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Jack and Nat pulled up outside the school

"It's your first day at school, it's ok to be nervous" Jack said

"I'm not nervous, it's just that i look like a brokeback on crack with a touch of crystal meth" Nat replied

"You look fine"

Nat took a deep breath

"Fine but if i get belted because i look like a loser i know who to blame"

"You get belted is that a joke"

"bye dad"

"Nat" Jack called out before Nat shut the door "Did you just call me dad?"

"No" Nat paused for a bit "Yes" he said shutting the door and walked into school

"Mr Dwyer" Bartlett said

"This is Ruby, she'll show you around"

"Hey" Ruby said

"You're Jack's son riight"

"Correct" Nat said

"And your mums Britney Dwyer, i really wanted to be her while i was growing up" Ruby told him

"Well all you need to do is turn into a manipulation slut and then you can be" Nat told her and walked away


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"Hey, i've been looking for you" Britney said joining Nat at the diner

"Why" Nat asked

"I was thinking maybe we could go shopping together" she told him

He looked up at her

"You have a son not a daughter"

"Sorry, i don't know how mothers and sons work" she said and laughed

"By the way how are you coping with the divorce" he asked her

"Actually i'm fine i mean Dumill was the love of my life and all, but divorcing him is all for you so..."

"Cut the crap" Nat stoppped her

"What" she said acting confused

"I know you're not really divorcing him. Nan told me, you see this is why i can't trust you" Nat started to yell

"So you're little sweet innocent Nat Dwyer" she yelled back and laughed

"I seem to remember someone by the name of Guy Tanner" she continued

"That was an accident and you promised you'd never talk about that ever again" he yelled at her

"Well you did kill him and you did go to juvi for it"

"Could you please taked this outside" Leah asked

"Shut up" they both told her at the same time.

Nat stopped yelling and tried to calm himself down but noticed everyone was staring at him

"Don't ever come near me again or you'll be the next person i kill" he told her


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Nat stood at the lockers when Ruby started talking to him

"Hey" she said smiling

"Hey you're Ruby right" Nat replied

"I'd be carefull Ruby you never know who he might kill next" Melody interupted

"Melody if you didn't look down on people all the time, people wouldn't find you so annoying and you might be hanging around people who like you" Nat snapped

"So who'd you kill?" Ruby asked

"Is that why you're talking to me to find out who?" Nat said and smiled

"His name was Guy and he tried to strangle me so i kinda threw him through a glass door and also fell of the balcony we were on the ninth floor and because there was no evidence that it was self defense that and the ugly ass bitch cop hated me for rooting her sister" Nat told Ruby

"Wow you really are a delicate flower" she replied

"Can you meet me here after class" she said after the bell rang


"It's a surprise" she said

"I'll see" he replied

"Is that a yes?"


"So it's a no" she said confused

"No, wait here after class and find out" he said smiling


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"Where are we going?" Nat asked Ruby

"Just a place i like to go when i feel like being alone"

"You're not gonna kill me and bury me are you" Nat said smiling

"Well no one will find us here" Ruby replied

"It's beautiful here isn't it, i mean the scenary" Ruby said

"No not really" Nat said

"I was meaning me"

"Oh, what makes you think i think your beautiful"

"Fine" she said laughing

"You don't get to tapthis then"

"What makes you think i want to" Nat said

She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him towards her and kissed him

"What was that for?" Nat asked

"Because i like you" she told him

she noticed he wasn't smiling or saying anything

"I'm an idiot" she said

"Can i just get to know you first" Nat told her


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