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I thought I'd create a thread to remember the once sweet Geoff/Melody relationship. They may not have much fans left but to me they will always be one of the better pairing of 2008.

I remember scenes like when he told Irene that Melody was coming to his footie game or just after she walked away after the first kiss, the smile on his face was so cute and adorable. He looked so innocent. And you could tell how inexpieranced he was when it came to relationships. It was very in character. Now when he smiles I don't see that innocent sweetness. I loved watching him slowly grow a spine and the way he finally stood up to Christine. He didn't just become a superhero overnight(and a lousy one at that). Their relationship may not have had too many fluffy moments but it had alot of depth. Back then Geoff wasn't just made to stand next to the girl he was with looking cute. He had a part to play. It made me like him as a character for while. Lines like 'I prefer the natural look' really made me realise that to Geoff it wasn't about her looks but really about her personality. This relationship felt real.

As much as loved them as a couple I don't know if I want to see them back together. I think they would be better of staying away from each other. And this is not because of any love for Geoff/Nic(I still can't bring myself to take this couple seriously) but because lately I've been starting to question whether Mel was really in love with Geoff. I know she cared about him deeply but I'm not sure if it was love. The Mel that we first saw, after he snapped at her and made it clear he didn't want her, was willing to accept it(even scolded Annie for giving him a hard time), I don't think she would have been the kind of person to behave like this over her feelings. Geoff was the one person who accepted her for who she was and cared for her. The way she been trying to desperately hold on to him makes me think that she just want the sense of normalcy she had when he was in her life. She does seem lost now and like she doesn't know what to do with herself. Another reason I wouldn't want to see them together is because Geoff isn't like the person he was when he was with her the first time. Hes changed, but in my opinion, not for the better. Now hes just this guy who stands around oblivious to whats going on around him and only acts when he is forced to. Melody deserves better. Nicole stands around doing nothing but spouting out one liners and he does nothing but stand next to her looking cute. They deserve each other because they both do nothing worth discussing. I hope Melody stays single for a while then finds someone who appreciates her and is just as interesting as her to watch.

While I don't necessarily want them together again I thought it would be nice to remember how good they were together back then. I was so happy when he chose Mel over Nic the first time, when they first started dating, but I should have known it wouldn't last because it's T.V and the hot boy as to end up with the equally hot girl.

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Geoff and Melody was quite good when they first got together but I have to say I wasn't the biggest fan, I was a fan but I felt that Melody was lacking something in the relationship. Geoff is an interesting character, I dont know about the other people's view but I always felt that he wasn't suited to someone like Melody and maybe thats me being bias because I like him with Melody, they didnt seem to bind well together like IMO a couple should do.

The reason for me thinking this is because Melody is a very interesting character, she had me enthralled by her acting, she was always a interesting character for me in the shape of the way she let her mother treat her, she didn't have any backbone {not trying to insult anyone her} that she should have with a mother like that, when she told Geoff she had to break up with him was for me one of her better moment as she recognised that she wasn't strong enough to be in a relationship and had concentrate on herself for once instead of others as she had been doing, since she came back I love the way that the accident with Axel changed her as she wasn't exactly stable and to see her unstable for me was interesting, I dont think she is strong enough to be in a relationship with Geoff and this is mainly why I dont really like the idea of them being together. When they were together though they were great :)

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I loved them.Absolutely loved them.I was surprised when they got together, seeing as how they didn't get off to the best start and it looked like they were just going to be friends, but they worked really well together.They had such an innocence about them that I didn't even care about the age difference. I loved when they both really wanted to kiss each other but weren't quite brave enough to do it and when he told her she was beautiful.It's no wonder she fell for him, he was probably the first person to love her for who she really was.Hated Christine when she stuck her oar in and ruined it.

It's a shame it went a bit wrong towards the end.I didn't like Geoff splitting up with her at the party.He said he was doing it to save her trouble but it was hard to follow his reasoning:Christine wouldn't have a personality transplant just because they weren't seeing each other and all he was doing was taking away the one good thing in her life.I could understand Melody not wanting to just go back to being Geoff's girlfriend after what happened with Axel but having her disappear from the show as a result was a mistake.Even if she wasn't seeing Geoff anymore, she was supposed to be Annie's best friend but she just replaced her with Ruby.We didn't get any proper resolution to the Axel storyline because by the time we saw her again he was dead and the fact no-one thought about how it would affect her just underlined the fact no-one in the Bay really seemed to care what happened to her.And by the time she did finally reappear, Geoff had forgotten about her and they didn't seem to know what to do with her.

I wouldn't actually mind them getting back together.I'm not suggesting it happens in the premiere or anything but further down the line, if things don't work out between him and Nicole...But I think they need to give Melody someone else in the meantime, rather than just having her pining over Geoff. Someone nice and normal, preferably without any psychological problems, who'll bring her out of herself a bit, like a Will/Peta relationship.

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And by the time she did finally reappear, Geoff had forgotten about her and they didn't seem to know what to do with her.

I was surprised by Geoff's reaction to her being back as well. He didn't seem as concerned as I thought he would be. Instead treated the situation more as a distraction from having to deal with Nicole. Considering how concerned he used to over Melody being with Christine, you would think that the fact that Christine managed to damage her so much that she ended up in an institution would have effected him more. This is the guy who was so in love with her just a few months back, at the time.

I also want to see Melody move on. But for now I'd to see her single and for Miles to help her get her life back on track. I want to see Melody dealing with her issues and getting better without it involving Geoff and Nicole. Sometimes they treat this storyline like just an excuse to give Nic and Geoff something to do, considering apart from this storyline there really isn't anything for them to do. It needs to go back to being Melody-centric storyline.

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I loved them.As Jody said,i loved that he picked Melody over Nicole because it showed that the hot guy might not always choose the equally hot girl.I'd love them to get back together eventually but not straight away.Melody needs to concentrate on herself without him first.

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I'm not really sure what's going to happen to these two.It seemed as though Geoff and Nicole were going to stay together and he and Melody were just going to be friends.But the way he talked about her and Matthew("He's not right for you")was pretty much the same way she talked about him and Nicole and indeed the way Nicole talked about them, which does suggest he's a bit jealous.Maybe there is unfinished business there.

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