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The Olympics, 2008.

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Well as probably everyone knows The Olympics start tomorrow! So I thought I'd start a thread. Does anyone like the Olympics? What are your favorite sports in it?

Mine would have to be High jump, running, and swimming.

The Overall Medal Standing's! TOP 3.

1. China. GOLD- 51 SILVER- 21 BRONZE- 28

2. United States. GOLD- 36 SILVER- 38 BRONZE- 36

3. Russian Fed.GOLD- 23 SILVER-21 BRONZE- 28

I'll put the top 30 up later on.

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I am really excited about the Olympics!!!!!!!!

I love the swimming and diving, oh and the gymnastics!!!!!

Anyway how horrible are the Australian Olympian's outfits when they arrive off the plane...they look like convicts!!!!!

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