (Mention of a new character)

Any warnings: No

Summary: Follow the journey of Charlie, Angelo, Nicole, Geoff, Aden, Belle, Bambag, Roman as they discover the real meaning of life and how love is all that matters.

Chapter one

“Angelo, we can’t just leave Bambang with the DOCS, you saw how frighten he was of Romeo” Charlie proceeded with her case. “Sweetheart I’m sorry, it’s out of my hands....DOCS are collecting Bambang in the morning, it is what’s best for him Charlie” Angelo stated his case. “Angelo, I love you, but sometimes you can be so stubborn and ignorant” Charlie admitted to her fiancé, only to receive a look of dismay. “Charlie....what do you expect me to do, what other options do we have?” Angelo said with sympathy in his voice.

“I want to look after him” Charlie admitted knowing Angelo would disapprove. “What...are you crazy? Bambang needs to be with his own kind, he needs to be raised in an environment where he’ll learn the beliefs and values of his cultural heritage, and it’s not exactly a smart idea removing him from that to satisfy our self needs”

Charlie gave him a look of anger, Angelo was in big trouble this time, “Angelo!” Charlie yelled at him. “That kid needs our help and I’m not doing it to satisfy my own needs, I’m thinking of what’s best for Bambang!” Charlie shouted at Angelo. “Okay, I’m sorry...I didn’t mean that...I know you want to do what’s right for Bambang, but I’m worried about you Charlie all this added stress....you need to think of the baby” Angelo said sweetly. “Babe, trust me looking after Bambang won’t be a walk in the park but it’s something I need to do. Besides, I’m only 8 weeks pregnant”

Angelo let out a sigh of defeat, “Alright...I’ll see if I can pull some strings....” Charlie’s eyes lit up with excitement, she kissed Angelo’s lips, “I love you”

“I know, I do too”

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Chapter two

“Tell me how we got stuck babysitting a baby?” Belle crossed her arms. “Belle, it’s just one night. Tony and Rachel have plans tonight...I offered to look after Harry, to be honest I didn’t think it would be such a big issue” Aden rocked Harry in his arms, Harry stared up at Aden. His little fingers reached for Aden’s face.

“Aden....I wasn’t expecting a baby tonight, I was expecting....some alone time with you. You know some “us” time. You spend all day working and I hardly get to see you, I miss you Aden”

Aden laughed at Belle; “Oh Belle, you’re such a drama queen sometimes” He smiled. “I am not! Take that back”

“Okay sometimes you can over react to situations....but the moral of the story is we are looking after Harry tonight and who knows it might prepare us for little mini Aden’s”

Belle’s eyes widen, she couldn’t believe Aden would be thinking along the lines of children, “Mini Aden’s?” Belle raised an eye brow. “Well...yeah....I mean, if having kids isn’t your thing that’s cool too....I thought I’d just put it out there you know...” Aden felt awkward and looked at Harry for support. “Oh...well in that case I think it’s really sweet of you....I’m glad I know where you stand on having kids”

“Yeah...but that’s a long way away now...something to look forward to though”

“I can’t wait” Belle said sarcastically, right now babies were not on her agenda. “Belle...be honest with me, do you want to be a mother?”

Belle sighed; Aden looked at Belle hoping she’d say yes. Belle smiled and nodded, “Yeah...I wouldn’t mind a few little ones running around”. She walked over and kissed the top of his head. “Perfect, but in the mean time we have baby Harry here to experiment with” Aden smiled cheekily.

“Oh I’m sure Tony and Rachel would love to have us “experimenting” our parenting skills on their son.....” Belle rolled her eyes and skipped into the kitchen.

“Alright, now keep your balance; bend your knees....Nic why aren’t you bending your knees?” Geoff asked as he watched Nicole standing vertically up right on the surf board. “Because I look like an idiot, that’s why...Geoff this is completely pointless..”

“It’s not pointless not bend your knees” Nicole stood still, “Nic....you agreed to this”

“I don’t want to have my butt sticking in the air, for the entire world to see”

“Why you do it all the time” Geoff said but quickly regretted it. “Excuse me?”

“Nothing...Nic...You’ll look fine, you won’t look stupid in fact you’ll look kind of hot...to me anyway.....now bend!”

“How’s this?” Nicole balanced on her board. “Perfect, now you think you’re ready to have a go”

“No” Nicole gasped in horror. “Come on, if anything bad happens I’ll save you”

Nicole and Geoff swam out, taking their boards with them. Nicole attempted to stand on her board only to fall off again, “YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU, THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME” Nicole shouted looking like a drowned rat. Geoff turned away hiding his laughter. “Keep practicing” Geoff coughed trying to say it seriously.

