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  1. She didn't change it, her full name is Erica Sharpe, Ricky is her nickname. Most people have nicknames, it's perfectly normal. The Police will usually refer to someone by their full name.
  2. He probably got these connections after winning He didn't win, Reece Mastin did, Johnny came third. Third is still good I never said it wasn't. Basically, the point I was trying to make was that it doesn't matter if you win or even if you come last. It all depends how popular you are. Johnny was quite popular on X factor, so much so that he was asked back the following season. I'm sure this would have helped him out, as Seven probarely saw it as a way to get more viewers.
  3. He probably got these connections after winning He didn't win, Reece Mastin did, Johnny came third.
  4. I thought she was in her final year too, however the other day she said to Casey that she only had a few more weeks and then she would be done with year 11. Which means that Tamara and Sasha are in the same year level. As for combining classes, it usually comes down to a numbers and funding issue. Classes often need a minimum number of students in them otherwise they won't be run, so in less popular subjects or in smaller schools, year levels are often combined so that the class can still be run and then students don't miss out.
  5. I really hope these two don't get back together. I just really don't like Natalie, she comes across as some kind of Braxton stalker. From the word go she has pretty much been involved with the Braxtons, so much so that she can't even do her job properly. The sad thing is when she first appeared and she actually did her job, before she even met the Braxtons. I thought that she would be a character I would come to really like. Now I just can't stand her. I am also convinced that if Brax didn't give her what she wanted, she would of gone for another brother.
  6. Aden-7 Alf-6 Charlie-12 Colleen-3 Geoff-11 Harry-7 Indigo-3 Irene-6 Jai-4 Leah-7 Liam-5 Miles-4 Morag-6 Nicole-13 Ross-5 Sid-1 Xavier-4
  7. Aden-5 Alf-5 Charlie-11 Colleen-4 Dexter-1 Geoff-11 Harry-7 Indigo-2 Irene-6 Jai-4 Leah-7 Liam-6 Miles-4 Morag-7 Nicole-12 Ollie-5 Ross-5 Sid-3 Xavier-5
  8. Aden-5 Alf-5 Charlie-11 Colleen-4 Dexter-2 Geoff-11 Harry-7 Indigo-3 Irene-6 Jai-5 Leah-7 Liam-5 Miles-4 Morag-6 Nicole-12 Ollie-5 Ross-5 Sid-3 Xavier-4
  9. Amazing updates really well written. That last chapter was so sad.
  10. That was an amazing oneshot! Well done. I love how you wrote the song into it, that was a great idea. I really liked the GG reference.
  11. Belle's awake, I hope that she will be alright. Lizzie is so cute. I really liked the scene between Aden and Irene. Update soon!
  12. Great chapters. I'm glad that Meg is alright. Yay for Roman and Aden finding them. I really liked the talk between Roman and Jai. Update soon!
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