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Lincoln Lewis admits filming sex tape

Guest Jamey-Maria

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People are saying Indiana wouldnt make a sex tape or Jodi wouldnt do coke. We dont know these people, we know their characters and who knows what they do in their spare time. Nobody in their right minds would have thought Kate Ritchie had a sex tape but she has. I would be too traumatized to watch it but a lot of people I know have seen it and said its definitely her in the tape.

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12 months ago Indiana was 17 though

You're right she was still 17 then. However, Celeste Dodwell (Melody) was 18 then, and on the show at the time. She's the only other girl who comes close. Tessa James was 17 then too, and Rebecca Breeds and Jessica Tovey were both 20. Unless it's that girl who played Britney, the girl Geoff like for about 5 minutes.

Lincoln sound like such a moron, showing the tape off like it's for entertainment. His mother doesn't sound much better, taking almost all the blame off him, and blaming the girl. Typical doting mother who can't accept her son has grown up and needs to take responsibility for his actions.

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from heraldsun.com.au

HOME and Away isn't Hamlet, but its cast still have important roles to play.

Children and young teenagers make up the bulk of the audience.

They look up to the small-screen stars and want to be like them.

That makes it vital that whatever parts actors play, role model is one of them.

Lincoln Lewis won a most popular Logie last year but will have won no fans for a seedy act of film-making last year.

He filmed a sex act then showed the video to cast and crew.

And Jodi Gordon?

The network promotes her as a sweet, girl-next-door type.

In real life she now stars in a grubby drama about bikies, drugs and gunmen.

Young, loyal fans make Home and Away a huge success here and in the UK.

And the show has a duty of care to them.

Home and Away viewers routinely accept bad acting, but these real-life performances are too rotten to just accept.

Channel 7 needs to clean up its act immediately, by cleaning up its actors.

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I wonder if this sex tape (mobile footage) was filmed over a year ago, but Lincoln has only just started showing fellow cast members recently, because you wouldn't think that you would do show people when you are still with the person, and that's why the crew member has leaked it to the press! - Just a thought!

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