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Lincoln Lewis admits filming sex tape

Guest Jamey-Maria

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Monique Swart is a 16/17 year old model Lincoln supposedly hooked up with while he was still dating Indiana, and Kat is his new girlfriend who was on so you think you can dance, she turned 18 this year and he announced that they started dating a few months ago.

Someone who works on home and away as a part of the crew let this info slip. I wonder why though? it's old news if it happend last year.

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Why on earth should the girl in the video be named? Is it not enough that she was humiliated by him violating a private act? Having a sex tape is not a bad thing, what you do in the privacy of your own home with your partner is COMPLETELY your business. The problem is that he actually showed people that he worked with. At least he's owned up to it. Mother is an absolute twit though and isn't doing a thing to help his cause.

But he timing of this is TOTALLY not a conincidence, just before DWTS boosts attention, around the same time as h&a storyline promotes the show and same day as Jodi scandal helps deflect attention from just her. Publicity stunt is written all over it.

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There has to be something in the water on the set of HAA this week...how weird. Two of their Golden Stars both in scandals? That will definetly improve the ratings for the show I think. It is kinda funny that the sex tape story leaked the same time he was announced as a contender on DWTS...will this help or hinder his chances? Extra publicity maybe?

Plus I can kinda see Indiana doing that. It all makes sense really.

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Lincoln Lewis and Indiana broke up in September,

then he (rumered to have) hooked up with Monique Sturt, then Stephanie Rice

Now he's with Kat Risteska. ^_^

Who is Kat Risteska? (and acutally who is Monique Sturt?) Are they on the show? And if so who are they playing?

Still think that Channel 9 are trying to stir up some trouble to get themselves out of the trouble they have had with Matthew Johns and that Karl guy from the morning show.... Who cares if Linc made a sex tape? Not me. Why are we so focused on their personal lives? It should be about their acting. Thats it. Nothing more. Sure its nice to see them out and about and here bits and pieces but really this is a bit too much IMO.

Anyway, another question is how did the media find out that he had a sex tape? Did he show it to a person in the media or one of the cast mates that he showed it to?

Kat was on SYTYCD last year and she also played Axel's sister Danielle in a few episodes of HAA last year.From what i can gather a crew member leaked it,who knows why.I do wonder why this so called co star hasn't been named and shamed though.He didn't do it alone and she knew the risks by agreeing to it.

Oh yes, thats right. I knew i knew the name from somewhere.

And yeah, thats right... what about the girl? Her name should have been said and she should be getting the same treatment as Linc. cos Obviously it wasn't just him that did it, it was both of them together.

I don't think the issue here is that they made a sex tape. As people have already said, it's fine to do what you want with your partner if you are both consenting to it. The problem is that Lincoln was showing cast members and colleagues - we are assuming that this is without the girl knowing. So why she shouldn't be getting the same treatment as him is because she didn't take part in making a private act public. Of course I'm assuming it was against the girl's wishes. Whatever the case, she's probably embarrassed enough as it is without having to be named.

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Yeh its Indiana, She was Eighteen at the time and they were dating. Plus she is a cast member... the clues all add up.

Jesus Lincolin's mum really doesnt like her...

I wonder what she did for his mum to hate her so much?

A year ago she was seventeen, not eighteen.

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