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thanks so much for your comments :D I love you all

This is just a filler chapter

Chapter Two ~ Good Days and Bad

The party was in full swing and didn’t finish up until close to midnight, luckily everyone kept the noise down to a dull rore so Harris could sleep, and surprise Aden along with him.

Even though Belle was a full time mum once more, she was full of energy and was so happy to be finally home.

Belle and Matilda had talked almost all night, catching up, crying, laughing, hugging, more crying, until Belle put her foot in her mouth and asked how Ric was.

Matilda had dropped her head, before sighing. “He left me!’

Belle’s mouth dropped open as she quickly gazed around the room to make sure no one was listening before turning back to Mattie. “What do you mean he left you, left you why?’

“Left me for another woman,’ a single tear rolled down Matilda’s cheek as she looked over at the play pen and watched her son playing with Leah’s daughter Jennifer before turning back to Belle. “He said and I quote ‘Your not any fun anymore and she gives me what I want’ huh like any woman would get pleasure from his thing anyway, its not even that big...’

Belle chuckled. “You were always a real ***** when your angry,’ she laughed as Matilda grinned broadly at her best friend.

“What do you mean were? I still am,’ Matilda said as she nodded before pulling Belle into another tight gripping hug. “I’ve missed you, I hope your ok now,’

“I’ve missed you too,’ Belle hugged Matilda back again before pulling back and smiling at Matilda. “Yeah I’m ok... I’m finally getting my life back, for so long I was running and hiding, scared of the world, but Aden changed all that and now... well I’m finally looking at life like its something worth living.’

Matilda watched Belle as she spoke, and Belle had a smile on her face and that look in her eye when she spoke of Aden and looking forward to things. Belle had even put on some weight and was finally looking happy and healthy, no bones were protruding through her skin, and she wasn’t pale looking anymore.

“So... are you back for good?’ Belle asked as Matilda grinned and finally nodded.

“Yeah, I’m moving back into the Caravan park with Miles, Kirsty and Ollie until I can get my own place,’ Matilda giggled as Belle squealed in excitement before clapping her hands together like a child at Chrsitmas time.

“ohmygod your finally coming home I’ve missed you so much you dont know what this means to me...’ Belle squealed a little too excited.

--------------- ------------------- -------------

Outside the house, standing in the bushes, a man stood there, glaring as the light shone through the kitchen window. He had seen Belle come outside a couple of times to pick up some empty glasses and walk back inside the house.

His mangled hair and the smell of alcohol retching his entire body, he couldn’t believe the trouble that had been caused since Belle had moved away.

His wife didn’t trust him, he wasn’t allowed near his own daughter, and he was made to sleep in a different room these days.

“Your going to get it *****! You just wait!’


The next morning rolled over as the beautiful morning sun shon through the purple curtains, lighting the room a purple tinge.

Yawning, Belle finally climbed back into bed from a sleepness night with Harris, but Aden was also very sleepy for they had agreed to take in turns getting up to him when needed. And finally, after getting him down once again, Belle crawled her tired body back into bed, sighing and rubbing her eyes as Aden’s arm instinctively came over her, pulling her into him before he opened his tired eyes.

“He’s asleep?’ Aden croaked as Belle nodded and kissed Aden’s lips carefully.

“Yes, finally, I forgot all about this, Chelsea was never this bad,’ Belle yawned before letting her eyes flutter shut as she heard Aden chuckle.

“You just never heard her babe, lets just get some sleep while we can,’ Aden said as Belle instantly agreed.


She sat in the lounge room as she fed her baby the bottle. Her blonde hair nicely curled and a smile across her face as she rocked her baby.

The front door slamming made that smile disappear as she looked up to see him walk into the kitchen. “Where have you been?’ she spat at him as he shrugged and walked straight over to the fridge and opened it, trying to find what he was looking for. “Pub’ he mumbled.

“Where’s my beers woman?’ he sneered as he turned to look at her.

“In the bin,’ she simply replied, getting to her feet with the baby cradled in her arms before exiting the lounge room.

“You... stupid *****!’ he screamed as he slammed the fridge door and took off through the lounge after her. Getting to the baby’s room he went to turn the handle, as he turned it, he pushed but nothing happened, remembering he had added a dead lock on the inside of the room because Amanda had asked for one.

“Let me in... YOU F**KING LET ME IN NOW,’ he screamed through the door.

“Go away David!’ Amanda yelled back.


It was later that afternoon Belle finally awoke. Rubbing her tired eyes and yawning as she pushed the duvet back and climbed out of bbed, shuffling out of the room and straight out into the lounge where she saw Aden, baby Harris and Irene sitting on the couch cooing over the baby.

Irene looked up and smiled at Belle, her mattered hair sticking out in all directions. “Afternoon love!’

“Hey, why didn’t anyone wake me?’ Belle asked as she slugged into the kitchen to pour herself a coffee.

“We wanted you to get som rest, you were up all night with him,’ Aden replied as Belle smiled to herself as she poured herself a hot cup of coffee before trudging back into the lounge and sitting in the arm chair across from them.

“Thank you,’ Belle smiled at her fiance as he looked up, grinning back at her.

“Knock knock,’ came a voice from the back door as all three heads turned to see Matilda

Walking in carrying a big chocolate cake. “My present to your as a congrats about the bub,’

Belle grinned before jumping to her feet and walking over to Matilda. “Thank you’ she told her before Matilda sat the cake on the bench and hugged Belle.

