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Story Title: Unbreakable / Sequel To Taken

Type of story: Medium fic

Main Characters: Belle and Aden, Irene, Geoff, Annie, Nicole, Amanda and David.

Other Characters: Mentions a few other characters

BTTB rating: G/A just to be safe

Genre: Drama, Violence

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Voilence, drama

Summary: They just introduced their new baby boy into the world, and finally being allowed to bring him home, how will Belle feel when David appears on her door step? Why is he there, what does he want? why wont he leave?

Chapter One ~ Moving on

It had not been an easy month for Belle and Aden. At eight and a half months pregnant Belle had to bury her daughter Chelsea. Being so stressed out she went into early labour, where doctors feared the worst for the baby.

They finally stopped the labour and Belle was then put on strict bed rest until she was ready to have the baby. After almost losing a second child, Belle and Aden had began to fall apart, depression was taking over Belle’s life after her daughter was found murdered and they had to identify her body, and then burry her.

But the arrival of their son, Harris Taylor-Jefferies had changed all that. Belle sat in her hospital bed, cradling her son as he slept soundlessly, his head resting naturally in the crease of her elbow, Aden sitting beside her, cooing the baby boy before placing a tender kiss to his fiancée’s head.


“Come one Belle, you need to push now, I can see the crown,’ Rachel told Belle excitedly as Belle lye in the hospital bed, aches running every inch of her body, sweat pouring down her face and cheeks an even brighter red than a tomato.

“I cant… I cant…’ Belle panted as another scream escaped her moist lips and her hand tightened around Aden’s hand even more, all sensation completely gone.

“Come on babe, you can do this, just push…’ Aden encouraged but Belle shot him a glare that if looks could kill, he’d be dead in a second.

“If you’re such a ****ing expert why don’t you push for –ahhhhhhhh- she screamed again as Rachel took another glance.

“Belle, come one, just a couple more pushes and your done,’ Rachel told her as Belle looked back at Rachel, gritted her teeth and began to push as more screams erupted through out the room and Aden’s hand was squeezed tightly once more.

She didn’t know how long she had pushed for but suddenly the room was silent before a piercing baby’s cry echoed out the room. Tears began to stream down Belle’s cheeks as the redness of looking like a tomato began to disappear.

Belle watched as Rachel wrapped the baby up in a blanket before handing the small bundle to Belle as the tears were now falling freely down her cheeks. “Congratulations on your new baby boy!’

“A boy!’ Aden gasped, a small smile forming on his lips as Belle looked up at the man standing beside her.

“It’s a boy…’ she whispered, cradling the bundle in her arms as the baby’s cry died down into tiny gurgles. “We have a boy!’

*End Flashback*

“How does it feel to finally be allowed to go home?’ Rachel asked walking into the room as Aden packed the rest of Belle and baby Harris’ clothes.

“Oh my god Rach, you don’t know how happy I am, decent food, bed, a house!’ Belle exclaimed as she smiled up at Rachel before looking down at the sleeping form cradled in her delicate arms.

“Now remember…’ Rachel said as Belle looked back up at Rachel, rolling her eyes as she knew exactly what Rachel was going to say. “Don’t just feed the baby, feed yourself,’ Rachel told her as Belle nodded and climbed up from the chair she was sitting in.

“I will, I promise,’ Belle told her as Aden finally zipped up the sports bag he had bought in to collect everything. “We ready?’

“Yep,’ Aden smiled as he picked the bag up, sliding it onto his shoulder with determination to get his gorgeous baby home. “Let’s go!’

--------------- ---------------- --------------

He pulled into the drive way and turned off the ignition and looking at Belle. “You really are gorgeous you know that,’ he told her matter-of-factly before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

Instantly blushing, Belle still wondered to this day how she had become so lucky to have found Aden. In two days it would be six years since they met and got together, six full years since Belle’s eating disorder was exposed and she finally agreed to get help.

And now, Belle was a healthy 23 year old woman with two children, Chelsea who sadly passed away only months ago and now Harris, their new born baby who she would cherish for the rest of her life.

And then there was Aden, the man who she had fallen in love with, who she had shared her deepest, darkest secrets with, and the person who had saved her from herself. And Belle was surprised at how much more she fell in love with him every day.

And then there was her other family, along with her extended family. Irene, Annie and Jai, who had been going steady now for two years

Nicole, Geoff still hadn’t gotten engaged but were happy and proud parents too two month old Louise Melanie Campbell. Blonde spikey hair sprouting from her head and bright blue eyes.

Leah and Roman were expecting their second child together, and had a happy and bubbly Jennifer who was now a perfect one year old, and could walk with Leah holding her tiny fingers.

Life was finally coming together for everyone Belle loved, even herself. Aden had told her to go inside and that he was get Harris so Belle obliged, walking up the path and inside as everyone screamed out in mono tone.


Belle jumped as everyone greeted her, a grin spreading across her face as she started laughing as Irene emerged from the crowd and pulled her foster daughter into a tight hug.

“Great to have you home love!’ Irene told her, kissing the side of her cheek as Belle hugged her foster mother back.

Aden then walked inside carrying the bags and baby Harris in the carry pram as Belle turned and looked at him.

“You knew!’ she exclaimed as Aden grinned and winked at her, excusing himself as he pushed through the crowd and toward their bedroom which had been renovated. The wall from Geoff’s old room had been removed and turned into the nursery.

Everyone from Leah and Roman, to Nicole and Geoff, and even Annie, Jai, Kirsty, Colleen, Lucas and Cassie had managed to come.

But what really bought on Belle’s tears, was when Matilda emerged from the back, sporting her son in her arms. “Welcome home Belle!’

AN: Well, another fic on the go lol, I hope you all like this, and yes I will be continuing on with my other fic too

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Great start. I really liked the part with Belle's thoughts just before they entered the house.

Looking forward to seeing how you're going to bring back David and Amanda. And how Belle is going to deal with David showing up.

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