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Hot Curry

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credit to Jess @ haac for originally posting.

Hot Curry

February 2009

MX (Australia)

Oh brother, Bernard has moved to Summer Bay.

Bernard Curry reckons you are really famous when they use you as a "Who Am I?'' question on Temptation.

Not that it has happened to him yet. "I was watching the other night,'' he says. "And they said 'Who Am I? The youngest of five children, I was born in Melbourne in 1975, I started a band with my brothers. It went on and on, and I was going `Hey, that's (my brother) Stephen'.''

While Bernard was chuffed at his brother's famous mention, he is more blase about being labelled Summer Bay's new hunk.

"I used to be a heart-throb, but now I'm a hunk,'' he says.

"I went into work and asked (Home and Away colleague) Lincoln Lewis `What are you? Apparently I'm a hunk,' and he said, `I'm a heart-throb'.

"Give me a few years and I'll be a washed-up old thing.

"Hugh Jackman's a hunk, so I guess you can be a hunk for a few years. Jack Thompson, he's not a hunk. I wouldn't mind becoming an icon, like a Geoffrey Rush. He's not a hunk. He probably never was.''

Bernard and his brothers Stephen and Andrew have all appeared in Neighbours, but he is the first to venture into Summer Bay territory.

"I'm the breakaway, the pioneer. I think they'll follow suit. It's gonna happen. I would like to get a scene we were all in together, a little guestie for them both.

"Literally, that would make history, a family of three boys in Neighbours and Home and Away would set a precedent that couldn't be broken. Not even by the Daddos.''

Bernard plays Hugo Austin, who has reluctantly returned from Indonesia where he ran a dive operation. One of his first scenes was with veteran Alf (Ray Meagher).

"It was bizarre. I used to watch Home and Away as a kid and never dreamt that one day I'd be standing there saying to Alf `So how about we go into business together?'

"There was a moment doing one of my first scenes with him and I sort of f...ed up my lines a bit. I got a big flustered by him. Flamin' heck, it's Alf!''

Hugo Austin comes into Home and Away as the brother of Xavier, a tearaway kid with a few problems. Xavier has had to look after another brother called Brendan, a source of tension, Bernard says.

"Brendan is autistic, on the low-functioning spectrum and needs constant care. Xavier's missed out on his childhood looking after him and now he's doing drugs, partying, he's a bit of a tearaway. So Hugo's got to look after Brendan and this kind of delinquent brother. So he's got a lot on his plate.

"Part of the drama comes from the fact that he had run away from family life before. He's a nice guy, but he does have a few issues.''

Need to know

All-time favourite TV show?

Every year, when the time comes, I watch Test cricket and I f...ing love it.

Current fave show?


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