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Beauty In The Breakdown

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Story Title: Beauty In The Breakdown

Type of story: Medium fic.

Main Characters: Aden Jefferies, Belle Taylor

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Angst & Romance.

Does story include spoilers: Yes, possibly for UK viewers.

Any warnings: Sexual content. Further chapters will have warnings.

Summary: Aden is upset when Belle breaks it off with him. What will happen to Belle that makes her tell Aden the real truth as to why she had to break up with him?

Chapter One:

Dropping his schoolbag near the door, Aden flopped on to his bed. Rubbing his hand across his forehead, he tried to gather his thoughts. One thought kept popping up time and time again.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen.

After everything they had been through, how could Belle desert him now? Aden thought they were concrete, that their relationship was one that could survive anything. But then she had gone and done something that had torn them apart.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen.

He had done so much for Belle. He had opened up about everything...including his grandfather. He had battled those demons to sleep with her, just so she knew how much he cared for her. He had never told so much to one person- he didn’t like feeling vulnerable or letting people know deeply personal information that could potentially be held over him. He had even felt himself falling in love with the beautiful person that she was. And then she had gone and broke his heart.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen.

It was so sudden. Aden thought that had never been stronger, and then, today after school, Belle had taken him down to the beach for a chat. She announced that she was falling for someone else, and that they were over. Aden pleaded with her, begged her not to give up, but she refused to listen. She gave him a final kiss on the cheek and left him, sitting on the sand, alone and crying.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen.

Aden didn’t know what he was going to do. He didn’t know how he was going to cope. Belle had been his support, and now that had been ripped away from him. With Belle, Aden felt like he could take on the world, but without her, he felt ugly. Things which had been starting to pick up for him were now crashing down around him again.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen.

Looking over at his bedside table, he saw the framed photo that Belle had surprised him with as a gift. They had gone on a picnic, and she had snapped a shot of him kissing her cheek while she laughed happily. It had been a fun day, but as Aden looked at it now, it just made him angry. He grabbed the photo, and with all the force he could muster, threw it across the room. The glass smashed against the wall, and the frame fell to the floor, the photo fluttering meekly to the ground. Aden said there, staring silently at the upturned picture, his eyes cold.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen.

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