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Bad Boy Holden

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Story title - bad boy holden

type of story - long fic

Main Characters: The Holden family

Genre: Drama

BttB rating - A

Spoilers - no

Warnings - language, sexual content

Summary - Back in highschool Jack had a relationship with a girl who is now a supermodel living in America and they had a child together who Jack was told died not long after birth to keep him out of her life for good


Jack walked in the door and saw Martha sitting on the couch reading a letter

"Hey what's that?"

"You never told me you had kids" Martha told him


"There's this" She showed him the letter from Britney an ex girlfriend

"It says she wants you to look after your son Nat"

Jack took the letter and sighed

"Brit Dwyer" he said

"You mean Britney Dwyer the model" Martha said

Jack took a deep breath

"Yes i mean her"

"You had a child with Britney Dwyer, you bnever told me dated her

"Britney and i weren't really dating and i was told the child died"

"So are you gonna call her back, because she wants you to"

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Wicked start. Love the concept... can't wait to see a father son relationship bond start... cos the kid is clearly going to be slightly peeved that he wasn't in his life from the start, and I can't wait to see how jack and martha cope with it.

Can't wait for more... soon... please? *smiles sweetly*

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Jack was yelling on the phone when Tony walked in

"What's going on?" he asked

"Britney Dwyer" Martha answered

Tony siged

"Great, that girl caused nothing but trouble for Jack"

"Brit, i swear if you hang up..." Jack yelled

"Bitch" he said throwing the phone on the couch

"He's at his grandmothers in the city" he told Martha

"Who is?" Tonyy asked

"Nat, mine and Brit's son"

"So she wants you to pick him up?" Tony asked

"Well apparently he wants to meet me"

"I'll give you a lift"


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Tony and Jack pulled up outside a big country club type house

"I see Brit's money can come to use" Jack said as they saw a woman her late 50's from a crowd of people walking over to them.

"Jack, darling so nice to see you after all these years" the woman said

"How are you Glenda?" Jack replied knowing she was lying

"And it is Anthony isn't it?" she ignored his question and turned to Tony

"Tony" Tony replied

She smiled

"Same thing" she told him

"So where's Nat" Jack asked

"He's talking to some new friends. Come on i'll take you to him". she said

"Follow me, this way" she continued

Nat was leaning against a wall while a group of nerdy geeky rich kids were talking to him.

"Did you know alcohol boils ay 75 degrees?" one of them aked him

"I didn't know that" he said sarcasticly

Jack ssaw him and looked at him

He had dark hair and deep blue eyes he had a muscular build and was wearing a black t shirt with a skull and cross bone on it with a white unbuttoned shirt over the top of it and baggy jeans

"He does look a little like you. Don't you think?" Gelda said to Jack

Jack smiled

Nat saw Glenda with Jack and Tony

"Oh thank go nan, can i do something else these people are so nerdy and boring

"Nathan, i'd like you to meet you father Jack" Glenda said

"What, you've been saying bad things about ever since i got here. And my name is Nat"

He turned to Jack

"Sorry you had to hear that but i hate that bitch

Jack smiled

"That's ok can't say i'm a fan of her either" Jack told him

"Well seeing your here i'm getting my stuff and we're going, because i hate it here" he said walking away

He stopped and turned around before he walked inside

"Are you gonna stand there looking like you're constipated or are you gonna help me" Nat yelled at them both

"Jesus christ"

They heard him yell


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Jack in the door carrying some of Nat's stuff Nat walked in the door behind him carrying the rest.

"Who's this bitch?" Nat asked talking about Martha.

"This is my wife Martha" Jack told him

"Hey" Martha said holding out her hand

Nat kept walking around looking photos

He gave a little laugh

"Martha, Can you get a plainer name. And what's the deal with the stupid thing on your head"

"Martha had breast cancer. She's going through kemo right now" Jack told him

"Oh well that's bad luck. Any other diseases i should know about, i don't really feel like catching anything"

"Look, drop the smart coments or i'll send you to your grandmothers" Jack told him

"I'd like to see you try" Nat replied with a smirk on his face

"Try me" Jack replied

"You'd be amazed with the things i can do Jack" Nat replied puicking up a photo with Lucas in it

"Who's this loseer?" he asked

"He's my brother Lucas"

"He looks really gay"

Jack took a deep breath Martha could tell he was angry

"Well can you guys set up my room. I'm gonna go for a look around town"


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