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Bridget Simmons - Joy Smithers


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I had my doubts to begin with, as I thought she may take a while to back down from Tony, but I've been pleasantly suprised to find that Bridget appears to be a nice, normal and friendly woman. I say "appears" because there seems to be a lot more to her than meets the eye, so I'm being cautious at this point!

Along with Rachel and Leah and the teen groups, her friendship with Martha is one of my favourites in a long time. There's a believability about each scene they're in, which makes everything seem real and honest.

While I like watching the teen relationships develop and seeing how they deal with the complex situations they often find themselves in, it's such a welcome change to see an older couple like Alf and Bridget together in a happy relationship. It's also enjoyable to see Alf really enjoying life. He can sometimes come across as a bit of a grump, but we all know he's a big softie and Bridget's really brought that out :D.

Overall, I like Bridget a lot and think she's a great addition to the show. She's played brilliantly by Joy Smithers and is very layered, which hopefully means we'll slowly but surely get to peel those layers back to reveal what happened in her life in Broken Hill.

Am I the only one who likes Bridget, or are there other fans out there? :D

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Omg I really hate Bridget !! She is really turning nasty and I hope she doesnt get Leah's money!If she does I will be very :( Leah has been through so much lately.

She needs to be gone asap.

Looks like Alf finds her out next week in the promo but when she says her "cancer " has returned he is going to go easy on her Id say.

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I loved her when she first came because she stuck it to Rachel, was a good friend to Martha and gave Alf something to do.

However, now that she is just a shifty con woman she can just leave please :) What sort of person plots to take money a widow plans to use to honour her DEAD HUSBAND, or worms her way into the life of a woman suffering from cancer and lies about going through the same thing just so she can get close to the family and leech money out of her grandfather, all while conning money out of everyone else around her aswell.

Oh and the promo, her 'cancer' is back? Is she seriously going to do that to Alf after everything he's going through with Martha? Get lost woman. I hope she is busted soon.

I so wanted her to turn out nice :(

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Bridget began as such a warm and likable character, and she did seem to like Alf, and to be settling in well. One wonders why she feels the need to scam others out of their money, but I suppose that old habits die hard. It will be interesting to see if she has real feelings for Alf when the truth comes out, which it inevitably will, as he will be devastated when he learns of her deceptions.

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Your post sums up pretty much everything I was coming in here to say, Bareenfan. There was a likeability about her when she first arrived. She was understanding of the Tony and Rachel situation, which suprised me, and treated Martha like an old friend when they first met. I'm dissapointed about the latest developments relating to the money, as I didn't think she would steep that low. But I'm willing to hear her side of the story more and see also if what was said in the promo for next week is true or not.

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I did like her a bit when she first came to Summer Bay.

But I think the kind and caring personality has seemed a bit forced since the beginning.

I agree, with what's been said about her worming her way in with Martha, Leah and such, noone should be fooled, but preying on people that is sick and in grief is very low.

I wonder how she will be found out.

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I've always thought there was something about Bridget that i couldn't quite put my finger on, she just seemed to sweet to be true. I remember she wasn't all that interested in Alf until someone dropped it into conversation about all his "businesses". Her ears soon pricked up then.

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It was Colleen who said to Bridget in the Diner about all the business that Alf owns. Bridget is up to no good. If there not carefull she will take all there money. Hopefully Bridget will be caught out and her fleecing everyone of there money will stop. Hopefully it is revealed that Bridget has never had cancer and that she is nothing but a CON ARTIST..

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