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Mercy (by Eli) - comments


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That was definitely not crap! It's a really good start. It's also well written. :D

Charlie and Joey fics are popular at the moment and I'm defintely not complaining about it. :wink: But this fic doesn't seem to focus only on their relationship, which is nice too.

I wonder who would want to get rid of some police officers. :unsure:

Peter was mentioned. It would be nice if he was the one coming back to the Bay. I miss him.

Please update soon.

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Yay! Eli writes fan fic! :P

It was really good, Eli. I think you almost managed to get in all of the cops at Yabbie Creek PD in one chapter. Still, the story is very intriguing. It seems like there are lots of little things going on at once, but I'm sure they are tied in some how. I just don't know how - yet!

Keep it up and I can't wait to read more.

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Thanks guys, and thanks for reading! :D

Jen, I make a point out of including former YCPD cops in my fics. If I can, I try to include Peter and Pia, or at least I mention them :P

I'm glad you guys like it so far. I wasn't happy with the first chapter to be honest, but I think it improves slightly. I'm writing the last two chapters right now, and I'll post chapter 2 later today or tomorrow, if I have an internet connection that's actually working :P

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Good start, Eli, tho I'm a bit mixed up with all the characters. Maybe I should watch H&A more... :rolleyes: Sympathise with your computer problems. My own computer keeps switching itself off at random times and it's not worth getting a new one till my flat's been painted and decorated, which isn't going to happen for some weeks yet.

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Wow, I was so absorbed in that chapter that I seriously wanted it to continue then and there! Peter's back! Boy have I missed him and Lara! Shame the reunion wasn't a happy occasion :( I hope Watson & Banks are going to be alright! I was so wrapped up in the police scenes I'd totally forgotten that Joey was even there :P I feel bad about that now... I wonder what it all has to do with Jack's case???

Update soon, I can't wait :D

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I'm so glad Charlie has gotten ride of all the photos of her and Angelo! That's a good step forward :D I really like how Angelo coming back has been addressed from different point of views.

As for you, don't even think about calling the fic off and deleting it. There are 8 people who are enjoying it (probably more than don't comment), so please don't! :)

I really enjoyed the update!

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I'm still reading this fic! You haven't lost me! I was out last night and haven't been home much today. I am here now! :)

I agree with Shan! Eli, you can't delete this fic. It's great and we want to read more. :D

I wonder who wants to hurt Charlie. :unsure:

I hope Charlie doesn't break up with Joey.

Yay Peter is back in Summer Bay! :D

More please.

Edited by Barbara
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