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Hattie's artwork

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Hey, I have never made anything before so these are literally my first time attempts. They're not very good which I know! But any feedback, tips etc would be be really appreciated.

Thanks - hattie-


I really like these, The colouring is really good!!

Um, If you click here its a site that is way easier to use then photoshop You can do really good text and colouring and cropping. Its a really really good site! And you dont have to be a member to do it. :)


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I see that the graphics is your new addiction, hey Hattie :P

I like your avatars - interesting mix of colours and croppings. I especially like the Leah and Rachel ones.

Out of curiosity, which program do you use?

Keep at it, experiment and go with your gut instincts - oh and save your work. :wink:

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Thanks for the replies guys! Much appreciated. And QA, the program I used was PaintShop Pro X. And thanks for the tip Stephyrose, I did have a look at Picnik but need to have a better look at it sometime later.

Here are some more I made today:



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