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Stephanie Rice and Lincoln Lewis just friends

Guest **Julie**

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Stephanie Rice and Home and Away Lincoln Lewis just friends

Herald Sun

December 2 2008

SWIMMING'S golden girl has flapped off rumours of a romance with human fish Michael Phelps. Now she's denying reports of love with a star closer to home.

IT would be a match made in publicity heaven, but it seems rumours Stephanie Rice has snagged Home and Away's Lincoln Lewis could be premature.

The pair have been spotted looking very friendly at various social events recently, most notably the XBox soiree during the Gold Coast Indy.

But while Lewis's manager Madonna Williams admits the pair are "very, very close friends", she stops short of confirming a love connection between the two Channel 7 stablemates.

"They definitely have a lot of respect for each other. He thinks she is terrific but as far as romance goes ... it's just not where it's going at the moment," Williams said.

As for rumoured sightings of the pair looking much more than just "friends", Williams puts the PDA's down to Lewis's "touchy-feely" nature.

"Anyone who has ever met Lincoln knows that he is a very warm and affectionate type of guy. He has a lot of female friends and he very touchy-feely but that doesn't necessarily mean he wants to jump into bed with them," she said.

"He does have a lot of interest from girls but I think it will take someone pretty extra special for him to get involved at the moment."

Even if Rice was a contender for Lewis's affections, Williams admits that the swim queen would first need to get the tick of approval from Lincoln's mum Jacqui.

"He runs all his girls past his mother - and myself," Williams said.

"I know he thinks she is a fantastic girl but just with his lifestyle at the moment, I don't think it would work."

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"I know he thinks she is a fantastic girl but just with his lifestyle at the moment, I don't think it would work."

hmm? :wink:

Nah I know what she means. Stephanie and Lincoln for some reason I just can't see it working, doesn't mean it couldn't I just don't see it.

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