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Donna Freedman Margot Robbie

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I love simply Donna. She such a fantastic character!

Donna has a great personality and is really light hearted and funny but she also has depth and is loyal to her freinds and family And she's also one beautiful young lady too!! Margot Robbie is an exellent actress and one of the best teen addition to the Neighbours cast in years!

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I love her. Plus, I just watched the episode when Didge asks her when her first time with and she says 'with a guy or a girl?...Don't worry you're not my type.'

I really hope they come back to that at some point in the future. Although at the moment I think her and Ringo work really well together, and as FKAJ says, much better for him than Rachel ever was.

And Margot is a brilliant actress on top of all that. She's such an original character, I'm so glad she's not just a guest.

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