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Favourite Teen Group

Guest whispered_envy

Which teen group is your favourite?  

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I went for the 1st group, although it was tricky.

Love Nicole & Annie's charactors in the 2nd group but not so keen on Geoff's charactor. Don't think have seen enough of Jai & Ruby yet to form a long term view of them & Melody is just plain crazy at the moment!

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loved ric, mattie, cassie, belle, drew and lucas

Just the dramas they had and how amazingly Belle shook everything up when she blew into town, I feel that the writers efforts for Nicole doing the same thing just wasn't as good as Belles, although Nic did shake things up really well, just not as brilliantly as Belle, and then when Drew joined them and all the havoc he caused it just made the group awesome!

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Woah, didn't expect the results to be so definite. Maybe you should have added Aden to the second option :wink:

I voted for the first lot because I like all of those characters, except for Cassie, but even then I kind of loved to hate Cassie. Plus she worked well with the others. The second group aren't really a group. Annie, Jai and Ruby are a group, but the others just sort of wander in and out of romances and obsessions with each other. It's not the same.

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