“No worries! Now whose for cake?’ she asked as everyone nodded and began laughing.

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Loved the chapter :wub:

Belle and Mattie catching up was great but Ric was a jerk :angry: He gets my vote for death by piano squishing, usually reserved for Martha.

And Amanda and David .. wow! Why doesn't Amanda just turn him over to the police, and leave him.

Update soon.



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Thanks so much amz89, Georgia, and Lise :)

amz89 - Yes David is Amanda's husband, the man who abused Belle

Next chapter

Chapter Three – I’m always thinking of her

Walking along the beach with Matilda was refreshing to say the least, Aden had given her the day off being a ‘full time mum’ and had told her to spend some time with Matilda. Although Belle did have to be back soon just in case Harris needed feeding, and for the fact that Aden’s man breasts didn’t produce milk.

“So how’s it feel to be a mum again?’ Mattie asked hesitantly as an instant smile played Belle’s lips.

“It’s... elated, I feel like I’m getting my life back and... even though Chelsea isn’t with us anymore, she’s still watching over and and I’m always thinking of her,’ Belle told her best friend as they turned up one of the walk ways that went around the beach house.

“Of course I still have my days though, some are good, others bad, but then I realize I have another baby now, and a family that needs me, and when I look back on those days where I almost killed myself, it makes me realize now, just how lucky I really am,’ Belle smiled sincerely as Matilda grinned back, not believing how happy Belle was these days, and how far she had come,’

“I just wish I had never moved away when I did, if I had of know what you were going through, I never would have left with Ric,’ Matilda swore as if she had to tell Belle the truth just in case Belle might have hated her for some reason.

“No it’s ok... I never thought about life until I met Aden, he would speak to me in riddles which would make me sit there for hours and think what he was going on about,’ Belle said as both girls laughed.

“Well from what I’ve heard you had a pretty big impact on him as well, I mean I could never see Aden trying to hook up with Annie,’ Matilda laughed as Belle giggled and rolled her eyes.

“Yes well, who would have thought I’d be here, six years later, happy, healthy and a mother of two!’ Belle replied with a giggle as Matilda laughed, looping her arm through Belle’s as the trudged through the sand, back to the beach house.


“David get up!’ Amanda screamed as she ripped the blankets off her husband before tipping a cold glass of water on his face as he moaned in anger.

“Ahhh **** off woman!’ he bellowed, lifting his partially wet pillow over his head as a sudden pain pierced his chest and he sat up screaming whilst his pillow took off and landed at the end of the bed.

“What did you do that for?’ he screamed at her as he rubbed his chest and picked up the glass cup sitting between his legs, which Amanda had obviously thrown at him.

“I told you to get up you lazy bastard, I’m taking Emma to see her sister, I want this house clean when I get back,’ Amanda spat aggressively to her husband before turning and beginning to leave the room.

“Wait... what... your going to that... bitches house...’

Amanda spun around, and glared at David, gritting her teeth as not to kick his ass there and then. “That *****... is my daughter, and my daughter... is traumatized because of you and I am taking Emma around to see her!’ Amanda adjectivally told him, before turning back around, and finally exiting the room.


They sat around the table, after Matilda had gone home and were looking through the photo albums in front of them. Pictures from Aden and Belle’s first anniversary together. Belle, Aden, Nicole, Geoff and Annie all sitting on the beach hugging one another. Belle and Aden when Belle had found out she was pregnant with Chelsea, and then just after she was born.

They were memories Belle cherished, because it was a life she loved. With her soon to be husband and her new baby boy, with Irene, Annie, Geoff, Nicole and finally Matilda all back in her life and with her eating disorder finally controlled.

A gentle tap on the door made Belle look up, followed by Aden as the blonde stood in the door way with a baby cradling her arms.

“Mum,’ Belle grinned, instantly jumping to her feet and walking to the kitchen door of the beach house and giving Amanda a peck on the cheek. “And this must be Emma,’ she cooed at the baby in her mother’s arms.

“How are you Belle?’ Amanda asked as Belle looked up at her mum and nodded.

“I’m good, you look tired and worn out though,’ Belle told her mother as Amanda sighed before looking up at her daughter.

“Come on, come in and I’ll make you a cuppa,’ Belle offered as Amanda’s face lit up in an instant and she entered the house as Aden walked over, hands in his pockets and head slightly lowered.

He had remembered the last time he had seen Amanda, he had rocked up on her door step, barged through the door and hit David so hard he fell to the floor with a ‘thud’.

“You stay the hell away from Belle, and you stay the hell away from me you murderer,’ Aden had spat before turning around and leaving, not so much as another word was said as a shocked Amanda had watched Aden leave before looking at David, couched on the floor, holding his bloodied lip.

“Amanda, hi,’ Aden said casually as Amanda looked at Aden and smiled.

“Hello Aden, how are you?’ she replied, not even a hint of anger in her voice.

Aden looked up, meeting Amanda’s gaze as she smily smiled at him.

“Good!’ he replied also with a small smile.

“Here you go mum,’ Belle said as she held a hot cup of black coffee in her hands.

“Ummm,’ Amanda had started to say but before she could get the words out Aden was scooping the baby out of her arms and was walking over to the couch, cooing over the beautiful bundle he now held in his arms.

“Thank you Aden,’ Amanda said quitely before taking the cup from her daughter. Amanda turned to Belle and looked into her daughters eyes before finally saying what she had been wanting so say ever since Emma had been born.

“I want to leave David!’

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