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  1. p.s I love you. Its so sad, but a realli good movie.
  2. Learning to fall- Boys like Girls
  3. Wonka nerds lol. (lollies if you didnt know)
  4. Hi! Im here ... lol, how r u?
  5. These are great. My favs. are the last 4, but all are really good. The colouring and cropping on them is great.
  6. Yes, but dont worry about it, it doesnt bother me that its wrong I was just wondering. Thanx for your help.
  7. Thanx for answering. I tried that and it is still the same. It says your post was made at 10.12pm. It doesnt matter i was just wondering.
  8. I was just wondering if there is a way to change the time on the forum. You know where it says when a post was written? Because its not the right time? I guess it doesnt really matter what it says the time is i was just wondering Thanx in advance
  9. It was much cooler here today.. finally. got to 24 i think.
  10. Well I am now... lol Hi every one!
  11. We are havign a heat wave here.. its the longest time the temp has been over 35 for more then 9 days and its set to continue. This week the coldest it gets is 37, but most of the week is going to be 39 and 40. I normally like the hot weather but it's just way to hot.
  12. Its 39 here at the moment.. to hot to do much.
  13. Its very hot here. The temp. doesnt get below 35 all week. It is 35 today, then just goes up.
  14. I had tea bout 3 hours ago, n now im just drinking water.
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