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  1. could someone please put this on youtube http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/video...ets-summer-bay/
  2. Red Ranger 1 where did you get your picture from what episode whas that from?
  3. Does anyone know 7two does the home and away catchup anymore?
  4. sexyluc where is your fan fic back to the future?
  5. traceve what is the link for joey and charlie on facebook?
  6. Traceve do you have a link to the acticle about esther saying that she had no plans on leaving anytime soon?
  7. When i click on one of the links nothing hapens do you know why?
  8. I read an article that he did when he got voted of it takes two and he said that he didn"t have any plans to leave home and away and that was back in april last year?
  9. Is the video on the offical home and away website about paul saying goodbye going to be on youtube?
  10. Zetti when will the scenes in brookly be shown on tv?
  11. lisawinnie

    All Saints

    Julie the have the sunday herald sun but i could find it so what page was it on?
  12. lisawinnie

    All Saints

    There was also tributes to mark in new idea and womans day and there is also going to be a truibute on all saints tonight?
  13. lisawinnie

    All Saints

    Did anyone see sunrise on thursday 28th august i think it was it was about mark's death titled tragic loss and they were chatting to john waters if you did then could you please put it on yputube because i tried to watch it on the website but i couldnt?
  14. Dont forget its Bobby Morley's birthday on the 20th of december which is next thursday.
  15. Anyone one who wants to hear it go to ninemsn to listen to it or sanity website to download it is a nice song.
  16. lisawinnie

    All Saints

    Thank you valkyrie i have her album?
  17. lisawinnie

    All Saints

    Does anyone know what song was being played in the promo that said the final 2 weeks it sounded like sarah aubrey but I dont know for sure but it seemed really great?
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