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The Mentalist

Guest Mrs Bishop

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This is a new series starting on channel Five, it has already been advertised and it stars Simon Baker (a Nicholas Bishop look alike,

Not too sure when the actual air date is but from the trailers looks very good indeed.

The Mentalist works with the CBI and looks to be a very good show.

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I watched it and liked it. I will be watching the rest of the series. The storyline itself wasnt anything great, but it was good. But what made the whole episode great was Patrick Jane, he is a good character and has great (feel like I am using the word 'great' too much :P) lines. I loved it when he said 'It's not as bad as it looks' when the woman shot her husband. But I dont think we got to know any of the other characters, even though Jane is the main character he isnt the only character.

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