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  1. black dance pants, black leotard and a blue and white striped tank top
  2. I loved the scene where Charlie told Ruby that she has to stop making the same mistakes when it comes to guys, in particular teachers...although I didn't like Ruby's reaction...she needs to grow up and get over herself
  3. Nine...it was terrible...I do not recommend.
  4. great interview! love esther's dress!
  5. Esther has grown so much as an actress and tonight just proved it. I was blown away with her final scene with Ruby tonight.
  6. I think that Esther has been portraying Charlie fantastically and that there are so many levels to her character now. its also interesting to see parts of her character being displayed that kind of reflect the upcoming spoilers.
  7. hey ah awesome :D you okiee? x

  8. hey hope you dont mind me leaving you a comment? i see you dance what types you do?

  9. jellicle songs for jellicle cats- cats
  10. all i ask of you- phantom of the opera
  11. the i love you song- 25th annual putnam county spelling bee
  12. black energetiks dance pants, white country road tshirt and a grey zara cardigan
  13. some tosser has made a fake esther facebook...i noticed it like an hour ago.
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