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Once again, thank you all so much, your comments mean so much to me :D

H&Aaddict - Yes you will learn more about Ric and Mattie's relationship, gradually :)

Just a small chapter

Enjoy guys

Chapter Four - Nightmares Flooding Me

Amanda and Belle sat at the kitchen table talking quietly to one another as Aden had baby Emma and baby Harris in their bedroom. Amanda had told Belle about everything that had happened since Amanda had kept in contact with her since that day in the diner.

From the verbal abuse to the physical threats, the drinking every night from him and the holes in the wall. How every time he heard Belle’s name, he would get so angry that Amanda would have to lock herself away in the baby’s room to proctect herself and her unborn baby.

“Why didn’t you leave him before now mum?’ Belle asked as Amanda sighed, shrugging and looking down at the table.

“I couldn’t find the strength, and whilst I was pregnant I thought I needed that stability but I think I was just fooling myself,’ Amanda felt a pair of hands on hers, looking up she saw Belle had reached across the table and scooped her hands in Amanda’s.

“Mum, I’m not going to pretend that you will work things out, and I’m not going to say I’m not happy about this, because you know how I feel about him, but you can get throguh this, you and especially Emma deserves much more than what the both of you are getting,’ Belle told her mother matter-of-factly as Amanda listened intently to her daughter before finally nodding.

“You right!’ Amanda agreed. “I should have left a long time ago,’


He stood across the road, watching the huose intently, anger surging throguh every inch of his body. Looking down the street both ways, he began to cross the road, only one face etching his mind.


She sat at the table watching her one year old son play with his toys. She had a smile toying her lips as he reminded her of Ric. She wondered how he was, what he was doing, whether he was happy.

She missed him, she missed the life she had with him. But now nothing was right, but at least she had her baby boy.

The sudden ringing and vibrating sensation coming from the table bought Matilda out of her trance at looking at her baby. Looking at her phone, she read the caller I.D but it had ‘caller unknown’ on it. Picking it up, she looked at her son once more before answering the call.



He walked up the remainder of the path and past the kitchen window. Knocking on the back door he waited as Belle looked up from the table and looked him straight in the eyes she froze.


Aden heard the knocking of the door, but heard no answer, so checking on the kids to make sure they were both sleeping he exited the bedroom and saw Belle sitting at the table, frozen fear constant on her face and her breath hitched.

“Belle, arn’t you going to answer th...’ his voice trailed off as he looked at the door and saw the exact same person that Belle was now staring at, terrified as he angrily looked back at her.

“Hello Belle,’

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OMG no, make him leave. I just want Aden and Belle and Mattie and Amanda.. time for the piano to fall from the sky and kill him

Please Bec please.. if you can't do that, at least update soon so I can find out what happens.

It was a good chapter though, and I'm glad you updated when you said you would :D

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I'm so sorry guys... I've completely lost inspiration in this, so it wont be as long as I intended.... you still will learn about Ric and Mattie's relationship and all that.... but it just wont be as long

Just a quick chapter to get the ball rolling again :)

Chapter Five – Back to Haunt Me

“You have some nerve coming here... mate!’ Aden spat the last word as he moved toward the thresh hold of the kitchen, instantly wanting to protect Belle from the man who had made her life hell.

“I’ve come to get my wife and baby,’ David replied angrily, all the while keeping his gaze on his step-daughter.

Belle just sat there, frozen as Amanda watched her carefully, tears brimming her eyes, threatening to spill over at any second.

“I’m not going!’ Amanda replied, keeping her gaze firmly on her daughter, as she finally gained the courage to get up from the chair she was seated in and walked to the thresh hold between the beginning of the lounge room and the kitchen.

“You’re coming home!’ David told her sternly, also taking a step forward as Aden quickly made his way around into the kitchen and stopping next to Amanda.

“You’re not welcome here so I suggest you leave, QUICKLY,’ Aden threatened as David took his gaze away from Belle and looked at Aden and Amanda standing between him and the girl who had ruined everything for him.

“I’m not going anywhere until I get my wife and daughter back!’ The look in his eyes made him look evil, like he was ready to kill someone

“You either leave, or... I’ll make you leave... MATE!’ Aden spoke aggressively as he took another step forward, clenching his fists as they hung down beside him.

David looked at Aden as Aden returned the look before a smirk spread across David’s face and he backed slowly out the back door and almost gliding past the window as Amanda rushed forward, slamming and locking the door before leaning up against it and sighing.

Aden quickly turned around and raced over to Belle, leaning down and taking Belle’s hands in his and squeezing them gently.

“Breathe Belle, babe just breathe,’ he whispered gently, reaching one hand up and stroking her cheek as she began taking short, sharp breath’s, feeling as though her heart was about to split.

Tears were running down her cheeks as Aden reached up, wrapping his arms around her frame as she broke down in his hold.

He had entered her place, her safe haven and now... she wouldn’t be able to escape him.


She sat in the corner of the room, rocking the baby back and forth as she sat comfortably in the rocking chair. The second window that used to be Geoff’s room slightly open as Belle cradled her baby into her, trying to forget that the man she hated most in the world had been in her house.

The cooing of the baby boy in her arms made a smile creep across her face as she lifted her free hand and gently touched the baby’s nose.

“I love you,’ she whispered soothingly to him as the breeze blew through her hair and she closed her eyes, feeling like her daughter was there with them, watching her brother, protecting him.

“I love you both, so much,’ she spoke, her eyes still closed as she felt the breeze brush up against her cheek with the gentlest force.

“I’ll do anything to protect you,’

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