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What do you make of the new teen group?

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Teen group?  

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It would help though if they got Melody back...

*Ducks for cover*

She was great til the OTT meltdown storyline, which I think was totally contrived to get rid of her more easily and to obtain a male/female teen ratio equilibrium with Xavier...

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I'm probably one of the very few who thinks this but I think Freya should come back as a regular. I loved the scenes with her and Nicole hanging out at the Surf Club and I think she'd bring a lot of fun.

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Personally, I haven't liked a teen group since Kirsty/Jade/Nick/Seb era. The last ones were okay, but I found their storylines to be too over the top sometimes. I hated Lucas, he was a waste of space personally, much like some of the new teens. I love Nicole because unlike most of the other teens to have arrived, she's still kept her flair. Belle had a similar personality when she first came, now she's just like everybody else. :( Ruby was awesome, I love her over the top drama queen act, Annie and Geoff are becoming a slight boring. I don't even think the writers remember Annie and Jai are supposed to be a couple! I think they've survived the longest out of any couple on H&A! lol I do like these teens, not as much as the others, but watching them all change is great, its much more realistic in a sense. Not everyone is going to be friends.

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They bore me and annoy me a little. Being just that little bit older than they are now, I don't really relate to them as much anymore and see them as more for how young they are than anything else.

The last lot were way better and it's a shame Belle seems to be the last one of them left.

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I voted Meh because I just don't care about them as much as I cared about the old groups (Nick, Kirsty, Jade, Seb & Mattie, Ric, Belle, Cassie, not Drew cuz I never liked him).

Right now I have three groups for the teens:





Annie (sometimes)

Geoff (also sometimes, now he's with Claudia a lot less!)





I don't count Aden & Belle with the teens anymore, but let's get one thing straight: I love those two!

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