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LEADING Australian celebrities have taken a stand against the "th

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LEADING Australian celebrities have taken a stand against the "thin is in" motto and stripped to show how comfortable they are with their curves. Article and pic here

Kate Ritchie, Sarah Murdoch, Antonia Kidman and Ricki-Lee Coulter are just some of the high-profile names who have said Australian women should embrace their curves.

Radio personality Kate Ritchie said women were behind the female body image epidemic, not men.

"Women really need to start giving each other a break," she said.

"In most cases, it's women who criticise each others bodies."

Ritchie teamed up with Ricki-Lee Coulter and Antonia Kidman to declare war on the skinny celebrity cult, saying "we love our curves" in this week's Who magazine. While Ritchie, 30, admits she lost a lot of weight in 2006, she said she was comfortable with her new figure.

"(Fitting) into size small jeans doesn't make me happy. It's about being able to enjoy a meal, a glass of wine and balancing that with exercise," she said.

In a Who poll, 54 per cent of women said they had worried about their weight since their teens.

By Joel Christie

October 24, 2008 12:00am

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Round of applause for them! Its about time they started to crack down on this skinny image thing I personally think its disgusting what all the young girls are aiming for now! I can never remember it being like this when I was growing up but maybe that just makes me old lmao!

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Wow, like others have said; Kate looks GREAT!!

This is a really good campaign, I definitely support it, and I think they're right when they're saying that this is mainly a problem caused by women. I think most people would be surprised to realize how few guys actually think skinny is sexy (and by that I mean really skinny) compared to how many prefer curves. It's kinda like that thing when people think that all gay males are super feminine and all lesbian females are super butch. If they wanted the other sex, they'd be heterosexual.

And if heterosexual, non creepy men wanted 12 year old boys instead of women, they wouldn't be heterosexual, non creepy men :wink::P

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