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What do you make of the new teen group?

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Teen group?  

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I picked the first one!

I actually [really] like them, apart from Melody! & Freya, of course - but as she's not a regular, I don't need to worry about her too long xD

Love Nicole currently; and the transformation in her was just magic, ahha, especially as I started out disliking her!

Geoff & Annie have changed so much, and I think both have improved their acting skills [not that I know much about acting skills, but to my untrained eye :P] Although I do miss Geoff's religious references, they've always been so entertaining, and sometimes you'd think, "oh my god I can't believe he just said that" especially in relation to his reaction to Cassie being HIV!

Jai, when he started out, my heart just went out to him, all lost inside of himself, and traumatised etc. Bit by bit he's come through; certainly there have been scenes that I thought were quite 'wooden' but as of late, I love seeing Jordan come on screen because those one-liners he's being given lately totally suit him to the ground; pure dry ironic tone. Brilliant!

Ruby = :wub: I needn't say anymore :P

And Xavier; well everyone knows by now that I support having him on H&A I would think xD I'm aware that I seem to be one of the few [:o] but I think that David's doing a great job with Xavier!! I won't go into all that again, lol.

So yeah - I quite like them, and enjoy their scenes! :)

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I think the teen group has improved a bit in the past few weeks, mostly down to making Nicole/Ruby friends which seemed to bind the group together a little bit. It's still pretty meh but as long as "The Frown" is kept out they might have the makings of a fairly decent too group. Still the people playing Xavier and Jai will need to learn to act.

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