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Young dad's story must be secret

Guest Barbara

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Young dad's story must be secret

February 19, 2009, 5:14 pm

A British judge has imposed a media blackout on any new details of the story of a 13-year-old boy who reportedly became a father.

Headlines around the world last week screamed "Father at 13," describing how the boy Alfie had fathered a healthy newborn girl called Maisie with his 15-year-old girlfriend Chantelle.

The plot thickened when two other boys claimed they could also be the father, prompting Alfie to submit to a paternity test that is pending.

And on Wednesday, a friend of Chantelle's parents said Chantelle was told by her mother to say that Alfie was the baby's father so they could cash in on the story.

"Penny told Chantelle to keep quiet about other boys because they wouldn't get any money," Clive Sim told London's Mirror newspaper.

"They know that Alfie being the dad makes a better story.

"I think there's a big scam going on here."

Both Alfie and Chantelle's parents are believed to have netted thousands of pounds in media deals so far.

It has been suggested that there are a further six potential fathers - although Chantelle, 15, is said to be distraught at the allegations.

On Wednesday, High Court Justice Florence Baron banned journalists from reporting any new details of the case - including any information that could prove or disprove Alfie's paternity.

Following a court hearing in private, a statement was read to reporters explaining the judge's reasons for making the order.

It said part of the reason was the young ages of the mother and father, and that "the private and family life of the mother and her baby has been disrupted to such an extent that the judge was concerned about the mother and baby being unable to live a normal family life."

The judge was also reportedly concerned about the privacy of Alfie and the other potential fathers.

Reporting restrictions are increasingly common in Britain where judges can impose blanket bans on publishing details of cases.

Alfie's publicist, Max Clifford, said the situation was strange.

"No one is allowed to say anything new," he said.

Source: Yahoo!7 News


I really hope this is not true.

I know with the economy crisis, people need money. But there are limits. What kind of people act like that? :angry: What examples are they setting for their children? <_<

:o Chantelle is only 15 and there may be 5+ potential fathers. Call me old-fashioned but there is something really wrong with that. That's a bit young to have so many sexual partners. And who knows? Those guys may just claim they could be the father so they get some attention/money too. I wouldn't be surprised. <_<

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I KNEW it! I knew Alfie was unlikely to be the father and it would be some other boy. Apparently doctors were saying how unlikely it was because his voice hasn't even broken yet.

You are right Barbara to say that something is wrong with a 15 year old girl having so many sexual partners. These days, people seem to think it is right to have as much sex as they can as young as they can, never mind any other consideration like if they feel ready, or even if they like their partner. I work with college students aged 16-19 and I was shocked at their reaction to this story when they saw the news paper. They said 'fair do's mate, he's not shooting blanks, is he?' and seemed admiring of Alfie. I thought they would be horrified at such a young boy being a father, but they weren't :huh: Then again, some of them have got babies themselves, so maybe 13 isn't so far away from their age...

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:o Surely the parents wouldn't put their kids through all the hounding and no doubt name calling that's bound to happen, just for a few quid?! that is appaling if it's true!

I may be old fashioned, but i still cant get over the fact that a 12 year old (the age he was when the baby was concieved) would be sexually active!! to me, that's the most shocking part about this whole story!!!

And if it's true and she has hand more than 1 sexual partner at 15 then that is disgusting, i dont mean any offence to anyone, but it's true! that is wrong! and i honestly believe you have to look at the parent's, they can blame the school's for not having proper sex ed classes all they want, but i just dont buy it!

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The whole thing is just disgusting. What chance has that little baby got in life? She's going to end up going to same way as her parents, most likely.

It infuriates me they're making money from this. They're everything that's wrong with British society today and it doesn't seem like it's going to get any better. The Catholic Church coming out and comending them for brining the child into the world despite being ignorant teenagers is shocking. No one ever thinks of the baby and the kind of life she is going to have.

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I totally agree with you Laurzy, its just wrong for a boy of 12 (although he looks about 8) to be sexually active at he's age, you would have thought that if the school wasn't teaching sex education then at least the parents would, I remember my mum told me, not the school!!!! If the 15 year old has slept with more than one person at her age then she should be ashamed of herself! Her parents should be ashamed to have sold their story to the paper for money, that is just sick and disturbing for parents to do that!

Sorry if I have offended anyone but its true!

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This is probably going to be highly controversial comment, but this is an open forum.

If the parents did encourage teh naming of Alfie as the father then they are clearly not suitable as parents. Personally I think it's horrendous that the courts will keep wrongly accused parents away from their children, yet let children like this who have no real respect for themselves or other people, continue to live with their parents who clearly shouldn't be allowed to be responsible for anything more than a pot plant.

I think the fact that Alfie was sexually active at 12 is disgusting

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