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just thought i'd fill you in on the backrounds of Nat, Britney and Dumill seeing he is a character in the next chapter which will be posted tomorrow


Nat was born with the name Nathan but got nick named Nat by a friend when he was 11 because he was bright funny intelligent and she thought the name Nathan didn't suit him Nat is a very good looking teenager when he was 15 during a home invasion Nat accidently got a man killed an incident which made him spend time in juvi for 4 months before his mother Britney's husband Dumill was able to come up with the money to to bribe a judge and get him out after that to thank and repay Dumill he got a job as a bike messenger but that didn't last long because of a co workers hostility towards him after that Nat decided to work for Dumill as a P. A in Dumill's hollywood studio but after Dumill raped belted and left Nat for dead Nat quit and told his mother what happened only for her to slap him in the face, call him every hurtfull name in the book, take him out of her will and send him to Australia to live with Jack Nat never recovered from his incident with Dumill


Britney coms from a rich family but was a very rebelious teenager and feel inlove with Jack at the age of 14 she then fell pregnant her parents took her to america at the age of 22 Britney became a supermodel and was a household name

Britney was never a good mother but turned him away he decided to tell the truth about what happened with Dumill


Dumill is a 44 year old movie producer / director who runs his own studio and has a criminal record for being violent towards teenage boys when he attacked Nat Nat was determined to press charges but Dumill and Britney sent him to australia to live with Jack before breathing a word to anyone

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"How much chili do you want in this?" Nat asked Jack while they were cooking and playing around in the kitchen

"Don't put too much" Jack told him as someone knocked on the door

"I'll get it" Nat said walking over to the door

"Hey sweetie" Britney said kissing him on the top of his head

"Sweetie now" Nat replied

"Can we come in?" she asked

"We" he said confused and then saw Dumill

"Mum you gotta be kidding" Nat lowered his voice

""I just want us to be a family again" Dumill said

"No" Dumill snapped

"Do you know what you put me through" Nat said

"Lokk i know what i did was wrong"

"You're not staying"Nat told them both

"Hey Britney" Jack interupted

"Jack i have to talk to you" Nat said shutting the door tilting his head to the right and smiling sarcasticly


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Nat knock on Dumill's caravan door

"You're up early" Dumill said looking at Nat

"Just so you know i didn't tell Jack what happened, i lied and said i got detention at school"

Dumill smiled

"Take it as a warning if you're not out of this country by the this time tomorrow i'll tell Jack"

"Your cute when your angry" Dumill replied still smilling

"I'm serious"

"Your own mother didn't believe you what make you think your father would"

"My mother is an upherself money hungrey lying little slut who doesn't care about anyone other than herself" Nat told

"You know some say you came on to me, flirted with me "

"What?" Nat said

"There's a reason i call you my little fire cracker"

"Just take my advice" Nat said and walked away

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Nat walked out of the bathroom

"Showers free" he said

"Britney called" Jack said


"She said something about you're lying about something her partner did to you something you told me about last night"

"why are you telling me this" Nat asked looking through clean washing

"Because you only told me you wanted to stay here in australia with me, now why would you be lying about that?" Jack said

"Jack can you please drop it" Nat snapped

"What did he do to you?" Jack asked

Nat sighed


"Nat" Jack said grabbed

"It's in the past Jack i'm trying to put it behind me" Nat yelled

"And don't ever grab me like that again" Nat told Jack lowering his voice

"Nat tell me what he did" Jack raised his voice

"He cornered me one night after work and when i refused to have a couple of drinks he got violent he raped me then to make to punish me more he invited a couple of friends to join then belted me with if i remember correctly which i not sure i do a iron bar i woke up in hosital hours later looking like a cocktail and def in this ear" Nat said touching his left ear

"Nat" Jack said walking over to him

"What do you want me to do now rest my head on your shoulder and cry while you tell me it's ok" Nat yelled

"Nat" Jack said again

"Please Jack i don't need to go through this again dreams are enough" Nat said as a tear fell from his eye


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