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  1. Hey, thanks sexyluc (sorry don't know your name :P)for the birthday wishes, I haven't been on here in ages so I'm a bit late, haha :D anyway how are you :) ?

  2. Happy birthday Mia :)

  3. Aww, I love this one Barbara, the colouring is ace! Really good work
  4. Ne-Yo - Miss Independant
  5. Aden 21 Alf 1 Charlie 6 Irene 19 Leah 10 Martha 7 Nicole 10 Ollie 16 Rachel 14 Tony 14
  6. I really love the colouring on this av Nice Work
  7. ^This one is so pretty, Barbara I love the way her eyes stand out. and the Jack ones are gorgeous as well Well Done
  8. N'awww that was cuuuute I love JM stories with happy endings, you should write more That was awesome, even though I really miss Jack now Well Done.
  9. Great Chapter I hope Charlie's okay This is such a good story, Update soon
  10. Thanks, Jen These are amazing, especially the Nicole one Well Done.
  11. Wow Jen, your icons are stunning. Could I please use this av from a few posts back ?
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