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Favourite Teen Group

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Which teen group is your favourite?  

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The second group aren't really a group.

Exactly. I voted Mattie, Cassie, Belle, Ric, Lucas, Drew as I loved their different friendships with each other within the group (especially Ric/Lucas and Mattie/Cassie) and the interactions each of the 6 had together. They were there for each other, supported each other and just hung out together more.

Whilst they have really explored each character individually in the new group, they haven't really cemented any proper friendships yet, you can't really consider them a group. Ruby, Annie and Jai are starting to become something close to one, but the others just flit in and out, as and when is convenient. Also the others seem to interact with Aden and Belle more.

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Oddly, my instinct was to vote for the newer characters.I think it's because I steadily watched the old group being ruined.Cassie was ruined by turning her into a willing abuse victim who sought out boyfriends that would treat her badly.Lucas was ruined by self-destructing every time one of his relationships broke down.Belle and Drew were ruined by being turned into this annoying on-again, off-again couple who only ever seemed to make each other miserable.The only ones I liked by the end were Ric and Mattie and I'm glad they got their happy ending.

It's worth noting they took time to really come together as a group.Cassie and Mattie spent several months hating Belle.Ric and Drew didn't really have anything to do with each other until they started working together at the garage.The newer characters have been criminally underused, some more than others, but they've all got potential.I just hope the writers start using them.

Of course, I still feel nostalgic for my own teen years.Jack, Curtis, Shannon, Selina, Sally and Chloe-that was a group.

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