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Story Title: Entwined

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Roman, Tasha and my own characters.

BTTB rating: T 15+

Genre: Angst, Romance with some Drama

Does story includes spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: Specific warnings will be given before relevant chapters

Summary: Martha is pushed into a path she doesn't want and Jack is heading in a different direction. Martha asks Jack for help but will he help her?

I havent written JM in a long time so I hope you all like.

Chapter 1

Jack was nothing but a ghost as he sat in his exam trying to remember the different types of life processes and relate them to the question he had in front of him.

He only had about 20 minutes left and he was too nervous to understand that he had only one more question to do.

This exam would make sure that he got into university to study law and he had hoped to send people to prison who truly deserve it, not someone who has just had a moment of stupid ness and regretted it ever since, it would depend on the circumstances.

The clock ticked loudly and even more loudly each time Jack finished a word never mind a sentence, he finally finished the exam paper with about 6 minutes to spare, if all goes well when he got his result he would be off to university.

The examiner finally said 'ok. Time is up, put your pens down and wait for the exams papers to be collected before you go'

It took 5 minutes for all the exam papers to be collected as the room was really big but Jack wasn't bothered, he was just glad all his exams were over and he could now really relax and not act like he was trying to revise. Revision didn't exactly come naturally to him.

'So how was it?' Tony asked as he picked Jack up

'I never want to do that again, lets just put it like that shall we?'

Tony grinned 'When do you get your results?'

'4 weeks; I don't want to think about it dad, please'

'Sorry, Lucas is waiting for ya'

Jack frowned 'why?'

'He still has an exam left, you promised to help him' Jack grimaced but he didn't break his promises so he said 'fine, I will help him'


Jack entered the diner where Lucas was supposed to be waiting for him, instead he was nowhere to be found, he ordered himself a drink and rang him.

'Sorry! Totally forgot, anyways have one exam tomorrow so will cram it in tonight.

Jack frowned 'where are you?'

'Beach' he stated

'I am at the diner, might as well go home and see whats on the telly'

'Don't tell dad where I am'

'Why not?' he asked bemused

'Because he is winding me up with all the requests for me to let him help me' Lucas rambled 'did that even make any sense'

'Nope' Jack grinned 'All right won't say anything'

He hung up the phone as Irene brought his coffee 'hey darl, how was your exam?'

'Not bad, thanks for this' he paid her for it and then left the diner, in the distance he spotted Tasha with Martha.

He shook his head; he needed to concentrate on his family not with Martha, every time he tells himself he isn't going to think about her he ends up thinking about her.

Roman came running up next to him 'Hey, how was..'

'Don't, everyone has asked me that question, its beginning to grate on my nerves'

He laughed 'what's up with you narky pants'

'Sorry' he apologised 'I just…'

Roman stared ahead 'Martha'

Jack groaned 'I know, I shouldn't, but I can't help it'

Roman shrugged indifferently 'you know I don't care but her father isn't exactly the easiest person to get on with at the best of times'

Jack sighed dramatically hoping to try and brush his insecurities away but Roman was right, he couldn't do it, he couldn't be with Martha. He wanted to but he knew he couldn't.


'Holden was checking you out...' Tasha commented as she & Martha sunbathed on the beach.

'I know' she replied coyly...

'Dirty minx' Tasha couldn't help but laugh at Martha and her dirty incredible mind. Martha's eyes glazed over despite her hard exterior, she still harboured feelings for Jack. She wasn't supposed to but then when was she supposed to do anything that she wanted to do. She was ruled by her father.

'Martha… Martha…' Tasha called but Martha was in a world of her own… 'Martha' she was close to shouting as Martha jerked her mind back into reality

'What?' she asked disgruntled and annoyed that she hadn't allowed her to be in her own little world for a while longer?

'Your phone!' she said getting a bit tired 'I'm heading towards the diner. Speak to you later'

'See you' she said as heartfelt as she was able to muster.

Upon picking up her phone, her dad barked down the phone 'Home now! Before Martha could ask why, he had already hung up the phone.

'She's on her way'

'Good, will she agree?'

Brett smiled 'Let's just say, if she doesn't, I will make her'

'Ok. Let me know the dates…'


Martha barged into her dad's office annoyed about his phone call. 'Where the hell do you get off telling me that I have to be home'?

'Shut up and sit down' he thundered as he recovered from her interruption. 'There is no need to be like that Martha, I needed to talk to you'

'Couldn't you have just texted to say you needed me now or rang and said it nicely, instead of screaming at me down the phone?'

'Ok' he admitted 'I should have been more diplomatic in my approach so I apologise but I needed you to be here'

Martha smiled as her dad began to show some compassion, little did she know that it wasn't a good thing.

'What was it you needed me for?'

'I have a friend who runs an agency and you are going to be in the agency'

'Agency for what?' she asked interestedly

'Escorts' he said as he watched Martha's expression go from interested to disgusting all in the space of about 3 seconds.

Martha felt disgusted that her father was even asking this of her, how could he even think of asking her to do this 'No'

'You will. If you don't, the nightly visits will get worse'

Martha tensed and as she watched the look in his eyes, she knew he was right, she had to do it even if she really didn't want to.

She tried to muster up some enthusiasm as she said 'fine… what exactly do I have to do'

'Whatever they want…'

Martha's eyes widened but she didn't question it any further 'what about university after the holidays'

'You will have time for both, you can go now' Brett said as he went back to reading his book and smiling inanely to himself.

Preview: Martha goes to the escort agency for the first time.