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Chapter three

"The fact of the matter is, we have some black fella living illegally in this country, if you ask me Bun-Bun should be sent right back to where he came from!" John Palmer roared followed by a cheer of a group of his followers in the Surf Club.

"You've got some nerve coming in here waffling about what's moral and immoral" Alf piped up as he came into the bar.

"And who asked an old fart like you for your opinion" Palmer spat. "For the record, it's Bambang – not Bun-Bun"

"I don't care what the boys name is; it won't matter by tomorrow as he'll be shipped off to a foster home. If you ask me it's not good enough. That wog should go back to where he came from"

"If he goes back there he could die!" Belle shouted angrily as she walked into the Surf Club over hearing John Palmers rants. "And who asked you...." Palmer said smugly. "You know you can act like the Prime Minister of Australia, but the fact of the matter is you're not...are you? You're just some minor leader in a small town. You don't have as much power as you'd like to think" Belle crossed her arms standing strongly. "And I suppose you are on Bun-Bun's side"

"It's BAMBANG and yes" Belle hissed at him, with Aden standing behind Belle ready to defend her if she was under threat by anyone"

"Well I hate to break it to you but the kid will be in foster care by the morning, so darlin' do yourself a favour and don't go getting yourself too attached to the wog"

"Awww it's such a shame you haven't heard.....there is somewhere deep, deep down inside of me that actually feels a tiny bit sorry for you since you're making a fool out of yourself, but wait ....I can't seem to find "that place".....looking....still looking.....nope I can't seem to find it, oh well, I'm quite happy to see you as a fool"

"See this is what happens when society gives woman too much power, the power to vote....the power to drink in the same bar as men! Woman can't learn to shut their mouth in the 21st century and I tell you if I was in charge the laws would change in a flash....." He smirked at Belle. "You make me sick! I can see why you're son went crazy and tried to kill you – I've heard all the stories about you abusing him as a kid"

"Telling your step-son he's got no chance in life and that he's a lazy , pathetic teen isn't a crime you know....and come to think of it it's not "abuse" either" John laughed backed up by his mates laughing too.

"Well I think it's about time I told you the good news....Charlie has offered to look after Bambang and her request has been granted"

John was left for words, exchanging eye contact from his mates, John chuckled, "Oh really....well tell Charlie good luck, I wouldn't want to be the one to look after that dirty-blooded wog" Before John could defend himself Belle swung her hand in the air, slapping John across the face. Aden quickly put his arms over Belle restraining her, "You take that back you dirty old man! Take that back, Aden let me go..." Belle struggled, but Aden kept a tight grip of her dragging her out of the bar. "Are you nuts?" Aden put aside Belle against the wall outside, it was raining. "He deserved it" Belle shouted.

"Yeah I know..." Aden smirked, "It was ... a bit sexy I will admit" Aden smiled, but then shook his head. "Still it wasn't you Belle...well.....anyway the point is hitting someone is wrong, very bad Belle"

"Oh what you gonna punish me?" Belle said cheekily as the rain poured down, Aden and Belle's hair was fully soaked now and water droplets ran down their cheeks. "Just promise me you'll stay out of trouble, I don't want to see you get hurt"

"I'll try" Belle smiled, Aden learned closer and kiss her wet lips.


"I'm sorry you want to what?" Roman raised his voice. "I want to marry Nicole....I understand that we did the wrong thing, I know but this is the right solution"

"I am shocked that Nicole's boyfriend would have the guts to tell me that he slept with her and all because he feels guilty about doing it. Geoff, there's nothing I want more right now is kick you in the balls"

"I know, I know" Geoff pleaded. "That's why I want to marry Nicole; sex between two unmarried people goes against everything I believe in sir"

"Do you love Nicole, Geoff?" Roman eyed him. "Ahh...' Geoff struggled. "Do you love my daughter or not?"

"Y-yes....I care about her, I do" Geoff admitted. "So you want my permission to marry my daughter because you slept with her and possibility got her pregnant, is that correct?'

"Yes I mean no....I .... I'm in love with her yes.....this is the right thing to do and I would like you're blessing"

"No" Roman replied calmly. "No?" Geoff questioned shocked. "I said no, now you can go..."

"But...." Geoff went on to explain. "Geoff, go home, get some rest and in the morning wake up and be a normal teenager of the 21st century"

"But..." Geoff continued. "Geoff, I am trying my best not to hurt you right now, I'd like to think that Nicole is still a virgin, but I know that's not the case. I've known that for a long time now, now you need to get out of my house before I loose self control"

"Oh....Okay" Geoff left quietly.

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