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  1. I think Jess and Dave have broken up, both of their relationship status have been taken down on facebook. I wonder...?
  2. I read this chapter before and forgot to comment, that was a brilliant chapter. Look forward to more honey
  3. Boooo I don't want Rabbit to be imaginary. She's a fun character.
  4. I'm bored, anyone wanna chat??
  5. a diamond braclet, a necklace with a ring and loveheart on it, a new billabong wallet
  6. Oh, I really love Romeo. I think once he's character develops a bit more with his family backgroud story, I think I'll like him even more. He's a very attractive bloke! Romeo's my favourite I don't like him with Annie, he should be with someone else.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes! =D

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