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Critics give Ritchie thumbs up for Underbelly

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Kate Ritchie appears to have shaken off the shackles of two decades as Home and Away’s hometown girl Sally Fletcher, with TV critics giving Ritchie a thumbs-up for her gritty performance in gangland drama Underbelly.

Ritchie made her debut in the TV series last night as Judi Kane, the wife of slain 1970s standover man Les Kane.

In the episode her character is forced to watch and comfort her children as her husband is brutally executed by gangsters in their Melbourne family home.

"I thought she did beautifully, " TV reviewer and La Trobe University media lecturer Sue Turnbull told ninemsn.

"The way she touched the children you really believed her as a mother.

"It was a moment of high emotion but she [Ritchie] didn't overplay it, she has learnt subtlety from the soaps.

"What I loved about her is that she puts just enough emotion on her face to indicate there is a lot more going on."

Ritchie, who played Sally Fletcher for 20 years before retiring last year, had also managed to cast off the soapie persona that dominated her life for so long, Dr Turnbull said.

"She looks so completely different from Sally that she doesn't bring that baggage with her as an actor," she said.

ninemsn's TV critic and entertainment producer Sam Downing said he was "pleasantly surprised" by Richie's performance.

"I went into it expecting that I would just be thinking of her as Sally the whole time, but she was surprisingly different and really good.

"It was a very emotional episode but she pulled it off."

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/7...rbelly/?rss=yes

I like that she's gotten good reviews, but they're acting like she was never this good as Sally, and like she didn't play a devoted mum to little Pippa for years :huh:

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