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Aww. :wub: That was so sweet. And i'm glad that you've decided to do those scenes specifically, I felt cheated when they weren't included in the show. You'd think Aden would want to know, and if he did, would have had a reaction over the whole Elliot stuff.

Also what i'm really looking forward to is the next update, because we really were cheated out of a touching scene after the courtcase. With Nic always wanting to know about his 'secret' and now that they were close, she'd certainly have more of a reaction to the abuse stuff then 'i'm proud of you'. Especially considering how moved she was in the courtroom.

Great writing as usual. You write Nic and Aden and their interaction so perfectly, always enjoying reading it. Well done, update soon. :D

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Damn it! I missed the update and I was looking forward to this scene the most. I saw your new fic, and I thought, why hasn't Karter updated this one. Only to find that you had. :D

Aww. It was very touching. Especially Nic's "I'm sorry." & "Are you okay?" lines. I also loved Aden's nervousness and the awkwardness he felt over it all to begin with. And once they talked, how he wanted things to remain the same, and her not to treat him differently. I can imagine him wanting that and also Nic being so cool about it all and not making a big deal out of it. As long as he was okay.

I also liked that it wasn't too soppy & over-emotional, and the fact that you kept in some of the funny, witty exchanges they are so well known for. That's how i'd expect them to react.

Well written. :)

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