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I know I said I wouldn't start my own thread until the end of my exams. But they will be over in less than a week! I've made a few more avatars. So, I thought I would start my own thread now. :D

I'm new at this and I'm still learning.

I'll start by posting the stuff I already posted in the random artwork thread for the ones who haven't seen it yet. I'll post some new stuff tomorrow! :)

Warning: This thread may contain spoilers for non Aussie viewers. You've been warned. :)





My entry for the avatar contest #70:



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Thank you allibaz91, Maxine, Meg, mrsbaker, Bec, Fuj and Zetti! :D

Hey you've started an artwork thread

I love your av's, they are amazing (but you already knew that)

I thought I'd start one already. And yes, I already knew that. :D

*scream* OMG . . . Barbara's started a thread . . . . *jumps up and down*

I love all of them, you have a real knack for this Barbara well done . . .

Cant wait too see more of your work

Don't hurt yourself, Bec! :lol:


Really nice avs...Especially the Martha&Roman one (eeww-to think they went out) Any way the croppings really good on them and the simplicity looks great...Also love the Melody and Belle avs...Keep up the good work,

Fuj, xxx

I love Jack & Martha. :wub: But if she wasn't with him, I'd want her to be with Roman. IMO he's the most decent boyfriend she had, except for Jack obviously! :)

16 avatars:





2 sigs:



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