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Wow fantastic beginning !! I love it already . :wub:

Its nice to see a JM fic because the fan fic section always seems to be crammed with Adelle fics.

I am hating Brett !! How dare he tell her she has to become an escort, its very interesting though . I got a shock when he mentioned the escort agency :o

I am loving Martha and Tasha's relationship already, and Lucas and Jack

I dont normally read fics myself but I am loving this so far.

Please update soon :)

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Chapter 2

‘Ready?’ Martha heard her father ask her as she prepared to go to the escort agency for the first time.

‘Ready as I ever will be’ she replied as she looked at her reflection; someone she didn’t even recognise

She hated the way she looked and she had wished that her father hadn’t put her in this position. How could he? She thought as her anger bubbled over the top of her head.

‘The car is outside, go straight there and don’t deviate. I will know if you do’ he threatened her with a serious glare on his face.

She nodded, as she felt unable to say anything to him in fear of his response. She walked out of the room with as much grace as she was able to muster and walked to the car.

‘Hello Ms Macklin’

‘Call me Martha’ she told him as she settled in the front passenger seat and got ready for the drive to the agency

‘Martha it is’ he smiled before adding ‘My name is Kyle’

‘Nice to meet you... how long you worked for my father?’

‘Nearly 3 years’

‘Like it?’ she said sarcastically but Kyle ignored the sarcasm and merely shrugged ‘it’s a job’. He stopped the car as they reached their destination.


‘I will be here when you finish’

‘Great’ she smiled. She didn’t mind Kyle; he was a nice enough person. She never thought that anyone that her dad hired could be a decent human being but this guy was actually to her surprise not that bad a person.

She walked towards the building; it looked exactly like her dad had described it. A tall building that looks a bit like a business to keep tracks clean, he had said.

As she entered the building, the smell of fresh pain intruded her nasal cavity as she breathed it in. Walking further along the smell of disinfectant was obvious and it began to make Martha feel slightly queasy.

‘Hello’ the female and elderly receptionist asked ‘Can I help you?’

‘I am here to see Mr Macroyd’

She looked at a computer screen and said ‘name?’

‘Martha Macklin’

‘Ahh… Ms Macklin. He will be along in a moment to see you, please take a seat’ as she pointed to some seats opposite the reception which looked a bit suited for a hotel not an escort agency but then again they were supposed to be keeping up appearances

Martha walked to the seats and her shiny new heels made the most annoying scratching sound that reverberated in her ear and she attracted stares from many people.


‘Oi, you were meant to be helping Lucas’ Tony was getting more agitated by the minute, this wasn’t the first time Jack did something he shouldn’t have done.

‘Sorry, he didn’t turn up at the diner so I assumed he didn’t need my help’

‘Well… he is revising in his room… go and see what he needs now..’ Jack walked to Luc’s room and walked in.

‘Need some help’ Jack threw himself on the bed

‘Not really. If I don’t know it now then I never will’

‘What you revising?’

‘Science. Worst subject around’ he said in a gruff voice not really talking to Jack but more talking to himself. Within a few minutes Jack was testing him before sending him on his way to do the exam

‘Let me know how it goes Luc’

‘Will do’ he said to Jack’s retreating back as Jack retreated in to the lounge and he saw his father sat down calmly but kind of angry at the same time

‘What’s wrong?’ Jack asked

‘I was talking to Roman & he told me by accident that you still have feelings for Martha’

Jack admitted ‘I do but I haven’t acted on them’

‘Good because you know what her father is like and he will make it hell on earth for you and her to be together’

Jack sighed but resigned to the simple fact that his dad was right, he couldn’t be with her, and it didn’t stop him dreaming about her.


‘Ms Macklin, my name is Mary, Mr Macroyd’s assistant. Please follow me’

‘Where are we going?’ she asked

‘You will find out. Please follow me’ she said as sweetly as she was able to manage.

She led her into a small yet cosy room ‘He will along in a moment’ she replied


She waited for nearly an hour before he appeared. He was about 21 years old and despite the fact she was supposed to hate him but she was beginning to like him

‘So, your father sent you here?’ he asked as he sat down

She nodded and declined his offer of some refreshment ‘ok. Do you know why you are here?’

‘Apparently I am to be an escort?’ she frowned at his grin, ‘what?’

‘Right, first off, you aren’t going to be an escort’ he smiled as Martha relaxed ‘the original plan was for you to be an escort but seeing as you have some experience with office type work I think it would be better if you were my assistant’

‘You already have one?’ she asked confused... ‘Why do you need another one?’

‘This would be different’ he informed her with a smile on his face ‘you would be in charge of my schedule and Mary would be in charge of everything’

‘Hmm...’ she mused

‘What about wages? I am not cheap’

He chuckled ‘Shall I take that as a yes’

‘Yes’ she replied with a smile on her, something good was going her way for once.


Hope you like it.

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Martha's boss seems nice. He doesn't want her to be an escort. I hope he's not going to change. :unsure:

I despise Brett. He's an awful father! :angry:

Good luck to Lucas! :P I understand how he feels. Science was defintely not my favourite subject! <_<

More please.

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‘I was talking to Roman & he told me by accident that you still have feelings for Martha’

Jack admitted ‘I do but I haven’t acted on them’

‘Good because you know what her father is like and he will make it hell on earth for you and her to be together’

Jack sighed but resigned to the simple fact that his dad was right, he couldn’t be with her, and it didn’t stop him dreaming about her.

N'aww Jacky :(

Damn Brett :angry: He's the reason why Jack and Martha can't be together.

How could Brett even consider making Martha an escort :unsure: ?

Great story; more soon :D

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