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Home and Away's Indiana Evans joins H20:Just Add Water

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Home and Away's Indiana Evans joins H20:Just Add Water

Her departure from the Home and Away set earlier this year came as a shock but Indiana Evans is back standing on her own two feet - or rather, swimming with her own tail.

The beach babe has landed a fitting role on Ten's popular kids show H2O: Just Add Water and will play Bella, one of three young girls who lead double lives as mermaids.

The role is expected to be a well-timed door-opener for the former Summer Bay local, who won the Queen Teen award at the 2008 Dolly Teen Choice Awards.

Earlier this year Evans was bounced from the long-running soapie after 4½ years playing Matilda Hunter.

While it doesn't command huge ratings in Australia, H2O: Just Add Water is a mammoth hit around the world, seen in more than 100 countries with a worldwide audience of more than 200 million viewers.

"I am looking forward to taking on a new challenge," said Evans, who is currently dating her former Home And Away co-star Lincoln Lewis.

"The series is highly regarded in the international market and I'm really excited to be joining the team."


From Sydney Confidential August 26, 2008


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I stumbled across it one day. It was pleasant enough for a kid's show. I mean it's no Ocean Star, but nothing is Ocean Star. Except Ocean Star.

Indiana should just star in a new series of Ocean Star. With Jason. Or it could be a cross-over. Jason's character from Ocean Star discovers Indy's mermaid character while diving. It's perfect!

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Oh my god! My secret shame is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE H20!!! And I'm 22 years old! This really is great news for Indiana. I didn't realise it wasn't that popular in Australia, I thought it would have been, but it is definitely a big hit everywhere else. It's always on tv here in Ireland and in the UK, both my nieces love it. Also, I was in America earlier this year and I saw it a few times on tv, and also on a flight from California to Atlanta. I wonder does this mean the whole cast is changing, since Indiana is joining and Cariba Heine is on Blue Water High now. I hope Ricky and Zane don't leave, they're my favourites, especially Zane. Burgess Abernethy is so hot! :wub:

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